In 2019, the world’s most popular ten baseball cap brands, which you have not started yet?


In outdoor sports, the hat is also very important equipment. The hat is also divided into helmets, grasping the velvet, rubber cap, baseball cap (quick-drying), etc. The helmet is used in a region where climb or mountain is unstable, prevents the falling stone to hurt; fleece is used in the cold area, mainly to protect and wind the wind; the rubber cap is mainly used to rain; the baseball cap is used to sunside, sweat. Today, focusing on the baseball cap used for sunshade and sweating.


In the outdoor sports, especially the movement like climbing the mountain, high altitude is strong, and it is easy to take the skin without a hat, plus the fashion outdoor sports of these two years, so the good-looking baseball cap also added to the outdoor equipment. family. Choose a baseball cap, in addition to the eye, where practicality is also one of the factors that must be considered. In the leisure of outdoor sports, I also hope that the baseball cap can wear in the scene, travel, dating and other scenes.

Do you know the top ten baseball cap brands in the world in 2019? Look with Xiaobian, what are you don’t know?

NiKE Nike

Nike Nike is a world-renowned sports brand. In 1972, the company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, has focused on sports shoes, sportswear, sporting goods and other series of operations. The spokesperson included Kobe, James, Federer, C Luo, Nemar, etc. More than 100 sports stars


2. ARC’teryx initiator

ARC’teryx North American well-known outdoor brands, founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1989. The initiator of the ancestor is almost madly pursuit of new crafts and new technologies. In just ten years, they have grown into recognized outdoor brands that are recognized as the global leadership, with a good product in the fields of clothing and backpacks. Today, ARC’teryx product line is still outdoor costumes, backpacks and climbing protectives. In addition, it was acquired in 2019.

3, Prada Prada


Prada Prada is an Italian luxury brand, created by Mario Prada in 1913 in Milan, Italy. Mario Pula With the unique understanding of fashion, Mary can accurately predict the trend trend for many years, so that this brand is a global trend brand.


Gucci Gucci


In the baseball cap brand list, Gucci is the king of luxury brands, which was established in 1923 by Gucchio Gucci, known as one of the world’s largest fashion group. In the nearly a hundred years of its establishment, Gucci has always been symbol of identity and wealth. Its product type and design style is also very diversified, covering fashion, sports, retro, etc.

5, PUMA Hummer

Hummer is a world-renowned sports brand. It is found in Germany. Since its establishment in 1948, it has been focused on the research and development of sportswear, shoes and sports supplies. Hummer can win the favorite of consumers, which is to benefit from its unique design style formed in hip hop doodle culture, making it a representative brand of sports trend at the time.


Vans Vans


Vans Fanus is known as “skateboard shoes”. With the injection of Vans aesthetics, forming a personality, a person with a personality, a person, a personality, and a brand that is recognized and loved by the young ultimate sports enthusiast and trend.


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NY New York Yangli team joint

Speaking of a baseball cap, how can you have a lot of NY in recent years. People who are often chasing stars are certainly unfamiliar with NY, Quan Zhilong, Sun, Justin Bobo, Li Yifeng, Yang Sample and other tide male star love NY baseball cap. Whether at the stage or in life, they can see the figure of the NY baseball cap. However, in fact, NY is not a brand, it is the joint number between NYC (US Baseball Union New York Yanggers) and New Era (NBA, WNBA, and NBA Development Alliance), and later authorized to give South Korea’s MLB brand Sales in the Asian market.




SuPreme is a US trend apparel brand, born in New York Manhattan, USA in 1994, is a US street apparel brand that combines skateboard, HIP-Hop and other cultures and a skateboard. With the spread of hip hop trend, SuPreme is particularly popular in the domestic market. Its products have been almost crazy about Chinese young consumers. It can be said that it is a difficulty, the market price is once fried to the original price. Multiplier.



Kangol Camor Brairies

Kangol Camor Brair was founded in 1938 in the British fashion trend brand, which initially improved the French Beret, so that it quickly became a well-known hoodjet brand. It is deeply loved by many stars, far from the Beetle band, near Fujiwaha, Chen Guan, Eason Chan, and Qi Zhilong are all “kangol”.



MLB was founded in 1997 and is a trend of clothing brand in Korea F & F Clothing Group, with more than 280 online stores in the Asian market in South Korea. The F & F Clothing Group has a US professional baseball big union franchise, so it is also american brand that has been mistaken by Chinese consumers while selling a baseball cap with NY words.

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