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It is necessary to start a two-month business trip & travel season, small hands, a lot of flights, but this also means that I work, but I can give you more fun destination and buying things. ! Haha, the destination to go will be a bit cool, first stay the suspense!

In fact, only 48 “half an hour” one day, but I am greedy into “48 hours”, because the time difference feels that the days are more abusers, and often more than a year. Summer. as a

Experience and abundant killer

I am not very sensitive to the season. My season has only cold and cold points and replacing the clothes in the baggage. I am a girlfriend, I said:

I think you, back to Beijing’s main purpose has only two things.

1 Change clothes 2 eat roast duck

(Um, it is me)


The experience is basically the ability, and the pressure will become motivated.

. Baggage packaging, I can’t be good at. Me


Guangzhou’s girlfriends K

I came to Beijing for three days and ask me how is the weather? I watched the weather forecast, “I have to rain and big sunny day, you bring your coat and skirt, you don’t have to bring it, I will take you to the unique clothing.” A three-day business trip, the K total passed the four season transform And the breeze booth, bought 10 pieces, she said, “You are not worried about me.”

Similar talents can be friends, after all, people are in groups.

All experience and feelings are exchanged, and frequent passengers come from travel to travel experts. There is no time to be done, and it is easy to copy and transcend. (在 自己 自己)

“So, there is more, it will become,


Travel Daren & Come Reserve

Gourmet & Buyer & Hotel Evaluation

Health Expert & Storage

A person seems to become a team. “

Why is it safe now?

Because I have smelled everyone a few months,

stupid! stupid! want! move! Travel,

Some things will start early, and maybe it will be shipped.

We work hard (business trip),

Not just to spend money, don’t feel soft!

Refreshing Code 1 | Summer can’t be swollen


In fact, it is a code, swollen is also good, and the physical fat is high, because the circulation metabolism is not good. Although the new metabolism is fast, but often flies, it is easy to swollen. I will wear the summer long distance flight.

Airism with BRA TOP underwear

Keep the form is not tight, the focus is that people don’t feel hot in the cabin. Traveling

sleep tight

I don’t think it is not too much, so I have to maintain the amount of exercise every day, I don’t get less, keep the heat balance, and remember to drink coffee on time.

The fitness time in the business trip is squeezed out, so reasonably uses the hotel room, gym and outdoor. Not all say

As long as you want to be thin, is it a gym? I have the most running enthusiasm during the business trip, and it is high.

Running is not what I am good at, but because most urban terrain of business trips are not familiar, it is easy to run far (5-10km), draw a circle on the city map, just like a city tour.

In fact, most of my people around me have fitness habits, otherwise the body can’t hold the work pressure.

Take another step, in fact, everyone takes the time of the brush Taobao Weibo friends circle, it is enough.

Refronious row 2 | Luggage packaging Raiders

* Personal experience is for reference only

I have basically in half an hour.

Word 10 minutes,

The business trip needs to switch the dressing, which is not in line with the topic.

These are suitable for “refreshing tips for summer travel”.

Please copy + paste into your notepad, use peace of mind,

All are just items, about 1/4 space of the box.



Season spare package

(SS and AW two versions)

Frequent passengers basically have a spare package that does not take out the box, and the seasonal spare package is one of them. Unless it is cleaned, it will only be replenished in the daily replacement. This package requires two versions, one is suitable for the destination for spring and summer, that is, I have to say to you now.


Suitable inside the spring, summer collections, I will definitely put these things:


Ultra-clear cool wipes

(Wipe super cold, you can also buy sweatows, specific brands don’t say, there are many kinds, reduce the body surface temperature),


And Ya said

Vial water spray


lip balm




(Moisturizing lips and alleviating hair), Thailand


Free disinfection fluid + mouthwash

Small medicine package

(Including cotton swabs, vitamins and effervescent films with iodine and alcohol,

Liquid wound stickers

, Mosquito water + insect bites, etc.), a bottle

Spare perfume


Electronic product package

It is also because often flying, so there are many homes.

