PET polyester long silk geo -fabric characteristics and characteristics@p p feature@p p price


PET polyester long silk geo -fabric characteristics and characteristics@p p feature@p p price

PET polyester long silk geo -fabric application standard

The national standard GB/T 17639-1998 geo-working synthetic materials of PET polyetrolement of PET polyester petsion (HATCHING Eclving) PET


It can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods. The construction is safer and helps environmental protection. It can solve the basic problems in engineering construction more economical, effective and lasting.

PET polyester long silk geo -fabric has good mechanical functions, good water permeability, and can resist corrosion, anti -aging, isolation, anti -filtering, drainage, protection, stability, reinforcement, etc. Resistance to the construction external force, the creep is small, and the original function can still be maintained under long -term load.

PET polyester long silk geochemical cloth special:

The strength -under the same weight specifications, the tensile strength of each orientation is higher than that of other acupuncture non -woven fabrics;

Anti -ultraviolet light -has high ability to resist ultraviolet resistance;

High temperature resistance -high temperature resistance is 230 ° C, and the structure is still complete and original at high temperature;

Sonability and plane drainability -the geomorphous cloth is thick and acupuncture is formed. It has good plane drainage and vertical water permeability, which can still maintain this performance after many years;

Creep resistance -geomoricism and creep resistance is better than other geomolgons, so long -term is good. It can resist the erosion of common chemicals in the soil and the corrosion of gasoline, diesel, etc.;

Digitalization -Geokic cloth has a good extension rate under a certain stress, so that it can adapt to uneven irregular bases;

Technical features of PET polyester long silk geo -fabric:

The thickness of the geomorphic cloth can ensure the three -dimensional gap rate of the geomantic cloth, which is conducive to the realization of excellent hydropower performance. The top -breaking strength of the geomorphic cloth has a great advantage, especially suitable for retaining walls and embankments. The indicators of geomorphisms exceed national standards and are excellent geomorphous enhanced materials.

PET polyester long silk geo -gear, the soil gear wall is composed of panels, foundations, fillers, reinforced materials, and hat stones.

1. Panel: Generally, it is a reinforced concrete plate. Its effect is to decorate the wall, the filling of the wall, and pass the tension of the wall to the tension through the node.

2. Basic: Divided into the strip foundation under the panel and the foundation of the gluten body. The role of the strip foundation is mainly to facilitate the laying of wall panels, support and positioning. Base -shaped foundation and the foundation under the wall should meet the requirements of the ground -based load.

3. Food: It is required to choose fillers with sufficient friction and chemical and electrochemical standards with sufficient friction with muscular materials.

4. Rich material: At present, there are five types of steel belt, reinforced concrete belt, polypropylene strip, steel -plastic composite geomorphin belt, and glass fiber composite geocratic belt, geogen grille and geomerical grid and composite geomorphin cloth.

5. Hatstone: Adding muscle retaining walls Depending on the longitudinal slope of the line, the concrete or slurry concrete prefabricated block and slurry stripe stone are used as a top or a hat stone. When the height of the wall is large, the wrong platform should be set on the middle of the wall. The hat stone should be set on the top of the lower wall at the wrong platform. The wrongdoing wall should be set separately, and the cushion layer should be set under infrastructure.

In order to do a good job of drainage with the soil gear to the wall, the continuous drainage layer of a certain thickness material should be set with a certain thickness material after the panel; the vertical seams of the panel are built as the drainage seam every certain width, Textiles, PET polyester long silk geo -gear and plates are closely attached during construction; they can be treated with the foundation to make pieces of stone blind grooves; drainage holes are set on the basis of strip.

PET polyester long silk geo -fabric application field

(1) Add gluten as a retaining wall, or the panel used to anchor the soil wall. Construct a parcel -style retaining wall or bridge.

(2) Reinforce the flexible pavement, repair the cracks on the road, and prevent reflection of cracks on the road.

(3) Increase the stability of the shattered slopes and the soil, and prevent the frost damage of the soil during the loss of soil and soil.

(4) The isolation layer between the roads and the roadbed, or the isolation layer between the subgrade and the soft base.

(5) The isolation layer of artificial filling, stacking stone or material field and the foundation, isolation, anti -filtering and reinforcement effects between different frozen soil layers.

(6) Filter layer of the initial upstream dam surface of the ash storage dam or tailings dam, and the filter layer of the drainage system in the filled soil.

(7) Filter layer around the drainage dark tube or crushed drainage drainage ditch.

(8) Filter layer of water, pressure -reducing wells or pressure tubes in water conservancy projects.

(9) The isolation layer of geomantic fabrics between highways, airports, railway scum and artificial stacks.

(10) Vertical or horizontal drainage inside the soil dam, which is buried into the soil to dissipate the gap water pressure.

(11) Drainage at the back of the anti -seepage geomorphic membrane in the soil dam or earth embankment.

(12) Eliminate water seepage around the tunnel, reduce the external water pressure and water seepage around each building.

(13) Drainage of artificially filling the ground base of land.

(14) Highways (including temporary roads) railways, embankments, earth rock dams, airports, sports fields and other projects are used to strengthen weak foundations.

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