Smart door lock ceiling, Xiaomi people face recognition door lock x depth experience


Smart door lock ceiling, Xiaomi people face recognition door lock x depth experience

What fresh technology can a smart lock play?

From the earliest semi -self -dynamicization to the current automatic; from the initial B -class lock core to the current C -level lock core; from the initial fingerprint password recognition to the current face of people’s faces, the domestic smart lock industry, how many are the domestic intelligent lock industry, how many, and how many, how many, how many, how many, how many are the domestic intelligent lock industry? It has developed to the extreme. Compared with foreign brands, domestic brands have actually brought benefits to the people.

The fingerprint lock I used before is the N100 of Green Rice. It is a smart lock in the entry model. I haven’t encountered any failure in two years. The 8 -section dry battery comes with it now has electricity. , Just remove it directly.

The replacement lock in this family also comes from the Mijia Department. Xiaomi’s flagship face -to -face door locks that the flagship of Xiaomi not long ago can open the door automatically, bringing the lazy characteristics to the extreme.

As the current ceiling of smart door locks, is the Xiaomi face recognition door lock x experience is the ceiling level? This in -depth experience can solve these questions.


As the most expensive lock at the current Mi family, Xiaomi X’s accessories have more lithium batteries in other locks, and they are equipped with two pieces. The indoor goalkeeper is made into a split, which requires the master to install it independently.

The surface of the door lock is glass panel, and the back cover is still magnetic. The texture and abrasion resistance are stronger than black plastic.

Inside the front round flip is the emergency key opening.

The core 3D optical structure camera and a group of sensors are scattered projection, infrared fill lights, RGB cameras, light sensors, distance sensors and infrared cameras from left to right.

One situation that is easy to appear on face recognition is to use photos to unlock. During the time when the iPhone X just came out, some of the face unlocking method used by Android machines was easy to be cracked by a photo or stereo model, but Apple does not will not will not be , Xiaomi X’s door lock is also based on the same principle. It must be detected that the living 3D face structure can be unlocked from the perspective of security standards. Essence

The indoor door handle is made of metal mode, with non -slip rubber inside, and it will be very comfortable to close the door with contact with the door, especially in winter.

The button on the handle is used to go out to unlock it.

The left to the right are the emergency lock knob and the children’s lock lever, and the lithium battery compartment is under the cover.

In addition to the face recognition unlocking of Xiaomi X this time, the camera also has monitoring functions. It can be set as security devices in the background.

Therefore, the gap in power is very large. Previously, Xiaomi’s PRO version of the smart door lock began to mix and match dry batteries and lithium batteries. The dry battery was used for normal unlocking and lithium electrical for camera monitoring.

This time Xiaomi X simply removed the dry battery. In fact, the dry battery occupied a lot of internal space. It was directly replaced with a large -capacity lithium battery, and a piece was randomly included, which can be used alternately.

When the battery itself is 6250 mAh, in terms of my current use, it is low temperature in these days, and 3%of the electricity will be used in 3-4 days. In theory, there is no pressure for a battery for three months. The number of loop charging times, even if it is half a discount, the two batteries can be used in theory that the sky is old, so you don’t have to worry too much about the problem that the subsequent lock is discontinued.

Strictly seams, the flagship level is good. In addition, the code of the Homekit is under the battery. Remember to take a photo before the HomeKit is binding.

The two emergency keys and C -class lock cores can ensure sufficient security.


I won’t go into details in the installation process. This time Xiaomi’s after -sales installation master is very professional. He prepared some polishing tools. The door needs to expand the operation of the hole. He uses the polishing tool to deal with Not all.

Basically, all the door installations must be cut and polished to the open -hole modification. It is basically not realistic to not destroy it.

The overall effect of the door, if it is paired with a black door, may be more matched.

Compared to the previous semi -automatic smart lock, one handle is still a bit uncomfortable.

The button of the inner door handle is automatically turned on the lock after pressing it. All you have to do is push the door directly.

The back door handle has a fingerprint recognition module, which is used to unlock the facial recognition occasional failure.

