Jiang Xin skeleton is too losing! Wear cartoon T-shirt shoulder thick, body is more than male flight attendants


If the saying goes, the body is not enough, the clothes are coming to make up, in fact, the clothes in life are even more likely to be simply delegated, first wear clothes and shape must be combined, so that you can better create a good fashion effect. If your body belongs to fat, choose a loose large size style, it will only make the shape increase the body.


Jiang Xin’s 80-year-old flower, which is absent from the acting skill, but in these years, Jiang Xin has not been warm in the circle, and it is the reason why it belongs to a bias, and the fat is thin. It is a big loss in the impression, but Jiang Xin also did a loss of this big one. Every time she saw her clothes, the first impression of giving people is quite strong.

Take a small knowledge: black basic T-shirt, slim and white

For a strong body, it is very important to choose the color of the clothes. At least the elements with higher color saturation are unparalleled, and it will be too amazing will look very expanded these colors. A great deepening, for women without body advantage, is completely a burden, relatively like basic colors, black this, classic wild and wear.

This time, Jiang Xin was appreciated by the high-speed rail, and the beauty outside the door was also in a black-tone T-shirt. Simple daily wearing a fans, it can be said to be very real and very resistant.


Wear small knowledge: color stunning + cartoon elements, improve visual sense

The foundation is the most fear of being too single, so when choosing such a color clothing like black and white, I remember to integrate into some fashion elements, whether it is color, or like a personalized pattern, at least It is important to make the shape more attractive, which is too important for the basic color T-shirt.

Jiang Xin’s choice of black-oriented T-shirt, using two different elements, first and cute cartoon patterns, playing the effect of age, while, changed color makes this clothing becomes More attractive, in line with this cartoon style, not only create a variety of styles, but also play a good aging effect.


Wear a small knowledge: eat the body loss, clothing loose body is more than the male flight attendant

For women who have robust women, don’t choose the big one in the clothes, you can use the slimming body, it is a strong body, and the big size will increase the sense of shape. It is not conducive to the concave shape, even if you choose a liberal or cartoon, it will greatly reduce the charm of styling.

To be honest, Jiang Xin is really a loss of his own body skeleton. As long as she chooses a loosened clothing, it is true to lose weight. This is also the case, loose long T-shirt, shoulder wide thick, the same box The male passenger, Jiang Xin’s body looks still to be a big one, too strong.

Wearing a small knowledge: Pure sorghum has a good five senses, wearing a fisherman cap


The body belongs to the body, in the temperament and color value, Jiang Xin is still very identified, you can see this high-speed rail, Jiang Xin is still a pureng out of the mirror, there is no silk makeup dress, lower fisherman cap Wearing on Jiang Xin, cute and charming very nice, especially the exquisite facial features, not because of the beauty, but it is more young and true.


QS: How is Jiang Xin’s thin shape?

Select Tips: Slim t-shirt

Jiang Xin’s body, can be used in the girls in the girl, do not say that there is no hair, that is, this high-picked figure is very identified, and for her, we must avoid bloating the shape. So this slim T-shirt is a good choice, using the sedae to raise the waist line, extend the leg line, greatly weaken the body of robust.

Select Tips: Short Term + Nine Pants

The best way to create a short dress is a short dress. This type of dress is really a hand, and the error rate is low, it seems to be young avatters, just like Jiang Xin, choose the short-length clothing, However, in the style style, there is also a color to distinguish it, so the overall fashion feeling is stronger, better, and the borrowing is also very high.

Choose TIPS: Suit + Hirkar


This is a combination of a semi-skirt that can be said to be a woman wearing a must, especially Jiang Xin, the woman is too suitable. It can use the clothing version to make a thin effect, and both of them are perfect, not only The rich shape is level, while the dressing of different styles of texture makes the entire wearing more advanced.

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