Pro test! Super easy to use 6 cleansing products! Also your glossy face


Snowflake Show in Soap 100g

This is really the most moderate cleansing of the most …, effect rod.


Estee Laodi Red Rock Cleansing Milk 125ml

This washed is very clean, but the face will be tight after washing, and I use half a branch to know that this can be used when the cleaning mask can be stupid. As a cleaning mask, it has built a facial facade. It’s milk.


SU: M37 degree Sovi 245ml

After using the bottle, I threw the previous South Korea, so I have never repursed the next time I went to South Korea. After all, I won’t be very stimulated. It’s also clean.

Mainly … I really feel that pores are breathing!


Vichy 3in1 Vichy net colorless three-in-one cleansing 125ml

This seems to be a three-in-one green muddy sand mask, and it is not clear that it is not a car, scrub, cleansing, mask three in one, with the top of Estee, red pomegranate, but red The pomegranate does not have matte particles. This is not often used as a face milk. It is painfully applied to the face before taking a shower at night. After five minutes, you can see the pore size.

Lancôme Lancome Root Supply Cleansing Gel 125ml

Recently, there are more cleansing, I haven’t entered this one a few days ago, but this experience is very beautiful, and a set of roots are really beautiful, and it is good …

Cleaning is not enough for large oilfields, and mixed muscles are just right.


CHANEL soft foam cleansing milk 150ml

This is just a clean … After washing … Anyway, my face didn’t work, I’m right for summer, this price is really beautiful and I will endure.