Wearing autumn trousers, autumn trousers, too tight, not warm


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After autumn rain, the lowest temperature in our city fell to a bit number. When I arrived at the eyes every day, I need to be mentally prepared to climb out the season. And on the street, we can also see that someone has put on the thick coat or even down jacket.

Inevitable, warm trousers, leggings, autumn trousers, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “autumn pants”). Considering the health perspective, it is necessary to properly add warmth at low temperatures, and the autumn pants are a good choice. So, in the dialogue between the office colleagues, the school gate waiting for the child’s parents, and I can hear the discussion of the autumn pants.

Many young people began to consciously wear the autumn pants.

Compared with previous years, we wear the time of the autumn trousers in advance. No mother hints, you don’t have to have a grandmother, many young people take the initiative to put on the autumn trousers when cooling.

Ms. Zhong, a 26-year-old, said the most obvious changes in her own and the same age in the past two years, it is to start to keep warm. I didn’t touch hot water before, I often drink a drink and Ice Ice, and now I can’t leave the thermal cup, I always want to drink hot. “I have to buy clothes in winter, I want new, want to be fashionable, I want to be thin, now I have a big clothes first? Is there a hat? Is there a hat? I have been going out to open the ankle, the trousers will have to volume two laps, now the autumn pants in the sock Talented “.

Ms. Zhao, 28, also caught the memories: “Read the winter in the winter, I have almost never touched the autumn pants, let al almost the down jacket or snow boots. Classmates think how these things can appear in our fashionable people In the wardrobe. “She remembered that the student’s times often went to” brush the night “in the era, in the weather where the temperature is negative, still insists on dressing short skirts and cashmere leggings, the most too much, wearing a pair of open shoes And a thin layer of windbreaker, walking on the snowy street, two warm baby sticking on the back. “Usually cold to curl with your body, now think about it, don’t stay, generous.”

The 23-year-old Xiao Su was also a “anti-autumn tightener” in the four seasons. He insisted that he did not wear a column pants all the year. I finally compromised this year. Under the forced boyfriend, she wrinkled with a soft, trusted warm pants, a trusted warm package wrapped her. “I walked out of the road outside, I don’t have to hurry. A wind blows, my knees don’t feel hurt.” Xiao Su said, the autumn pants are so “incense”!

Wearing autumn pants also have the correct way to open

Once, how many people think that “many autumn trousers are more fat, high waist socks are very soil”, now they have been emotion, “there is a cold call forget the autumn pants.”

But even if it is a heating trousers, choose whether it will be correct and even health, if you choose improper, the autumn pants may have a warm role, and the body will be frozen.

Autumn trousers is too bad to keep warm

Some female friends choose a tight-year-old trousers, think that this is both a lot of body and keep warm; some people choose the market with a large-scale socks that prevent intravenous songs, not only keep warm, but the legs can still be thin, which can be described. However, this is not very reliable in the doctor, Director Fan Juan, Director of Dermatology, Downtown Hospital, said that the autumn trousers and suct socks will cause blood circulation, the blood circulation of the limbs and skin is slow, but not To keep warm, it will only make people more cold, and it is easier to frost. If the material of the tight-year-old trousers is not breathable, it will increase the risk of gynecological diseases.

Pure cotton trousers is “Wang Dao”

Fan Juan suggested that the autumn trousers still chooses cotton. Because cotton colored trousers sweat, good breathable, so comfortable, not too moist, reducing comfort, or causes skin problems after sweating.

Some polyester fabric of autumn trousers, because there is more chemical fiber components, it has become “electrostatic special trousers”, and it will “噼 噼 啪 啪” has been static. Due to the dry skin in autumn and winter, it is easy to rub the static electricity. At this time, you should pay attention to use moisturizer before wearing autumn pants. If the skin is very dry or even itching, it is necessary to avoid choosing this kind of autumn trousers. Similarly, allergies or people with delicate skin, not recommended to wear this fabric.

Autumn trousers is best washed with warm water

Fan Juan said that when you wash your trousers, you can choose to wash with warm water at 40 ° C ~ 45 ° C. Water is too cool, it is not easy to remove, and the water is too hot to cause damage to the clothes. Because Qiqing Qiqiu is a close-fitting clothing, it is easier to contaminate body grease and metabolic skin residue, and it is easy to remove these dirt with warm water. In addition, the plush autumn pants should be dried regularly to prevent mites to breed.

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