Guangdong found a family of people in the kitchen, laying real! It’s really money, shoot it to everyone.


The kitchen is where we make food every day, and our three meals are carried out here. If there is no reasonable arrangement, the kitchen will become dirty. This will not only affect the cost of cings, but also affect the mood of cooking. Recently


Oil oil sticker

The kitchen oil oil stickers are mainly used to protect the kitchen wall, and the oil-proof stickers use environmentally friendly materials, which will not adversely affect the human body; waterproof and oil resistance is excellent.


After receiving it, you don’t have to worry about the oil stains to the wall; protect the ceramic tiles do not change, the kitchen is no longer greasy, clean and practical. This kind of oil-proof sticker can be placed anywhere in the home, or you can give the table as a tablecloth!

2. Anti-wire holder

The small partners who are often cooked in the kitchen may also meet this problem, steamed egg or back hot meals, always face the point where it is, because the container is too hot, usually with towels, now don’t be afraid,

With this anti-iron clip, the principle of leverage, it is unbelievable, even if the little girl, it can also cut it in one time, easily take more labor, from this end, the bowl is not hurt, and the heat is hot, the most important It is its price affordable. After the disc is folded, you can use it indefinitely.


3. Kitchen isolated oil board

Every time I cook, I will always splash some of the kitchen countertops, and these oil stains are more troublesome, and if we are not careful, it will become black and sticky, this When cleaning will become more difficult, not only affect the beauty of the kitchen, but also easy to breed bacteria, harm our health.

So we can start this aluminum foil feeder to help, thick aluminum foil material, with heat-resistant anti-oil fire prevention, stove, wall can be protected from oil, foldable design, can be based on our Need free to fold, if you don’t need it, you will not take up space. After contaminating oil, it is particularly simple, and it is very simple to rinse with water or wipe it with rag.



Mold gel

We all know that the kitchen is a relatively humid place. So I have lived for a long time, the glass glue on the side of the cooker is easy to black, and the refrigerator seal will also grow her mold, even the corner is also covered with mold. However, tried N kinds of methods, there is no way to remove mold spots.

It is recommended that you can use this mildew gel, as long as it is coated with a black moldy position, then stand for a few hours, then use the rag, the horse is clean, regardless of the more stubborn mold, use it Wipe, you can clean, wide range of use, such as toilet base, washing machine seal, washing stand edge, etc.


5. Wall-mounted trash can


The kitchen puts a trash can without cover. It is not only easy to hit miserants in the summer, but also have four sizzles, and put on the ground, we have to bend on the waist, people in the waist are very laborious.

Since hooking this slider on the door, the sanitation in the kitchen has also become a lot of clean. When cutting the food, you can throw the garbage in, and pull down, it is indeed more garbage. practical. Change the trash can of your kitchen.

Guangdong found a family of people in the kitchen, laying real! It’s really money, shoot it to everyone.