Airline wash bag

I use these as a small storage bag or a daily commuter, such as Cathay, British Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Qatar Airways, Hainan Airlines, and Finland Airlines, and I will generally use electronics. Categories. My electronic product package will belong to these basically can constantly fly from around the world:

Conversion plug

USB HUB with power cord

Or with USB socket

Plip board

(At least four USB ports, you can take a sports watch, charging treasure, mobile phone, camera, etc.),

Small Bluetooth Speaker, Spare Headphones, Alternate SD cards, standby mobile phones, 2-4 standby data cables.

If you are divided, there are two ways to board the box and the shipping box.


Cosmetic bag

This, my own cosmetic bag is relatively large, but I make up the slag (Ahahahaha ~~). Skin care cleaning is in place, the skin will be good and refreshing, I will have to bring:

Small wash

(On Foreo’s Lunaplay is super small),

Cleansing water / oil

(most important),

Makeup water


Facial mask


! Summer weather is hot, the water is lost, and the amount of water is hydrated. Other is daily skin care and makeup. Say, I have bought a few recently.

New lipstick


There is a series that I think

The lipstick that is best for business trips


~ I will use it for a few days ~ I will tell you, I am going to give you a gift! !


Fitness bag

This is simple, no fit, no one, don’t need this, I will talk about my daily carry:

A pair

running shoes



Two sets



Sports BRA

(You can also wear daily), which is accessories,

Sports waist bag belt

Mobile phone sports arm

And one

elastic band


Inner clothing bag

This bag is very good for me! Heavy! want! After all, it is the most important to clean and clean, like the second layer of skin. Summer business trip, there will be more, sometimes it will change a few times a day, the inner clothing is your most intimate baby.

I don’t really like to wear BRA. I hope not to suffer (after all, there is no hanging trouble), so I refuse the large steel ring, thick inner pad, seriously hate the green green underwear, seeing the color shoulder, I feel very scary. . Fabric comfortable

Sporty or light thin BRA,

It is the first choice when the summer is traveling, I feel very similar to the same kind, I like the black and white gray color series simple design,


Snirt with BRA

It is also my dish, especially suitable for winter, and the jacket is very wild.

Refreshing Conditions Article 3 | Hundreds of Drafting 9 Principles

In fact, the abruptness is worn, in fact, it is mainly to just need. The meeting will be more installed, and there is a lot of concessions, simple accessories, etc. Moreover, according to the season, in summer is relatively provincial, the basic requirements are refreshing and comfortable. Therefore, the requirements for the fabric are higher, avoiding the discoloration of sweating, easy to plerse, breathable fabric – light, thin, heat dissipation, and the underwear is as not possible.


▷ Airism refined clothes series of living sets, BRA vests and designers

So! I will recommend it.

Uniqlo Airism

, Choose a lot,


It is feasible to wear inside, AirISM, in addition to the sling, T-shirt,

There is also a mesh

Hood sunscreen jacket

Surrunning sunscreen

This can easily control most of the needs.

Three basic principles wearing clothes outside of the business:

Where are I, who I want to see, see a face?

It is relatively easy to me. When working, respect job itself, respect job partners, respect yourself. I am basically much

Dress suit jacket or small black skirt, white shirt, flat or 3cm high heels

, Very wild, not tired. Then, according to the three principles, it is packed in accordance with the everyday work, and the box will be separated and settled. I feel that when I feel trip, I will take care of the clothes.

3 basic principles purchased by summer extensions:

Will not hit the shirt, clean and tidy, look comfortable.

for me,


Most of the bought is basic, relatively metallic, white-chopped blue-green is basic colors, daily simple, like Nordic and Japanese brands, values, large LOGO, complex pattern and complex design. In the summer, I tend to

Light color

And I like to wear white, it is very refreshing from visually viewing people.


