Emifei Wi-Bath invites you to witness the 2021 bathroom industry, the 2021 bathroom industry


China’s home brand constructioners summit, and the new future, the new future, the New Year’s Day, after three years of development has become the largest and most influential summit in the bathroom industry. On December 15th, the new wind direction of the focus bathroom industry, the new trend of industrial development, China’s home brand construction, the “Star Brand, the new future” 2021 bathroom year-end ceremony will be sailed again, continue to write a Chinese bathroom brand’s gorgeous chapter.

In 2021, China’s home brand builder summit stood in the new historical starting point. As the year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, 2021 is also an important historical node of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, also known as “the year of recovery”. The fourteenth five-year planning of my country’s national economic and social development and the 2035 long-term target program should be clearly proposed, to carry out China’s brand creation actions, enhance independent brand influence and competitiveness. Under construction of newly-promoted domestic circles, the international domestic double cycle mutual promotion, the sanitary industry faces the consumption upgrade opportunity of huge domestic demand markets in 2021, facing the more intense competition challenges of the international market.

In the blink of an eye, 2021 has entered an end, and the new 2022 is about to come to us. On the occasion of this year, China’s Home Brand Construction Man Summit and Star Brand · The new future 2021 bathroom industry New Year’s ceremony will be held on December 15th. At that time, Effei Sanitary Ware will have a 5 major industry association, 40 real estate companies, 40 home wear companies, and hundreds of bathroom companies in 13 major areas, jointly analyze the latest situation of the current industry, and interpret new development patterns and explore The development path of the bathroom industry, to create a new advantage in the future, and help the rise of China’s bathroom brands.


19 years historical precipitation, achievement Efling brand

Ef Fei Bathing Technology Group Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2002, and has developed has become a well-known overall bathroom enterprise at home and abroad, and its development and production of bathroom products occupy a small share of domestic and foreign markets.


In 2010, Efei Ling is the first place in the national sewer. The annual output of the bathtub has reached 170,000 sets, and foreign trade orders have entered the top three listings of the same category in the country.

Create a super factory, international product quality

Efing Ling hired Sweden International Industrial Design Master — Mr. Frendson as a chief designer, and signed a famous host of “China’s good tongue”, Hua Shao as brand spokesperson, greatly enhanced the image of Emifei .

In the production process, Efei strictly abides by ISO9001 international quality management system, from market research, design R & D, production, inspection, sales, monitoring, installation, and all have established a sound process system, and fully introduced Japan TPS (Toyota Production Mode) management method makes the product through SGS, ISO14000, North America Cupc, Europe CE, Australia Watermark, BSCI Factory System.

Just as the Chairman of Efingling Sanitary Ware said that in the interview with the media: “Quality is the lifeline of Emifeili.” Efei Ling Sanitary Ware brand sediment 19 years, unforgettable, stick to quality, always put quality in business development The first place, the product design and quality are unremitted, and the control production process is strictly controlled.

Adhere to innovation, force intelligent bathroom


Lin Yubin, Chairman, said: “Innovation is the fundamental power of high-quality sustainable development. Enterprise development should keep up with the new steps of the times. Since the establishment of the EFC bathroom, focus on independent innovation, fashion, technology, health, energy saving, Environmental philosophy, perfect integration into a diverse product design.

Standing on the wind of a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, Emifei never stopped moving forward. With the first advantage of the Taizhou smart toilet industry, Emifei’s big knife treated the smart toilet as the next power point, firmly moved to the road of intelligent bathroom.

In terms of technology research and development, the Efei Ling faces the team to establish a team to develop innovative technologies, and in-depth exploration of consumer demand, in order to guide the development of new products, including smart bath, smart toilet, smart bathroom, etc.

As a member of the home brand builders, Efei Lingqi will support this summit. On December 15th, we witnessed the power of China’s bathroom brand!

China’s home brand building, a sum star brand, new future 2021 bathroom industry New Year’s ceremony, Efing Lingan, meet you with Foshan!