Still use old antiques? The color of the tableware, the real name recommendation of these stores


The first set of tableware in my family has been used for more than 5 years, and there is still an emergence of land.


Bowl of the bowl, the bottom is black

Wash the problem, the more you look at it, the more you don’t look at it, and you want to change them.

There are a lot of beautiful tableware, but it is too expensive, and a small cup is seven or eight hundred.

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The porcelain in the night market is cheap and beautiful, but it is afraid of safety issues, and the night market is dark, the porcelain air bubble, the black spots are unclear, and the quality is not guaranteed.

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In fact, many people now buy porcelain online.


In order to pick safe, beautiful porcelain tableware, I have done a lot of homework, share it with everyone ~

Glaze, glaze, glaze

The structure of the porcelain is that the blank is wrapped in the glaze and pattern outside.

There are many kinds of firing techniques of ceramics, people according to

Glazed and flower surface relationship

, Profile it into three types:



You don’t have to question the safety of the glaze, you can see the flower.

Flower surface

Refers to the patterns above the porcelain, pattern, may be used


Heavy metal dye


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Source: “Manufacturing China” Documentary

The glazed flower face will touch the food directly, and the outer layer of the glaze is only glazed …


But in fact, this

All three porcelain are safe

Can be worried,

They really distinguish between different styles and pattern.


Glazed, notice

The glaze is originally the most beautiful in the tableware, but because

Flowers are exposed outside the glaze, many people will question their safety.

Not necessarily, qualified glazed tableware, not only the highest value, but also

There is no safety hazard!

Source: Taobao Narumi flagship store

Its production process is the glaze, high temperature (around 1300 ° C), is burned into a white glaze, and then painted or applied to the white glaze, and then into the kiln through 600 ° C ~ 900 ° C bake become.

Porcelain into kiln

Qualified glazed color,

Although the dye is not sealed by the glaze, the temperature of the burning has reached 600 ° C to 900 ° C.

That is, only this temperature can be melted and fell.

We use the porcelain everyday as a cutlery, which does not come into contact with such a high temperature!

It can be exposed to the highest temperature food is fried, only

180 ° C

Left and right, there are instantaneous high temperatures of microwave ovens

250 ° C



Source: Taobao


Glaze is absolutely melted at 250 ° C, fell

, Frying fried oil temperature is no problem, not to talk about the staple food, and the soup porridge is at 100 ° C.

The decorative effect of the glaze is the best.

Rich color, delicate, and strong performance.

Because on the glaze

Fine depicting, using delicate flakes

The dye is not covered by the glazed surface, and the firing temperature is slightly lower than other processes.


Keep a gorgeous color


Even the bottom of the glazed porcelain, but also written with Dishwasher Safe. Obviously, the glaze firing over 600 ° C is not afraid of “low temperature” of the dishwasher 100 ° C.

If you are a particularly cautious person, pay attention


The pattern does not contact the food, or it can only be used with it.

Just like this, the pattern is only on the edge of the plate, or the outside of the bowl, can you always feel at ease?

In short, the glaze is not as easy to fade and poisoned, it is very strong ~

If you are getting more than the color of the glazed tableware, you can buy it!

Glaze, not so magical


The glaze is often considered

Be the safest


The glaze is a burning process: dry the blank, not burn directly, and then seal a layer of glaze in the painting, and finally put it into the kiln.

This is equivalent to sealing the blank and the pattern, even if there is a micro poison in the pigment, it will not come.

Yes, the safety of the glaze is really extremely high, but it doesn’t have no shortcomings like many businesses.

Its biggest shortcomings,

There is no glazed color so beautiful

, Color color, delicate, and are limited.

During the inspection process, I found many physical stores in the small commodity market, saying that all of their households are glaze.


This big probability is the ivolous yellow!

The store said that it is just because most people think that the glaze is better.

In fact, the glaze is instead of three processes.

Most original, initial technology

Even in some cases, the glaze is also used as synonymous with the low-end porcelain.


Source: Taobao buy a family show

When purchasing in physical store, you can pass

Touch the feel of the pattern pattern to determine whether it is a real glaze.

The production process of the glaze is determined, and the glazed surface is uniformly wrapped outside the pattern. If the pattern is touched, the probability is not a glaze ~

Online shopping, as long as

Parameter column or details page clearly wrote “glaze”

Three words can be, very simple!

