Food exploration shop: the bamboo mountain chicken soup pot, the price is 88 yuan, the taste is good


Spric Commune (Liu Hongjin) Yunnan Kunming January 31 news: Don’t think that the more expensive things are better, the price is really good. In the central city of Kunming, Kunming, Kunming, there is a small shop of Zhuyama soup pot, not only delicious, and the price is cheaper.


Small store name

This soup shop is called Fan Ji stomach chicken nuts, located in the official South Avenue of Guandu District, Kunming City, the store is small, but the business is very good.


Bamboo Mountain Pharmaceutical Soup Pot

We have 10 people, and some of the bamboo mountain chicken soup pot, the soup pot has a small foot basin size, and the price of the soup pot is 88 yuan. Bamboo, Yam, is a more expensive ingredient, plus a chicken, selling the price is so low, making people think of cheap. (General rural farmhouse this kind of soup pot is more than 188 yuan)

Promotional sheet posted in the store

This store’s bamboo mountain chicken soup pot, the taste is very delicious, the taste is very cool, and it is very comfortable. In addition to the soup, we have some 8 hot pot with a plate, plug in two golden steamed buns, a total of 203 yuan, the owner receives 200 yuan.