@ Demons are all the children to adidas stadium imagination fly


In the “cloud race” video, Wang Sheng Di living exactly

Adidas together to build Lego and inspiration big players “small” There are playable playground

All children are here to rewrite the rules of the game, play the free.

What is a “little has playable”?

Small stature, big imagination; little trick, play a big pleasure.

Is not limited to the existing rules, boldly create their own world of sport, Adidas wants to bring all the children new ways: to create, to imagine, to wanton play.


With Lego referee’s starting gun, jump start in the world of pixels, the clouds underfoot, easy to stream across the cliff,


Wang Sheng Di small sports players to play running out of new ideas!


In the cold winter, the children how to freely fun movement?

We Wang Sheng Di’s body, found her full of vitality “small” secret.

“Cloud race ‘, the Di Wang Sheng foot of this pair of sneakers, it is


Adidas and LEGO launched in December of LEGO SPORT joint shoes

From design to wear performance, everywhere are full of surprises!


Joint shoes to have the classic adidas sports shoes DNA-based, combines classic elements of Lego, holding in your hand is like a Lego toy, addictive.


(According to official sources, this shoe is Adidas German team of designers specially flew home to Denmark’s Lego, stroke by stroke out of the design, it is really the intention.)

The sole also in possession of a small egg! A string of numbers “915 103 765”, representing the six standard Lego particles 2 * 4 can have over 900 million kinds of combinations, six Lego bricks were hidden in shoes, waiting for you to look oh ~


Needle on children’s body is still growing feature of development, the joint shoes in the details is also full of sincerity.

Easy to wear in these parts of the toe, heel, sides, outsole, specially made to strengthen the protection; anti sole arch set torsion beam (torsion bar) to firmly support the child feet, afraid of Wei feet, sports and more peace of mind !


Followed by a one-piece design, wrap small feet, the vertical growth of the Achilles tendon help; Adidas shoe midsole old cloudfoam (eva) material, a full black SCIENCE, lightweight and comfortable, if walking cloud ~


It is worth mentioning that on the shoelace design, there are bright spots! Older children lace design models are, children can own independent shoelaces; children under laces + velcro is more flexible; and baby models are all magic, treasure dad Baoma it easier to help the baby to wear off .


As Adidas and LEGO loyal “fans little sister,” I heard there are new joint, circle action immediately, and two small players together, we came to the

Adidas flagship store in Nanjing East Road to explore the New World.


Here not only found Wang Sheng Di “cloud race” joint shoes with the money, there is also a small play on playground in having all the fun!

Wang Sheng Di sister put on the “cloud race” the same paragraph shoes, small xuan incarnation fashionable small players to jump higher!

Joint movement of the upper body woven jackets, hit the color collage and fun LEGO® bricks printing, full featured.

Fabrics containing WIND.RDY

, Windproof material, an out to the streets, without fear of winter cold.

Joint pants zipper design, the calf with zipper, can be opened become shorts when the weather gets warmer, heart and change. Hanging crotch design, modern fashion, play more freely.


Kenny innocence full of lively good move, his favorite is this brightly colored sports equipment.


Upper body movement is U LEGO CREW sweater, tone color stitching style from LEGO® bricks and sweep the empty boring winter, playful value Up Up! Off shoulder design and cut loose, unrestrained super comfortable!


U LEGO SHORT shorts are shorts, including AEROREADY fabric, moisture and perspiration, exercise sweating is not afraid. It fit like street dance Kenny!


Lego put together LEGO SET classic color track suit, two children bursting with vitality, whimsy Shoubu Zhu!

In fact, in the last month, Adidas and Lego has launched its first co-branded children’s series, starting color selected Lego classic red, yellow, blue, green four colors, the introduction of both comfort and style for a series of children’s sports needs shoes and apparel.

Once launched, they stubbornly high heat. In December of this joint creative doubled again, to imaginative life, the children also have more winter fun and interesting possibilities.


I want to immediately give their children money to start with “God equipment”? no problem.

Is expected next year, Adidas and LEGO will launch more children’s sports products, the future there will be any surprises? Together we look forward to it.