Because if the parameters are fake, the seller will be punished, the light is limited to 7 days, the weight cannot continue to open the store ~

When the store is compared to the store, when the Taobao seller fills in the parameter column information, it will be cautious.

What is the ghost in the glaze?

Many people have not heard the name of the glaze, as the name suggests,

The glaze is a flower surface in the middle of the glaze.

Making crafts of glaze color,

It is the first glazed, and the glaze is painted and then burn. During the firing process, the color is sinking into the glaze, thereby forming a glaze.


If you are enough, you may have discovered that the production process of the glaze, and the color of the glaze.

Germany, only the treasure, glaze color tableware

The difference is that the color of the glaze floates above the glaze, while the color of the glaze will sink into the glaze.

Note Keywords:

Sand in the firing process, which requires that the temperature of the secondary firing is higher than the temperature of the glaze.

The stability of the color must be higher than the melting temperature of the glaze.

Otherwise, when the glaze is melted, the color is discolored.

The temper of the color is very difficult to take, sometimes two or three degrees, and let you look at it.


There is a relatively large limit of color in the glaze, once the blue and white color.

But even if it is a blue and white, you can make a variety of thick muscle samples.


This is because the glazed color color is melted into the glaze that can produce strong halo, very like the effect of ink coloring in rice paper, especially suitable for the meaning of national painting.

Even if there is only blue and white, landscape, flowers and birds also express their vivid

With the color of the color of the glaze, different colors are blending with each other, and the effect is even more exciting!

I don’t want to look at the glaze, glazed, and the glaze is three kinds of crafts.

Three can be bought

after all

The porcelain is a thousand years of history. Now it is still tangled safety problems, and it will not be too primitive!

What should I really think about?

Color value, feel, match



Cooperation, cost performance, etc.

Unlike universal awareness,

The color of the glaze is the most common, suitable for the basic paragraph of the home; high-end glaze, glazed, no people’s problems, but can be used to enhance home taste.

Follow the origin, online shopping porcelain

It is hesitant between porcelains such as three crafts such as glazed, it is better to buy porcelain with place of origin.

There are 5 most famous porcelain origins in my country:

Jingdezhen, Tangshan, Dehua, Chaozhou, Yiling.

Different production of different porcelain, the advantages of origin can be fully utilized.

The simplest, German white porcelain


The advantages of German white porcelain, including

Good white, high gloss, pure glaze color …

White tableware is simple, wild, so


Dehua white porcelain is particularly suitable as the basic paragraph of the home.

Dehua County is in Quanzhou City, I want to buy white cutlery, I think the store in Quanzhou, Fujian is right!

Search for “tray”,

Selection of Fujian in the delivery

, Then pick white style.

Find a favorite tableware, you can

Look at the origin of the parameter

, Verify that it is produced from German.

I use this method, I found this German white porcelain tableware, and the outer sightseeing is bright, the size is rich, the key is

cheap price!

Store: One-two Tujia Living Hall

However, in the white porcelain, there is also a senior “expensive”, that is

“脂 玉 瓷”

Locerane is a very high-grade white porcelain,

The price is 2 ~ 4 times the general dendritic white porcelain.

Almost more expensive than bone china than equivalent style!

From porcelain soil to glazes, lamb fat jade porcelain is higher than ordinary German white porcelain,

The porcelain is delicate, the color is warm, and the white passence

The visual effect is very advanced.

The sheep fat jade porcelain is not the stupid white, but is light rice color, a warm light, very nice.

Shop: Stable flagship store

The most advanced, Tangshan bone china

Bone porcelain is invented by British in 1794 because


Add a herbal porcelain to the claws and sheep.

Wedgwood British Bone Porcelain

British invented bone china,

Tangshan in the 1980s, the first successfully burned bone china

Therefore, there is Chinese bone porcelain originated from Tangshan statement.

Buying bone porcelain, choosing the store of Tangshan in the origin.

There are some C-shop selling port bone china, very beautiful.

If you are not careful, you will buy a big name with one-third of the price.

Shop: Longda Bracene flagship store

Choose bone china, pay attention to see

Bone powder content, bone powder content is more than 40%


Only the bone china is obtained.