Electronic doorbells are also available, which is a very practical design for many anti -theft doors without doorbells.

The human face recognition sensor and camera are the speakers. When the visitor presses the electronic doorbell, you can initiate a remote visible intercom through the small love touch screen version or the Mijia app, which is equivalent to the effect of visual doorbell.

Xiaomi’s face recognition door lock X supports NFC, mobile APP, password, temporary password, fingerprint, mechanical key, face recognition, and HOMEKIT 8 door opening methods, which can basically give you all.

Xiaomi X’s face recognition efficiency is very high. From the station to the door to open the door, I tested the time for almost 6 seconds. At the same time, the face sensitivity can be set in the Mijia APP.

This test time is around 6 pm in winter. The corridor light is relatively poor, and the test opening time is basically similar during the day and night, so there is no need to worry about the unlocking efficiency when there is no light in the middle of the night.

This 1.39 -inch AMOLED screen hidden under the glass panel has good interactive experience. After the recognition is successful, the smile will become √, and the identification failure will become a small red face. Instantly, Xiaomi X has a dynamic dynamic.

The Xiaomi Xen face recognition module can be entered at most 50 face, and the height coverage is 1.3 meters to 2 meters. Big tall.

In the app, you can set the sensitivity to three gears. At the same time, in order to avoid turning the door after closing the door, you can set a dormant duration. For example, I set it to 30 seconds to avoid mistakenly unknown myself.

The biggest advantage of fully automatic intelligent lock is that it is really convenient for the steps to open the door and lock doors by themselves, and the full noise is not high.

In order to prevent children from opening the door by mistake, users with young children can lock their children’s locks to reduce the error triggering scene.

Children’s locks can also be upgraded to locking function. After opening, whether it is indoor keys or outdoor, non -administrator users cannot open the door, which is very practical in specific scenes.

Xiaomi X also considers the probability of locking a thousandth of locks and provides an indoor emergency unlocking method, which is the round knob above. Under the opening of the lock function, the door can still be opened through this emergency method.

Xiaomi X smart door locks support Mijia and HomeKit at the same time, but the functions in HomeKit will be relatively small, mainly through the Mijia setting.

Although it can access Mijia and HomeKit, it can achieve remote viewing status through the Bluetooth gateway and HomePod or Apple TV. However, all door locks do not support remote opening. It can only be achieved within the coverage of Bluetooth, unless someone stole your mobile phone, and know your secondary verification password and mobile phone password, and you must stand in front of the door to open it. This set of combination is too low. Worry.

Other functions

Xiaomi X smart door locks can be set to alarm alarm for coercion fingerprint locks, but this function does not seem to consider that face recognition may be automatically turned on before fingerprint recognition. I hope it can be improved in the future.

Another interesting function is this front camera. In addition to being used as a visual doorbell, it can also be used for monitoring. In the app, you can set the video after staying. Of course, if you are willing, you can always open it. If the power consumption is exaggerated, it can be used in specific scenarios.

In addition to linked the mobile phone APP to achieve the visual doorbell function, the Xiaomi face recognition door lock X can also link the touch screen version of the small love speaker.

It can be used for calls. For example, if the speaker is in the study, you can communicate directly. It is very convenient for residents like me who do not have cat eyes.

However, it may be to take care of the mobile app. The video screen is vertical. It is a bit strange. I hope you can choose the format by yourself.

Thanks to the intelligent platform of Mijia, there are many intelligent linkage methods that Xiaomi X can play, far exceeding other smart locks.


As a flagship intelligent lock, the configuration of Xiaomi X is a ceiling level, C -class lock core, fully automatic lock body, fingerprint recognition, 3D structured light face recognition is complete, this wave will continue, I am afraid that it will be foreign brands. No competitive, the light of domestic goods, not said in terms of cost performance.

In terms of experience, there is no scene of face recognition. The recognition efficiency is high and basically open.

In short, this lock is the right price, which is very smooth. If you consider adding an electronic doorbell to your home, it is better to directly change the smart lock with the camera face recognition.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Stanless steel entry passage cylindrical rounb knob lock TA-5798 PC SS, hope it can help you.