Beijing Consumers Association: Children’s clothing comparison tests nearly 2 results unqualified


On October 22, Beijing Consumers Association issued a comparative test results of children’s clothing, and 13 samples in 70 samples were unqualified. The main problem has a rope belt, the product use instructions, durability label position, fiber content, and wet removal color fastness.

Comparison Test Sample from Beijing APM, Gurui Shopping Center, Parkson, Xidan Joy City, Solana Blue Harbor, Yansha Ole Shopping Center, SKP, Longhu Beijing Changyu Tianjie, Jinyuan Xinyan Sha Mall, Wanda Plaza (Tongzhou store), Tmall, Jingdong, spell, Vipshop, Suning Tesco, and other 10 shopping places and 6 online shopping platforms have purchased 70 samples, sample prices range from 28.56 yuan to 1658 yuan Not equal.


In 13 unqualified samples, the rope of H & M’s children’s trousers is unqualified; a baby clothes of the Fiber Bird Tinsino are not qualified; a pants that will Senshukai is detected pH, product Instructions for use, the wet wet rubbing fastness is unqualified.

The City Consumers Association suggests consumers, consumers should choose less baby clothing, the less safety hazards, the less safety hazards. When you purchase, you can pull it, look at the attachment, see if the attachment is firm, touched the hard attachment such as metal, feel the sharpness of the sharp edge, to avoid the attachment to fall off or sharp scratches the skin; try to select light tuning clothing It can reduce the risk of formaldehyde, dye fastness, which can be lowered as much as possible. For newly purchased clothing, it is best to clean again (pay attention to infant clothing is not dry).

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Wei

Editor / Peng Xiaofei