France’s 1880, copper, gold porcelain tire, fireplace bell


In ancient Europeans, there is a habit of placing clocks on the fireplace rack (blast rack) in the house, which can be used as a decoration, and it can be eased. For a long time, whether it is the royal aristocrat or civilians. However, what kind of clock is going to see what kind of clock can be affordable, what level is the hour. For the French antique bell of the metal gold, the Gildbronze clock shell and alloy metal (common is a lead tin alloy, Gildspe Shi R) clock shell, Its cost or value is very large, and the price of pure copper gold is more than four times higher than the price of alloy.

In the picture, an extremely classic French pure steel 鎏 鎏 画 画 画 画 上 金 鎏 杯 奖 奖 奖 奖 奖 杯 奖 奖 奖 奖 杯 奖 奖 奖 奖 杯 杯 杯 奖 奖 奖 奖 杯 奖 杯 杯The porcelain plate is divided into three parts of the middle, although the size of the porcelain plate is not large, but also the dragon. The porcelain plates used are inherently dark blue hue, inlaid, there are countless small pearls on the lace frame. Surrounded; especially the circular clock, the center, two cupids play in the flower The scenario painting is particularly conspicuous, and the peripheral design has a circle of pearls, and the 琅 数 数 数随, surround the entire clock: there is an upper button on the inside of 4 or 8 points, explain the movement There are two sets of power, and the golden “蝌式” should be interlaced at the center of the clock.


Several shaped porcelain plates on the bell body is customized in the shape and size of the clock shell design. Generally, the porcelain plate is fixed from the inside in the clock or wire. On the back of the porcelain, there is often a signature of these porcelain enamel or the serial number of the product, we can confirm the producer of the porcelain painting through these signatures. One point, please note that the producer of the copper blender, most of which is not related to the porcelain plate making, the reason is very simple, this is a completely different handicraft, usually made from different manufacturers.

Classic French 8-day double-track circular movement, anchor escapement, half point and punctual rather bell automatic report-time system. The seal from the moving panel can see that the movement is produced by the Yipper Bros. Paris, and the movable core number: 92. On the right side of the number 927, there is a number of 6.4, please remember that this type of number is generally the length of the pendulum (feet). This beam is 48 cm and is approximately 1880 years.

By this way, it will be discussed to distinguish between pure steel gold and alloy gold. The surface of the pure copper 鎏 鎏 钟 is extremely smooth and smooth, and it is like a baby’s skin, without any particulate matter, and there is no bubble. In contrast, the lead tin alloy is rough surface, and the bubble-shaped particles, we can distinguish between pure steel gold or lead tin alloy.


(Image from books and Qingya Watches China leading imported machinery clock retail group)


(Content from: Time and Technical Qinglong)