3 basic principles wearing clothes in summer abutment:

Refreshing, comfortable, easy to clean

Summer clothes replacement frequency is high, I will take a small bottle of laundry. Summer underwear fabric selection requires less thin, or even microtalation. The color is still light, like me in summer, the basic underwear will pay more attention to, because sometimes it takes a whole day, hot and cold, is also a test.

▷ Use AirISM clear clothes to be qualified for work life fitness various scenes

For travel, efficiency and time are the most important.

Keep summer day



No trace, thin


You can control all kinds of casual, wrapped clothes,



Three-piece suit wearing a suit is also not afraid,

Support, sweat-absorbent, easy to clean

It is also possible to make a fitness dress.

That is the airism cool clothes!

Everyone loves the gathered library.

After all, it can support the big wardrobe of the whole family.


And you can find your own clothes, and cost-effective, but also a sense of design. Today, I will give you this series, please buy it! In fact, AirISM’s fabrics are more complicated, so each single product composition is also different. Pay attention to air.

Sometimes I think


It is really poisonous. It belongs to buy bought brands, many people say because of cost performance, I will endors, but I think it is more important to be more important than half, high cost performance is more important.

As a friend who is often recommended to friends


Travel suitcase standing commuter single item

“, The AirISM clear clothes of the Uniqlo can be blown to the summer.


A breeze.

Airism refreshing clothes almost included daily commuting, bottom and jackets.

And customer meet


Designer partnership airism series

Travel on the road

UV-UV T-shirt and BRA vest

Go to the fitness iron

Airism Sports Beam Pants / Sports Tights Airism Seamless V – Team Direction T-Shirt / BRA Snirt


Go to Di and friends

Airism shorts (triangle seamless) + bra (no steel ring) Airism printing tights / 7 pants


I used AirISM when I lived in the hotel.

Delivery to do pajamas

Go to fitness and running

BRA vest and tights

Keep refreshing.

No trace series doing dress bottoming


, Vacation

Sunscreen jacket, sling vest

Is the best partner for outdoor activities

I can think of the features that they can do, and

The price is not expensive, buy it when you are.

The reason why this series is because the structure and redesign the function of the underwear, with a smooth touch, sucking, quick drying, touching coldness, deodorant, antibacterial deodorant, and elasticity to meet the assemblies such as travelers. Have a good “

Coating microcallicate system

“, In order to maximize comfort, such as this

Based BRA vest


The inside of the cup is a mesh fabric, a sweat pad design, for the summer armpits, everyone knows ~~~~~ But wear it, refreshing!

Soft touch | Slim fiber brings a comfortable smooth touch.

Suction moisture | absorb excess moisture in the clothes and discharge, not easy to feel wet,

Quickly dry | Good sweat-absorbent, bring a long-lasting refreshing experience.

Touching the coldness | It feels refreshing in a moment of wearing the upper body.


Also, all products in the 2019 Spring and Summer Uniqlo X Alexanderwang designer collaboration, also use airism fabric, tactile super smooth, and thin and refreshing, it is also suitable for summer!

You see, in about more than a decade, Airism has a large number of loyal users –

Professional golfers Adam Skot

Japanese actor Okamoto Ready


Kawki actor City Chuanhai Old Tibet

Straight of the aerial flying man throughout the season, squeezing the subway commute, the chef in the high-temperature kitchen, wearing the uniform’s medical staff in the four seasons, summer rushing, soldiers, wearing a thick doll performance Amusement park actor … I am also one, the beneficient ~!

▷ Designer collaboration also applies Airism material technology to be a COOL GIRL!

After all, I am also very picky people.

Because it is good, I will be real name and interest.

So, today I also want to say the net red temperament:

About AirISM refreshing clothes

O m g, it’s too clear, buy it! “


I hope this Cool Summer,

You can Cool as Air,

Under the sun, it is refreshing every day.

Easily change, driving flying life.
















Designer partnership airism series


Simple creative beauty

* Reprinted from the public number: Guo Xiaomi