Do you choose the maintenance of the inner foot pad?


Do you choose the maintenance of the inner foot pad?

Although the small car floor mat is inconspicuous, it can make your car clean and make you feel comfortable when driving. There are many cars sold in the market. Everyone must know that the primary purpose of the floor mat is to resist stain, environmental protection, and easy to clean. When buying, you cannot simply look at the price. It is suitable for you.

The size of the car pad should be determined according to the size of our car. It should not be too large nor too small, otherwise it will cause the foot pad to move the position of the foot pad during the brake, which will cause an accident. Generally, the stores are based on car brand models. Buying special cars and buckle -type foot pads will be safer than others. In addition, when you buy, don’t think that you are thick at the same price. In fact, the thicker pads are thicker, the better, it will increase the separation distance, so that the owner is not easy to judge the correct position of the brake or throttle pedal.

After buying a car, you will basically press a pedal in the car. In order to meet the needs of different car owners, merchants have launched various types of pedals. Its materials include leather, synthetic, ordinary rubber, PVC, and linen. Owners can choose according to their needs. Try not to choose easy to wear. The ideal car pad is resistant to dirt, sound insulation, and easier to clean.

No matter what brand and new electrons you buy, you have a strong odor on the new electrons. Do not spread it immediately after buying. First, put it in the yard or other ventilated places in the home for a few days, and then use it in the car to use it in the car. Essence

When we drive, we need to keep the car cleaning and hygiene, which requires regular cleaning the outside of the car to make it without bacteria and odor. Especially the foot pads, it is often stepped on the feet, it is easy to get dirty, and it should be cleaned frequently. The cleaning of the foot pads is relatively simple. You can wash it in the store or clean it at home. When cleaning, treat it according to the different materials of the foot pads.

Generally, the cleansing of plastic foot pads is the simplest. Now it seems not a lot to use this. It is not too high. It is to rinse directly with water and brush back and forth with a brush. If you buy a leather foot pad, it is not difficult to clean it. You can wipe it directly with a wet rag. If this feeling is not clean, you can also rinse it with water, and then dry it. Soak in water, otherwise the use time will be greatly shortened.

If you buy a plush pad, as long as it is not too dirty, you can buy a car vacuum cleaner without water. It is necessary Just dry it and spread it.

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