Fashion tide “Saku” see, no more than 1,000 yuan can buy net red fashion explosions!



Explosive models have a lot of hit this year.

I recently contacted many foreign young fashion watch brands, although it is the inheritance of brand characteristics, but I still have a few more points. When you walk in the intensive CBD, 5 meters, you will go, you will go.


As the saying goes, the hit is not terrible, who is ugly. I don’t know when I started, the street is all this big dish black gold, that full of stars. This may be to think that I have understood the trend of the brand, and go to the wind! Some of them did not even have their own aesthetics. They only imitated the stars, wearing them wearing a fire, the trend circle called “heelless dog”.

Don’t follow the wind, the sister takes you to unlock the 2020 fashion trend new name:

“New National Too”

In recent years, many of our familiar trends around us are rising, they have long since design and technology, have already got rid of traditional cognition, and inspirated, design and practical feelings.


Even from the extent to which the Asian wear is applied, it is far better than in the foreign goods. Recent popular “New National Tide” not only from the design of the design, but also reflects it.


There were always a message before I would like to see the domestic product. Today, today’s sisters will recommend another fashion and high-profile “Giordano” to ensure that you will bright.

Giordano Giordano fashion tide “Saso”


★ Giordano founded in Hong Kong, China in 1981, has now developed into international leading clothing and accessories retail brands.


★ In 2001, Giordano launched a watch product line for the first time in Hong Kong, China.


★ In 2018, the Giordano watches introduced China in mainland China via Shenzhen Suli Taicking Co., Ltd.


Giordano focuses on the way of lifestyle, providing consumers a natural casual wear concept. Simple basic design and trend are both combined with product quality, and strive for design and functionality. Whether it is a casual, go to work or at school, you can find a suitable product in Giordano.

Brand specialty leisure and simple trend

Giordano’s overall design style is extremely simple, and the faked approximately about a gerbera fashion is penetrated. Brand unique “angular” dial design is a big highlight, integrated with a traditional corner element into a traditional watch, and combines the square with tough temperament with rounded circular housings.

In terms of movement, there is an imported movement, and the strong and durable quality is first-class. “Simple and not simple” is Giordano’s biggest feature, which is probably one of the reasons why it is popular with many modern art temperament.

Whether it is a girl in spring and summer, in spring and summer, the spring and summer is more simple, and it is a primary factor for consideration.

Fashion men’s watch series GD-1002-DD quartz men’s watch

万 表 price: ¥ 840

Simple black and white color, men and women like design. It doesn’t need to be highlighted, just a collision of black and white color, you can give people a simple temperament. Select a shirt or white t-shirt, instantly make the image more temperament.

The express use of artificial synthetic sapphire crystal glass, more wear resistant, care for your daily wear. 316L black Milan steel strip, while taking into account the advantages of steel strips and belts, while skin-friendly, it is very delicate and smooth. Summer is not afraid of sweating, no need to sweat, meet the needs of comfort and texture.

Fashion women’s table series GD-2002-07 quartz female table


Wanshou Price: ¥ 760


Girls’ spring and summer look, wearing beauty is worse than accessories! Elegant and luxurious rose golden case, can create a charming halo before spring-style shadow, and the might move the heart. At the same time, with black leather strap, simple and noble and medium revealing women’s fashion charm, and raise their hands to show up thousands.

In addition to hard wear-resistant artificial synthetic sapphire crystal glass homoscope, there is a warm touch black leather strap, elegant and comfortable, texture is natural and flat, and wear the wrist. Imported quartz movements, strong nuclear “core”, highlighting the brand’s articulation quality.

In addition to the two watches introduced today, Giordano has more fashionable and wild.

You may ask, where can I buy Giordano watch?


Giordano Watches have been officially settled in Mandab, and also participated in the 10,000-table 414 carnival! Wan Tu allows you to save money, buy the most fashionable table.

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