How to catch business opportunities? These children’s wear main categories, trend categories, opportunities, you have to know


In all maternal and child categories online, children’s wear and children’s shoes have always been the biggest category. As of November this year, Tmall, Jingdong and other major e-commerce platform children’s wear sales have arrived at 38.27 billion, of which 90.8% of Tmall children’s wear is 90.8%, and it is the only e-commerce platform that achieves 10.7% growth this year, which occupies an absolute advantage, and Jingdong, The sales of e-commerce children and other e-commerce products such as Koala, Vipcom will be negative growth.

As the largest children’s wear sales platform, a few days, Tmall mother and baby double eleven reap, through massive order data analysis, in children’s clothing fine items, children’s trousers and children’s sports shoes are main categories; market growth is fast and In the category of the brochure period, children’s down vests and tuencress are representatives of trend category; in addition, industry competition is intensified, seeking incremental markets are the focus of all companies concerned, in children’s wear industry, children’s performance service and parent-child shoes are opportunities representatives .

Part1: Traditional demand is constant, the main category is still strong

In general, the main category should be mature, but it is indispensable, and the possibility of falling or elimination is extremely low.

Main categories: children’s trousers, children’s sports shoes

According to the survey, children’s trousers were higher than top. It is not difficult to see that children’s trousers are unquestionable as just need to board the main category.

Children’s sports shoes become the main force. Although young parents now pay more attention to fashion, but healthy, comfort is also an indispensable essential condition. So sneakers are still required and will make a long-term market a main force.


Part2: “Baby Tide” driven trend

Compared with the trend category, the child’s down vest, a pedestrian shoes, which can be available in front of it. However, with the improvement of living standards, the second child policy is open, and after 80/90 is upgraded to parents, this segmentation product is increasingly mainstream.

Down vest: transaction + 52%


Learning shoes: transaction + 9%


The down vest is thin, and it is a good gift, suitable for the baby who loves to play. Now the baby “activity project” is not less than an adult, comfortable, and warm down vest can be connected indoor outdoor temperature difference. So the down vest is increasingly becoming the “artifact” of the baby;

The appearance of todded shoes can be seen from the population environment of my country in recent years. In 2016, the baby boomer in 2018, shifted from the baby to China, this stage is the stage of learning and walking, and the sales volume of the chopping shoes has become a trend category. But with the continuous decline in the new population of my country, this trend is likely to be slightly lost.

As for these two types, why is it now a trend, just in the current social environment. On the one hand, consumption upgrade, these two unnecessary and relatively high-priced categories enter the young parent; on the other hand, the new generation of parents pay more attention to the child’s feelings, the concept of scientific childcare is also more deeply rooted.

Part3: “Dare is the first” opportunity to become a new blue sea

How many opportunities are “unexpected” but in the “unexpected”. “Dare is the first” is the opportunity

Children’s performance service: + 126%

Parent-child shoes: + 114%


Say goodbye to “Thousands of products”, children’s shoes and clothing enters the “personalized” era


. The children’s clothing market is getting more and more fire, and the segment is gradually clear. When you sighing the current child’s living conditions, they have spanned to eat and drink, and they are more “high-end, foreign”.

Nowadays, parents pay more attention to “scientific baby”. From infants and young children, they will pay attention to the comprehensive development of children and morality; “quality education” is even more shouting. So now children have left the previous line, not only home and schools, more and more game activities, and life scenarios are also increasing, and the performance of the event is standard. And children’s wear observation believes that this opportunity category will continue.

The parent-child shoes and parent-child wear “same mother”, the major brands of the parent-loaded projects are doing, but there are not many parent-child shoes. With the growth of fashion children’s clothing, children’s wear and adult packages, children’s shoes and adult shoes are less and less. However, parent-child shoes are not an important reason for the promotion of more brands. For a pursuit of quality companies, children’s shoes have higher requirements in design, scientific aspects. Children’s teenage feet sometimes adapt to certain elements, health, professionalism, and meticulous requirements for adult shoes.

In the big children’s clothing market, there are many opportunities for breakthroughs, how to combine user demand quickly and effectively seize the fine segmentation opportunities, the above trend is a good reference.