Which major components are e-balance?


What do electronic balance consists of most of the parts? Experts from Tianjin Tianma Instrument pointed out that people refer to electronic balance of balance of electromagnetic force balanced body gravity. It is characterized by accuracy and reliability, showing fast and clear and automatic detection system, simple automatic calibration device, and overload protection. So what many of the electronic balances are made up, let’s listen to the expert’s explanation.

Experts said that electronic balance is mainly composed of the following components:

1, low pass filter. Its effect is to eliminate the disturbance of the high frequency signal that occurred in the outside and some electrical components to ensure the output of the sensor is a constant DC voltage.

2, analog to digital (A / D) converter. Its strength is that the conversion accuracy is high, and it is easy to actively deactivate the disturbance and convert the output signal into a digital signal.

3, micro-disc computer. It is an electronic balance data resolution component, and he has functions such as memory, calculation and comparison.

4, the display. There are two types of displays today: one is a digital tube display; the other is a liquid crystal display. Their role is to display the output digital signals on the display screen.

5, housing. Its role is to cover the damage of electronic balance from dust and other materials, and it is also a base of the electronic component.

6, bubble balancer. The role is to facilitate the effective determination of the conditioning part of the degree of electronic balance in the task.

7, foot. Electronic balance support components, and also the conditioning part of electronic balance.

8, weighing pan. Electronic balance is made of metal material, mounted on the electronic balance sensor, is a surrounding installation of electronic balance. He has a positive geometry shape and thickness, with a circular and square. In use, you should pay attention to hygiene, and don’t just call the weighing pan.

9, sensor. The sensor is one of the core components of electronic balance, composed of housing, magnetic steel, pole boots, and coils, or below the electronic balance plate. Its precision is high and solely. The clean, remember the material of the electronic balance, which affects the normal operation of the sensor.


10, status detector. The status detector is composed of a far infrared lighting tube and a symmetrical photosensitive battery of high-sensitivity. Its role is to change the load on the electronic balance plate to an electrical signal output.

11, PID conditioning period. The role of the PID (scale, integral, differential) conditioner is to ensure the rapid and stable tasks of the sensor.

12, power shrinkator. Its role is to narrow the strong signal to ensure electronic balance accuracy and task request.

The above is the detailed introduction of the experts of Tianma Instrument Network for electronic balance, I hope to understand the balance instrument, Tianjin Tianma Hengji Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in all kinds of balance products, including precision electronic balance, 10,000 One day, electronic balance, analysis of balance, electronic analysis, balance, one thousand days, pallet balance, balance weight, etc.