Editorial Department | This week’s editorial recommendation, all kinds of discomfort at the time of the seasons


What is the mood of work in the first day of this week? Think about the Mid-Autumn Festival in this week, follow the National Day! ! Is there a good mood!

Emmm … The rest of the thing will put it first.

September was just beginning, but how did I feel that I am going to be over? ? There are almost no autumn in the north, and the National Day will be almost ready to go to the winter … Is there any set of items in a short autumn?

After reading this week’s editorial recommendation, let’s talk about your opinion!


Good products buy – editor TERESA

# 积家 jger-lecoultre flip #

I bought my own watch, lived into the favorite look.

Today is a sense of inspiration!

When I was a child, I saw the photo of European and American stars. At that time, I like this rectangle, black crocodile table, which feels like this piece of woman, elegant, generous, and doing things.


This year, I finally bought a heart-lauus Jaeger-Lecoultre, although it is the most foundation, the style of entry, but it satisfies the little I am, all the expectations of my first watch (even better).

When traveling, wearing a white shirt, jeans, wearing it. I did the editor-in-chief of the media that I saw in my student. I passed the life from my little thought “if I can do this.”

Think of a word in “Bawang Buy,” people have to be all self.

The material is sometimes not bad, the key is to see what you have all.


奇奇 怪 – Senior Fashion Editing Xiaoyue


# 万 宝龙 寻 旅者 水 #

The perfume used in the past period is a flower incense, combined with Beijing this year’s extra lengthy rainy season, has passed a sweet and greasy summer. Recently, I have changed a bottle of comparison “Lilky”, ready to welcome autumn.

Have you bought men’s clothing occasionally? Its design is more concise, and it is very suitable for girls who want to be unrestrained. There are a lot of shirts in the editor. It doesn’t matter if it is wide, it is loose, it is very self.


As the perfume is the same, the female temperament is too prominent, and it will be tired. The male incense is actually not so “strong”.

For example, I am ready to use this Wanbaon who came to autumn and winter to explore the brightest water, the most prominent point is that although it is male fragrance, but before, middle, post-adjustment has been treated very controlled and unoccupied. After smelling, I don’t think it is true (many male fragrances) “alpha Male” smell, it is very neutral.

I know that Wanbaon’s leather goods are well done, this detail also is reflected in the design of the perfume bottle, the bottle is wrapped in a layer of cross leather, and when it is sprayed, it always feels very delicate and very considerate. You can accompany me gently Then that I entered the fall ~


Playing the first place – Beauty Editor


# 雪 绵 沙沙 #

In addition to cakes and moon cakes, let’s take a look at the thick desserts of our big northeast! (Is there a small partner in Northeast to recognize it, is this the characteristics of Northeast? I have to eat in a northeast Chinese! Eat! I want to go to Northeast!)

It is a bit of Chinese Shufeli that is the meaning of egg white + cream wrapped, the middle is red bean sand. Both of these binds, there is no sweet taste, but with a white sugar, this sense! This taste! Never! !

# L 613 #


A almost empty color! YSL water-raised lip glaze series # 613, really super good-looking and white, do not pick your skin, don’t pick season, you can use it all year round.


I love to take a book with food to describe this color is “sugar sour plum juice”. Not that is so appropriate, is actually a more violet berry color, violet> red tone.


It is applied to which glass lip is applied. If you don’t want a strong sense of gloss, take a note of the paper towel to a little, come back and go back and later. The effect of foggy can also get Get!

There is another advantage: the lasting force is super! Today, I took the test color, I wiped the paper towel, and the result was still in the company’s elevator. The slight lip effect is the extent that the mask is still there.

But honestly, it also has a shortcomings: not good!

High Beauty Makeup, Outstanding – Beauty Director

# Paul Frank two-color lip #


It is a recent “accident” product -Paul Frank’s makeup line. It is estimated that many people are like me, and I started to know that this brand is because of the “big mouth monkey”. I am going to school, who wear a big misty hat or TEE, that is really fashionable.

Recently I started notice that it starts with my own beauty line? And still hot? Take the recent explosive lip gloss, can’t see the brand “Half Road”. The cold metal mirror makes the lip gloss, and the tidal property belled in the gene is hidden. And it is a double-headed design, a velvet matte, a mirror light sensation, can be used alone or Mix Mix belongs to its own special feeling. Not only is colorful, the ingredients contain a lot of plants, and will not let the mouth dry after the painting. There is a lip effect like a lip gloss, strength!

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