Bone porcelain tableware is suitable for elegant adjustment, as as possible

Imitate the kind of luxury atmosphere of Western classics, it and minimal, is not awkward!

Shop: Tang Tao imprint


even though

Take a little more gorgeous and it doesn’t matter.


Bone porcelain should be like this!

Don’t buy pure white bone porcelain, there is no German sheep fat jade porcelain!

Shop: Dog brother foreign trade famous porcelain

It is worth noting that

Bone china is no glaze!

If someone says he sells bone china, it is a glaze craft, not a parallelism.

Multicolored in the most Chinese

The porcelain is from

Qing Dynasty official kiln

Innovative burning


s color.

The glaze under the lading,

Exquisite painting, color Ya, exquisiteness is comparable to the traditional glaze

Here, recommend a Taobao shop

Red official kiln

It has systematically systemified the special china in important places such as the Great Hall of the People, Zhongnan Sea, One Hall, Diaoyutai Hotel.


When choosing the porcelain, it is recommended to choose

Partial style

For example, this store is the highest-selling meeting cup, and the cup body is painted is a traditional Chinese painting of Hongmei, orchid, peony.

Very old rhyme

Here’s the red plum news, especially suitable for the elders, or with new Chinese American families.

Topically, Chaozhou Porcelain

Say the tide of porcelain is not because it has no high-end goods, but because

Chaozhou’s ordinary daily porcelain really cost is high

The history of Chaozhou Pioneers Burns Cartridge, can be traced back to the Neolithic Age.

More than 6,000 years ago, the ancestors were here, and the Tang Dynasty has a large-scale development. Nowadays, the mechanized production is relatively high.

High mechanization, the price is naturally.


Chaozhou Porcelain Factory


So, I suggest you choose

When daily, ordinary tableware can consider Chaozhou Porcelain.

The low price is the advantage of Chaozhou porcelain, set

4 4.5 inch color bowls, as long as 29.9 yuan.

Store: Yude De Flagship Store

Chaozhou porcelain

Ordinary, ugly

It can be selected in the low-priced porcelain, and even “look very expensive”, it is more prominent.

In Chaozhou Porcelain, special recommendation is recommended to buy heavy, rustic Japanese tableware.

Japanese tableware

It seems that it is elegant, actually doesn’t need too delicate pull and color skills.

It is suitable for Chaozhou Porcelain.

For example, the set of 4 people is only 86 yuan, too cost-effective ~

Shop: NColor flagship store

The most art, Jingdezhen porcelain

Speaking of a porcelain, definitely wind around the town.

Yes, the variety of Jingdezhen porcelain is very much, history has been long, but we don’t say its variety and history today, I think

The most worth buying of Jingdezhen is the “boiling” created porcelain.

Shop: a juice


“Safe” refers to the mood of the new generation of artists, designers, and Jingdezhen mature industrial chains, who love ceramics.

These works are not low, and they are not so easy to find, need to be detailed.

Store: Church

But this is a porcelain that has a creative and cardiophalm. It is more fun, and it is the attractive place in Jingdezhen today ~

Store: Three Lady Tao Site Flagship Store


Online shopping porcelain avoiding pits

Objectively saying that there is no big risk in the online shopping porcelain, just pay attention to the few small tips below:



High damage rate is relatively high


If you pay, you will be clear, it is damaged by the seller (replenishing or refund);

After asking the signed,

Time limit for damage


Generally, the contact is required to contact the day;

If there is damage,

Provide photos within the time required for the seller

Check if the porcelain is there as soon as possible?

Bubble, black dot, uneven glaze

Quality issues (except for the seller in advance).

As the saying goes,

Gourmet is not as good as the beauty

, Life aesthetics, when there is a bowl.

Choose a tableware that is suitable for yourself and your family, you can make your daily dinner more ritual.

Today, the tableware has a wide variety, glass, enamel, stainless steel … but our Chinese still loves porcelain tableware.


Porcelain from China, CHINA and CHINA homophones.

China’s porcelain quality, beauty, reasonable price, a place in the table in households.

The improvement after online shopping, providing new ideas for our purchase of porcelain tableware.

Where do your tableware purchases? Are you in the origin of the porcelain? Welcome to share!

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Glaze, glaze, glaze














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