After 90, the singularity of the girl: 10 homogeneous products, the rental house can also live in warm


As a 90-year-old girl, although there is no house, it has never given up the pursuit of exquisite life.

Always think, no matter whether you live in rent or luxury home, every home will hoard a lot of items, why should we buy a storage artifact? The artifact can make all items to be unified, and space is more reasonably assigned, so you can remember the location and order of each item to help you find them in the first time.

All in all, this will be more efficient and convenient, and the troubles will be greatly reduced! Give everyone the most smoothly 10 homes, rent homes can also live in warmth!


1. Kitchen rack multi-layer mobile trolley

Vintage green small carts are super caps, and you can definitely make your nest fashion. And I personally feel really practical, put it on the bedside cabinet, put it on the desk, you can put a book and debris, put it on the balcony to raise the sauerkin, put in the kitchen to store fresh vegetables and fruits …

2. Storage stool

The stool is hit, and I just thought it didn’t sit. Later, I found that I thought more, sometimes I didn’t have enough, I used to take the foot, very magical, strong, I can put things in it, what is it? With you, I bought it before, I didn’t put it, I put it inside.


3. Cosmetic storage box


Very simple, very easy to use, all kinds of cosmetics can be put a lot, can also take it to the company in the station as office storage, it is also very


4. Cloth head storage hanging bag

I am buying a rope and hairpin, and some small objects, usually the rope clip can often be found, you understand, have this development habit, take it down, put it this, You can also decorate the room.

5. Bed housing storage box pulley

In a room, a bed, a sofa occupies nearly half of the area, in fact, under the bed, the sofa can be used as a storage space.

Buy the two or three similar bed storage boxes, used to put the season’s clothes shoes, let go of the book, you can buy the plastic when you have enough budget, have a flip-oriented, with roller, Separated, a lot of styles can choose according to their own demand, there are also non-woven storage boxes, and they will be selected as needed.


6. Waterproof woven storage box


Applying for a weaving storage in various locations, the bedroom living room is ok, you can match the small fresh Buha, I am in the bathroom, because I will have a hair dryer again. It’s too uncomfortable, so I bought a special purpose to put a hair dryer, and the line will not be tongue, it is convenient to die.

7. Washing machine


The laundry machine is very practical, and the remaining space is used to make the rest of the space. If you pick it out if you pick it up, if you pick it back, you can put things still, I bought it. It is cheap, twenty or thirty pieces.

8. Vacuum compression bag

The compressed bag is indeed a artifact, and it is also very cheap online on the Internet. Dozens of money also gives an air pump. The volume of clothing in the box is half a minute.

9. Dirty clothes storage basket

Lightweight can be installed, girls can prepare one, don’t want to buy dirty clothes, just lose it.


10. Underwear Drawer Storage Artifact


Underwear underwear, you needless I don’t know, anyway, I need it, because my underwear panties are a lot, especially underwear.

The house is someone else, but life is my own, I feel useful to be useful above, you can pay attention to the collection.

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