What is the shortage of Timberland women’s sales?


The Timberland women’s Timberland women’s Timberland women in the world’s largest ready-to-wear listed company did not appear in this winter. On December 24th, the exclusive investigation of Beijing Business Daily reporters found that there did not appear Timberland women’s figure in many stores in Beijing. Log in to Timberland official website, the women’s page also shows “can’t find”. According to Timberland clerk, this is due to Wichen Group is caused by Timberland women’s clothing. In fact, because the Weicheng Group has continued to be sluggish in recent years, it has begun to transform – to better achieve the steady improvement of sustainable development and profitability, and is continuously peeled off the business sector of the legs. And before, Timberland has been removed from the Jingdong official flagship store. According to the industry, Given the performance of Timberland, Weicu Group will first renovate from the design, but whether the product style can fit the brand image, in line with the product positioning, still waiting to be observed. If the Timberland still has no good driving effect on performance, it is facing the risk of being stripped by the Weicheng Group.

Beijing market is difficult


Women’s clothing

On December 24th, Beijing Business Daily reporters found in many stores in Beijing, and the Weifer Group’s brand Timberland women’s clothing did not sell. What is worth paying attention is that not only the women’s clothing in many physical stores, but also on the Timberland official website, the women’s clothing page is also shown “Sorry, we did not find the item you want to search.”

According to the clerk: “Today’s winter Timberland has no listing any women’s clothing, mainly due to brand business reorganization, and there is no women in the Timberland store in Tianjin. However, heard that the new product line will be online. “In this regard, Beijing Business Daily reporters contact Timberland interview, but as of the pressing, the other party did not respond.

In the Timberland store in Beijing Oriental Xintiandi, the clerk said to Beijing Business Daily reporters, not only no women’s clothing, but also rarely discounted rogue boots in Timberland are also price reduction promotions. Beijing Business Daily reported that although Timberland has changed in the price reduction amplitude of each store, the price reduction promotion has taken more than January. Some people think that “freshly discount Timberland long-term price reduction promotions, TIMBERLAND is also destroyed from some dimensions”.

Although Timberland has been removed in many stores and official websites in China, but on the Timberland global official website, women’s clothing still exists. On the site, Timberland women have 11 kinds, two of which are summer clothes, and the price ranges from more than 200 US dollars. In the women’s clothing, the product price is between $ 101-150, and there are three kinds of products in $ 151-200 and more than $ 200. At present, Timberland women’s products are sold in 7 fold.

Beijing Business Daily reporters found that in a month ago, Timberland was 12 kinds of women hanging on the official website, including 2 women. A reduced women’s product price is between $ 101-150.

In addition, the women’s clothing is slightly weak compared to the men’s business business in Timberland. The men’s clothing is more than 20 times the number of women, but also between $ 51-150. It can be seen that whether it is from quantity or price, Timberland’s women’s business has become increasingly developed.

Textile and garment management expert, General Manager of Shanghai Liangxing Brand Management Co., Ltd. believes that from price range, Timberland women’s products are “high-level, low,”, and to a certain extent in the Chinese market, Foreign companies will encounter a certain degree of “water and soil” in the Chinese market, and the business restructuring is imminent.

Not good to adjust

In fact, the Weicu Group has begun to reorganize the plan due to the continued downturn in recent years. According to the second quarter financial report disclosed in October this year, the Weicu Group has achieved growth with the two brands of THE North Face to achieve 26% and 5%, and the income of the three brands of Timberland, Wrangler and Lee. Sirys department store is committed to a bankruptcy, down 2%, 5% and 9% respectively.

In this regard, the Chairman and CEO of the Weicu Group said at a conference call after the release of the financial report. The growth of performance in the period is mainly promoted by the performance of the core brand VANS and the North Face, and emphasizes the current stage of Weichi Group. It is in a critical period of transformation.

However, this is not the first transition of Weich Group. Since its establishment, Weicu Group has experienced two key products transformation. According to the data, the “VF” in Weicu Group is the abbreviation of the Group’s home-time women’s underwear brand Vanity Fair. After acquiring Lee and Wrangler in the 1970s, Wichen Group began to quickly occupy the denim costume market. The other transformation of Weicu Group was in 2000, 2004 and 2011, the North Face, Vans, Timberland successively joined the Weicheng Group, and the core business also changed. In FY2018, the department accounted for the group’s 70% income and profit.

In 1969, Wichen Group was successfully listed in the New Handling. After forty years of development, the main business of Weicu Group covers five major categories, with more than 30 world-renowned brands, 7 sales channels, including Lee, Vans, The North Face, Brittania, Red KAP, Nautica, Kipling and Wrangler. .

In mid this year, Wichen Group has announced that he wants to get Lee, Wrangler, etc. In December, Weich Group confirmed that the denim clothing business has been separated and renovated with Kontoor Brands, INC to name the independent listed company. The announcement shows that the plan is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019, but must be approved by the Vweit Group’s Board of Directors, approved by regulatory agencies, as well as tax and law. The new company will include Wrangler, Lee, and Rock & Republic brands and VF Outlet services.

However, the industry is generally believed that the Wichen Group is actually because the sales of US denim products have been quickly reduced in the past five years, and many well-known denim brands are difficult to escape, forming an independent department to better achieve performance boosts.

Women’s hard boosts

It is worth paying attention to the rapid improvement of sustainable development and profitability, and the Weicu Group is also continuously stripping the business unit of lack of hind legs. On October 4 this year, Weicu Group announced that it has reached an agreement with the Rockport Group and will sell the surf brand Reef; this year, Wichen Group also decided to sell Nautica brands that lack growth to Authentic Brands Group, the transaction It was completed on April 30. In addition, Weicu Group also sells exercise licenses, including Majestic brand, and assets of Jansport brand consecutive business, formally exiting the license business. According to the official website of Weicheng Group, the Weicheng Group has 24 sub-brands.

In addition to the adjustment within the group, the Group I entered China’s Hong Kong has changed in the Chinese market in 1974. In 2015, Timberland was removed from the official flagship store of Jingdong. At present, Beijing Business Daily reporters search Timberland in Jingdong, and no official flagship store. And the official flagship store on Timberland can find that Timberland’s WeChat public account has also been frozen and stopped.

In a designed industry, the Timberland is not only for the future, but more importantly, the women’s business is incision, can change the image of the brand in the Chinese market, further test water China market. However, due to the changes in China’s clothing markets, there is a certain risk in the Chinese market even if it makes changes. However, after the Timberland women’s style, there is still no good driving effect on performance, or will face the risk of being stripped by Weichi Group.

In this regard, Yang Dawei, a famous fashion industry investor, and Yang Da, who is very satisfactory, pointed out that Timberland’s jungle style is mainly suitable for men, and there are differences in the North American market and the Chinese market – this rough style and Chinese consumers match high. Thus, in the future, Timberland women’s wear can improve the Timberland store, and profitability.

“But if there is a challenge to rely on updated women’s clothing to boost performance, because the brand-oriented consumers in this type of brand are mainly mature men, so when Timberland is in the development direction, it can be more close to Chinese consumers. Yang Daban further pointed out. Beijing Business Daily reporter Fang Binnan Bai Yang