After the 80s, the couple set up a 20 square meters of water rafts, drifted in the tent for 1 year, and the stray life was unrestrained


After the 80s, the couple set up a 20 square meters of water rafts, drifted in the tent for 1 year, and the stray life was unrestrained

In this world, people’s lifestyles are really various. Recently, I have seen a couple of the 80s who voluntarily give up a comfortable life and began a “Robinson” rafting life.

Jojo and Norah

From Sweden, it is a couple who loves adventure. In fact, the two only got married two years ago, but the “departure” life wandering and wandering on the water, the two have persisted together for more than a year, and they are more obsessed with this sense of freedom. Essence

The two of them jointly built rafts, tents, and lived this special little day.

What kind of husband and wife is this? What kind of lifestyle is it? Let’s take a look together ~ ·

The origin of the raft tent

Speaking of the tent huts on this raft, it is actually the long -term “planning” product of the two.

▲ Joe Qiao and Nora

In fact, as early as three years ago, her husband Qiao Qiao began his own “departure life” plan. He sold the car and almost all other homes, leaving only one house as his retreat; It is really difficult for many of us to decide. At least I believe that I can’t do it …

But for him, from the moment he walked out of the house three years ago, he really took a step towards his ideal life.

▲ Joe Qiao’s land tent 3 years ago

At the beginning, Qiao Qiao lived in a tent by the river alone, and he didn’t know Nora at that time. At that time, his source of life was mainly based on the savings of the past, and to do some carpenters to live in nearby small towns.

Later, he decided to share his life on the Internet and take this opportunity. Qiao Qiao met the like -minded Nora, and entered the palace of marriage in a few months after acquaintance. At present, the two have been married to two More years.

In the first year, the two still lived in a small tent by the river, but they were silently saving money and accumulating power for a “new idea”.

Until more than a year ago, with Qiao Qiao’s craftsmanship and Nora’s clever ideas, the two finally created their small water rafts and redesigned the tent and moved to it.

The entire raft is 7 meters long and 2.9 meters wide, and the area is full of 20.3 square meters. Under the wooden frame, a total of 28 200 -liter float barrels were added, and a second -hand paddle engine was installed.

In addition, the two also fully considered some problems in daily life, such as water and electricity, cooking, meals, bedrooms, toilets, etc., and they were also relatively reasonable. We slowly said ~

The two finally chose the Sweden’s Dalslan Canal. Since then, the wandering adventure life of Joho and Nora officially kicked off!

Design clever water tent house

What kind of little home is this? Know the raft at a glance.

The couple usually lean on the shore only when supplied. Through a narrow bridge wood, the water raft can be up and down at will.

After boarding the raft, after the short deck area, it came to the main entrance of this tent hut.

In order to prevent mosquito and rain and snow, the couple supported the front and rear curtains of the tent with a wooden structure, and added a glass door, which would not affect the lighting and viewing, but also to some extent to heat up and prevent it. Mosquito effect.

When entering the house, the indoor space is looking through at a glance, and the pattern of the main area is also very divided.

On the left is the so -called “bedroom” area, a double bed for couples to rest.

The table on the right side has a series of functions such as dining tables, desks, and kitchen operation desks.

Other areas are mainly the storage of daily life items, and some places that are just needed for equipment, which will be mentioned later.

Let’s talk about the bedroom first. Because the space in the tent is less than 20 square meters, a double bed in the living area is already the limit. Don’t think about what sofas and television.

On the back panel of the bedside, the photos of the couple have known each other since they met. In just two years, the two have been to many places together and have experienced many things.

▲ Receive storage space under the bed

Using the space below the bed, the couple regarded here as a wardrobe, and they were simply stacked and stored in the suitcase and basket.

Of course, washing clothes is also very simple. You do n’t need laundry powder at all. Wash it in the nearby river creek. It will be dried after drying on the deck for a while.

