To buy whitening and lightening products, look here: OLAY small white bottle, Shiseido cherry blossom essence


To buy whitening and lightening products, look here: OLAY small white bottle, Shiseido cherry blossom essence

Want whitening and lightening products, want whitening and lightening products. The most popular thing every day is whitening products. In addition to daily hydration and moisturizing, another requirement for skin care is whitening. There are so many products on the market with the title of whitening and lightening spots, which one is easy to use and really effective?

Take the two hottest whitening and lightening products today, OLAY small white bottle, Shiseido cherry blossom essence. Both have their own advantages. Next, I will share with you from the aspects of ingredients, texture, effect, etc., why are they unanimously sought after by everyone?

OLAY small white bottle


The core ingredient of OLAY light spot small white bottle is OLAY’s patented 99.7% purity nicotinamide + acylbenzamide

Everyone should know the role of niacinamide, but the content of OLAY small white bottle nicotinamide is as high as 99%, inhibiting the production of melanin from the source. Efficient whitening and lightening of spots.

Other than that

Sugar kelp extract is also added, which can take a step closer to inhibiting melanin through its own antioxidant mechanism

The overall effect is to help us effectively whiten and lighten spots and lighten acne marks.

Textured packaging

The packaging is white pearlescent glass bottles with a dropper design. Relatively speaking, it is relatively convenient and clean.

If the texture is almost transparent, it is an almost transparent lotion texture, which is easy to push away and absorbs well!! Very refreshing, not sticky, the whole feeling of use is that will make you very comfortable. 2-3 drops each time can be applied to the whole face~

Shiseido cherry blossom essence

The most powerful thing about Shiseido cherry blossom essence is its ingredients,

Its core whitening ingredient is 4MSK precision spot lightening technology, combined with cherry blossom defense technology.

4MSK precision spot lightening technology can repel melanin to achieve the effect of light spots

to make your skin more translucent.

Sakura Defense Technology can suppress the formation of melanin and do a good job of defense.

When these two are paired with each other, the skin must be slowly whitening.


The texture of this cherry blossom essence is:

Very moist lotion-like, easy to push open ~ very fluidity ~ very moist after applying ~ the skin absorption is also very good~

So don’t worry about not absorbing acne or closing your mouth.


My skin tone is not very dark, plus I rarely go out to get sunburned or something. The whitening effect may not be obvious to me, but the lightening effect is really good. The pigmentation spots on the face are really lightened a lot. The skin has become bright and radiant.

The ingredient party looked over, and if you want to buy whitening and lightening products, the key is still the ingredients

8 lightening ingredients:


Niacinamide – inhibits melanin

The preferred ingredient for whitening and lightening spots, niacinamide can well hinder the production of melanin and reduce stains, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and moisturizing.


Tranexamic acid – inhibits melanin

Tranexamic acid can directly hinder the activation of melanocytes, improve the active state of dark spots, and effectively prevent and improve pigmentation of the skin. Inhibits the increase of activated melanocytes.


Arbutin – inhibits tyrosinase

The reason why it is used in skin care products for whitening and lightening spots is that arbutin can prevent the production of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the body, thereby reducing skin pigmentation and removing dark spots and freckles.


Mulberry extract – inhibits tyrosinase

Mulberry extract belongs to a very safe active ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase, and its whitening and freckle removal effect is very good, and its effectiveness and safety are about 70%.


Licorice flavonoids – inhibit tyrosinase

Licorice flavonoids are natural whitening agents extracted from specific varieties of licorice, which can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and are a fast, efficient and green cosmetic additive for whitening and freckle removal.


Licorice – antioxidant

Licorice extract penetrates deep into the skin and remains active, and is a fast, efficient and green whitening ingredient. Licorice extract is able to scavenge oxygen free radicals.


Vitamin C – antioxidant

Vitamin C can accelerate the shedding of epidermal melanocytes, promote the natural death of melanocytes contained in the epidermis, lighten the existing melanin, and make the complexion more even and radiant.


Kojic acid – inhibits enzyme production

The whitening principle is to inhibit the production of free tyrosinase, and the effect of this ingredient is obvious. Formulated in cosmetics, it has the effect of inhibiting the formation of melanin, lightening stains, and moisturizing.

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