What pants do you like to wear with black hoodies


Black is a versatile color. It can be worn with any color of clothes. Guards are a powerful tool in the clothing industry. Any pair of pants, such as jeans, black straight pants, blue ripped jeans, white leggings, are very beautiful. Next, let’s take a look at a group of black hoodies of spring fashionistas.

Look1 black hooded sweater+white T-shirt inside+blue grey denim skirt

Wearing and matching of black hooded sweater in spring: the color matching in spring is too tall and thin. The black hooded sweater is worn with a white T-shirt inside, revealing the edge to increase the sense of vision. The bottoms are paired with a gray blue denim skirt. This look is a sweet and cool early spring wear.

Look2 black hoodie+black stretch pants

Wearing black hooded sweater in spring: Hamburg is an important representative of American culture. Dickies’ sweater is really fantastic! The front chest is printed with the classic Dickies yellow, red and blue logo. The logo is like a thick American hamburger, so it is named “Hamburg sweater”, representing the trend of American tooling culture.

The black hooded sweater matches with the elastic pants of the same color, which is really too thin. Then wear the socks printed with nike. Remember that the socks should cover the calves. Such a suit is really gray, gray, thin and tall.

Look3 black hooded sweater+white T-shirt inside+black wide leg mops

Wearing of black hooded sweater in spring: 160 little girls are too suitable for wearing black clothes. The color matching is too tall and thin, and black is more invincible. The black hooded loose sweater matches the black wide leg pants to expose the white edge, and then light the color bag embellishment, so that the black will not be so dark. Choosing a large bag in Sao pink can focus the vision on the upper part of the body, so that it can also have a high effect.

Look4 black hoodie+black leather pants

Wearing black hooded sweater in spring: Look is a super cool female star wearing “Alexander King’s black loose velvet sweater. The bottoms are matched with a pair of black leather pants, which is full of fashion. However, children in cold regions should not wear sandals, but can change to a pair of thin heel pointed boots.

Look5 black hooded sweater+white knitting wide leg pants+black shoes

Wearing of black hooded sweater in spring: This is a sweet and cool sports casual wear. The top is a black hooded sweater, and the bottom is matched with white knitted wide leg pants. Wearing black skates with rolled pants legs is really super reducing.

Look6 black hooded sweater+black tights+big white socks+white sneakers

Wearing and matching of black hooded sweater in spring: This cool wearing and matching shirt is my favorite. The black hooded sweater is paired with tight black pants, and finally a pair of white socks and white sneakers.

Look7 black hooded sweater+grey wool diagonal plaid trousers+orange grey shoes

Wear black hooded sweater in spring: Yang Mi airport private suit, black hooded sweater with gray wool diagonal checkered trousers, and orange gray shoes brighten the overall shape. Simple and fashionable airport Look.

Look8 black hooded sweater+black pants+apricot baseball cap

Wearing black hooded sweater in spring: the first choice for buying clothes is black, and the other choices are his second choice. There are no sisters like this. The clothes in a cabinet are all black, and I can’t get tired of it.

There are also two simple and beautiful logos in the style of this sweater and hoodie. The oversize upper body effect is very good. The bird shelf comes at once, and the lower body still matches with black pants. The black matching is also very durable. With an MLB apricot baseball cap, the decoration will not be too simple, highlighting the thin and small temperament of the black.

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