The small table opposite the bed was handmade by Qiao Qiao. It can only be said that it depends on the carpenter’s work to eat.

At the same time, it is also the core area of ​​the home, after all, it is also the only table in the family.

To be honest, at the beginning, I thought this little family would be more messy. I didn’t expect to clean up cleanly. It was already good to do so in the limited space.

When the two cook, they usually use this simple propiner, and cook some simple foods easily.

All kinds of seasonings and dishes needed for cooking are stored in the boxes and baskets next to them. Do not put it out as much as possible to avoid a mess to the small space at home.

▲ “Water Drinking Machine” bucket at home

As for the use of water, basically, when the two are on the shore, they will go to the surrounding gas stations and convenience stores. When there is no water on the water, it will also fill the barrel directly in the river and use it after boiling.

Generally speaking, the water in the Swedish river lake is still clean, and the boiling process is added, so the two can also use it with confidence.

▲ The debris storage area at home

As for where various ingredients at home come from? In fact, most of the fruits and vegetables were bought from nearby towns and villages after the couple leaned on.

The inconvenience of living in the raft small home

In fact, there are still some inconveniences in such a life.

After the raft is leaning on the shore, the husband Joe Qiao will push the car like this and buy some daily necessities. Often, you have to go far away.

And because the income of the two is not high now (mainly from sharing their own lives online), it usually only buys something necessary.

In fact, everything else is good to say that the most difficult thing is to spend winter. When the two are in winter, they will go to the southern part of Sweden. Although the temperature in winter is about minus 3 degrees, it is difficult for the two people who live in the tent.

However, the couple also have a way. They will lean the rafts, cover the tent with thicker felt, and ignite a stove in the house. The small space will instantly warmer.

On the outer deck, the toilet also uses homemade compost toilet design. The two said that usually this toilet is only emergency. Most of the time, they will wait until they are on the forest.

Life equipment on the outer deck

The tent hut is mainly for daily living, and most of the main living equipment is placed on the outer deck.

The power supply of the cabin mainly comes from the left and right solar panels of the stern. Since the two usually have nothing to use, they are enough.

There are no refrigerators, no TV, no network … Electric energy is mainly used to supply power to electric lights, mobile phones, cameras and computer equipment. Because there is no network, the two often go to the town to edit their own videos.

There are many storage spaces under the deck, which is often used to store oil barrels and some hardware tools.

There is no waste below the solar panel. On the one hand, the fuel required by the engine after storage is storage, and the firewood required by the wooden furnace on the other side can also make full use of the space.

▲ The propeller engine on the boat

When the fuel will also be added to the nearest gas station when they are leaning, but because the two are drifting most of the time, the consumption is not large.

Later, the two also bought a second -hand boat. Sometimes, when the raft was unable to put the raft for various reasons, they would go home and the river bank through this boat.

Oh yes, Joe and Nora still have some flowers and vegetables on the boat, which can also be regarded as adding some vitality and vitality to their lonely trip.

The scenery that the two passed

Seriously, although I know I can’t have such a life, I still feel a little enviable to see the scenery on the road!

Sometimes the two stayed in a beautiful river bay for a long time.

Sometimes they pass through the canal gates to a new area and continue their adventure life.

The beautiful scenery along the way is really envious when you see it!

Oh yes, the two also have the habit of cleaning up the garbage in the river lake. This true environmental protection behavior is indeed worthy of our respect.

At the end of the text

The life of this couple is indeed full of free, free, and unrestrained. In a vast natural environment, living this primitive life really feels leisurely when you think about it.

However, most people, including me, cannot accept this kind of return to the original life at all, and can not abandon everything like two people, in exchange for such a life experience, or this feeling that I can’t get it. It is particularly longing.

In short, maybe the two will eventually return to the original point and return to Qiao Qiao’s home for the rest of their lives, but at least when they are old, they can still talk to their sons and grandsons. Successfully, this experience is the most important, isn’t it?

Thanks for reading!

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