Holding a child, in fact, did not use a seat belt! No safety seat, a full finished Jicha


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According to China Automotive Research Center report shows that child safety seats are not installed in the car

Baby death rate

Than the installed child safety seat

High eight times,

Injury rate by 3 times!


Use of child safety seats, it can be


Mortality by 70%

Mortality rate by 54% -80%.

I thought he was holding a child very safe? Emergency brake in the case of 40 kilometers per hour, a 10-kilogram child equivalent,

300 kg of body weight

Simply could not hold. Adults holding an emergency brake in the case of children not wearing seat belts, it will have

Elephant heavy impact,

Pressure on their children …

If the children on the adult seat belt system, it most likely



Arms and neck,

The worst case, cause

Suffocation and death.

Today very fruit gave you a king, from Italy, comfortable, breathable and safe

kiwy safety seat!

Lift Italy, you may first think of pasta, ultra-running, a luxury … but this is also the seat



Depend on

Ferrari chief designer

Christian Grande personally design, suitable for 0-7 years old children’s ride.

“Imported material, safe and odor.”

As a child safety seat,


Security is the first condition.

The child seat, the choice of imports Borealis


PP virgin material,

It can withstand the impact and compression strength.

EPP polymer damping material,

Can effectively absorb the impact force.

Seat fabric won international textile agency,


OEKO-TEX certification

Does not contain any harmful substances,

It does not irritate skin-friendly.

Seat buckle imported from Italy

Sablet security catch

This is only equipped with the F1 car safety buckle, can withstand the impact of 400 Km / h speed, the rear catch plugged in will



Ordinary child safety seat, multi-use

Halogen flame retardant

And other harmful substances not only flame retardant chemical manner, generated

Reproductive and developmental effects,

And even


The seat by way of a physical and flame retardant, a hardness of 30

Fire-retardant foam,

Fire not only non-toxic but also increase comfort.


“Space memory foam cushion, sedentary is not tired.”


Things safe child also must be comfortable, otherwise the baby has been weeping and noisy not good. It is used in the seat cushion

Space memory foam,


This is some high-end memory neck pillow and mattress materials will be used. Match

3D mesh fabric


AIR-GO air flow system,

Comfortable, breathable, sedentary not tired, but also help baby

Deep sleeping.

“The seat can be adjusted, how comfortable with how to adjust.”

The seat

For 0 to 7 years old

The child seat can be adjusted in the range of 62 ~ 76.5cm,


The headrest may be adjusted multiple section,

With the height of the seat with the child’s height increases.

“Installation recommendations”

Seat position is recommended that you install in the back of the main drive is relatively safest.

Not the child is safe in his arms, the real science of care in order to let the children grow up healthy and safe.


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