Forward! “Heating Artifact” second change the weapon! Hurry up at home with children


Forward! “Heating Artifact” second change the weapon! Hurry up at home with children

Speaking of heating artifacts, what do you think of? The electric heaters, the little sun, the cat, and the dog and the male potter (married and also called husband). But do you know? For our families, some commonly used heating equipment, once improper use, may threaten the safety of children and family members!

There were news reports that a 2 -year -old boy urinated the bed when he fell asleep, causing the electric blanket to leak electricity, and burned the “life root”. At that time, my mother heard the child shouting, and hurried into the room to see the child rolling in bed, and the electric blanket had been burned through a hole.

After being taken to the hospital for treatment, the boy was diagnosed as

Lower limbs, perineal, left lower limb electric burn, penile damage

, Burning area is 4%, belonging to

3-4 degrees burns


It hurts! So how should these winter heating equipment be used? How to choose? What should I do as soon as they are burned?

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4 kinds of heating artifacts use improper seconds to change the weapon!

01 electric blanket

Commonly known as electric mattresses, afraid of cold stars’ favorite. But if the electric blanket you buy is not produced by regular manufacturers, or if it is used in an overdue, there may be

The line is cracking or aging, causing the consequences of leakage and fire


For a long time

It may cause

Low temperature burns


1. Choose qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, do not greedy small and cheap;

2. Be sure to follow the principle of opening 1 hour before bedtime, turn off the power supply after going to bed;

3. When using an electric blanket for children and the elderly, it is recommended to cover a layer of sheets or blankets on it to avoid burns;

4. Check regularly whether the electric blanket is uniform, whether the parts are aging or false;

5. Do not squeeze or over -bend at will during storage to avoid causing line breaks.

02 Little Sun

Also known as heating fan, economical and practical, is a very popular heating equipment in recent years. But in the process of use, a little careless, just

Easy to cause fire

Photo source:@图 网 to watch quickly

Because during the use of the small sun, the surface temperature can reach more than 300 degrees, which

It’s easy to ignite nearby paper clothing such as flammable items

Essence And long for a long time to be exposed to the little sun

Under infrared radiation, it is damaged to the eyes and skin

I am a white cat, which has been grilled for a long time and became an orange cat

1. The small solar power is large. Be sure to use a qualified, grounded three -hole plug to avoid leakage;

2. When using the small sun, stay away from flammable materials (mattresses, curtains, etc.), let alone cover clothes;

3. When using the small sun, pay attention to keeping a distance of more than 1 meter from humans and flammable materials to avoid being burned;

4. Do not use small sun in the bathroom, it is easy to occur in the danger of electric shock;

5. When people go out or fall asleep, remember to turn off the power.

03 hot water bag

The main score of hot water bottle

Traditional irrigation hot water bag


Plug -in hot water bag,

Plug -in hot water bottle is divided into

Electrode hot water bag

Electric heating wire hot water bag,

The difference between them is shown in the figure below:

The hazard coefficient is high, expanded after power -on, and it is easy to exceed the capacity of the hot water bag and explode.

Picture source:@图 图

As early as November 1, 2010, the “Special Requirements for Safety Reserve Heating Hand -in Heating Hand -warm Hand Warm Hand -in Heating Hand in Household and Similar Electric Electrics” was officially implemented, and it has already

“Electrode Electric Water Bags” are listed as products that are prohibited from production and sales.

However, some bad businesses are still selling, and everyone must polish their eyes when buying!

Compared with the heating body of the wire -type hot water bag, it will not directly contact the liquid. It is safer and can be purchased.

So how to distinguish between two kinds of electric water bottle?

Pinch with your hands, if

Squeeze to two hard things

The electrode hot water bag,

Don’t buy


Touch a large mesh object

The electric wire hot water bag,

Can choose

04 warm treasure stickers

The warm treasure sticker is similar to the hot water bottle,

Plug in the body for a long time

It can also cause

Moreover, low temperature burns are not easily found, pain is not obvious, and the burns often cause deep wounds, and even cause deep tissue necrosis.

It is not recommended to use warm treasure stickers for children. If you must use it, you should not stick directly to your child’s skin, and you should not use it too long.

In summary, for families with children, compared

Oil Ting -type, skirting wire heater

Wait for some relatively safe and convenient heating equipment to accompany the children and family to spend the cold winter safely and warm.

How to choose a suitable and safe heater?

First of all, of course, you must purchase qualified products produced by regular manufacturers from regular channels. Second, below

8 questions

It can be for everyone to consider when buying:

Finally, we combine their own needs to warm up the whole house or local heating? Pay attention to function or value cost -effective, choose a heater suitable for you.

Once the child is burned, what should parents do?

If the child is accidentally burned, parents remember 5 words:

Chong, take off, bubble, cover, send


Flowing water with flowing water

Drumping for at least 15 minutes

Pay attention to

It’s so warm, avoiding the child’s low body temperature

Take off:

It is best to take off or cut the clothes in the wound area.

Don’t take off forcibly.


When it rushed to a certain period of time, the pain was relieved. Soak the burns into a cold water basin or bathtub until there is no pain or pain significantly.

At least 15 minutes


When the child feels less painful, use it

Sterile or clean gauze gently covered in the wound

, Prevent external dirty pollution.


After the first few steps are completed, the child is immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

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