Fault and normal operation of stainless steel magnetic pump


The stainless steel magnetic pump consists of three parts: pump, magnetic actuator, and motor. The key component magnetic actuator consists of an outer magnetic rotor, an inner magnetic rotor, and a non-conducting: isolation sleeve.

The stainless steel magnetic pump is more advantageous, and the specific manifestation is a safety, non-leakage, corrosion resistance. It is often used to have a presumed processing process, such as a medium that is generally used to transport a scarce precious liquid and a variety of flammable, flammable, explosive and easy volatile media.

Analysis of frequent failure problems of stainless steel magnetic pump:

1. Problems caused by corrosion caused by corrosion: The cause of the pump has a large pump inlet tube resistance, and the transport medium is more gas, the pump is insufficient, the pump is not enough. The damage to the pump is high, and the pump is severely vibrated during the erosion, and the balance is severely damaged, which will cause the pump bearings, rotor or impellation. This is a common cause of magnetic pump failure.

⒉. No medium or transport medium flow: make the rotor spindle with a stabilized bearing, and Brake bearing. The magnetic pump is lubricating and cooled by the conveying medium to the sliding bearing. When there is no inlet valve or an outlet valve, the sliding bearing is lubricated and causing a high temperature to be damaged.

4. Dissemal case damage: The magnetic coupling of the magnetic pump is cooled by the pump delivery medium. If there is a hard particle in the medium, it is easy to cause the isolation sleeve or scratch, sometimes if the maintenance method is not properly possible. Set of damage.

Stainless steel magnetic pump normal operation process:

(1) Cooling and lubrication of the stainless steel magnetic pump bearings are prohibited from being transported, so it is forbidden to cause air operation while avoiding the start of starting at work.

Time and space run.

(2) In the conveying medium, if solid particles are contained, the pumping port should be added to the filter: such as a ferromagnetic particulate, a magnetic filter is needed.

(3) The ambient temperature in the use should be less than 40 ° C, and the temperature rise of the motor must not exceed 75 ° ° C.


(4) The medium that is conveyed and its temperature should be within the range of pump. The use temperature of the engineered plastic pump <100 ° C, the temperature of the metal pump is <100 ° ° C C, the transport suction pressure is not more than 0.2 MPa, the larger working pressure is 1.6 MPa, the density is not more than 1600 kg / m3, the viscosity is not more than 30×10-6 m2 / S is free of hard particles and fibers.

(5) For the medium for the conveying liquid, it is easy to precipitated, and it should be cleaned in time and purge effusion.

(6) After the stainless steel magnetic pump is running 1000 hours, the wear situation of the bearing and the end-faced ring should be removed, and if it is not suitable for easy-to-use parts.

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