It’s time to understand it, seemingly cold and elegant metal furniture!


It’s time to understand it, seemingly cold and elegant metal furniture!

Metal furniture, a type of furniture generally existed in our lives, is often ignored by us because of the cold material. Volkswagen has given a lot of love for mahogany furniture and European -style classical furniture. It is unknown that metal furniture is born to adapt to modern society and has unique functions and characteristics. In this issue, I will lead you to understand metal furniture together!

What is metal furniture

Any furniture made of metal pipes, plates or stick materials as the main architecture, equipped with wood, various artificial plates, glass, stone and other furniture, or iron furniture made completely made of metal materials, collectively referred to as metal furniture.

The “steel and wood furniture” often says that the understanding of professional concepts should be metal furniture, and steel and wood furniture is only a type of metal furniture. Metal furniture can well create different atmospheres needed for different rooms in the family, and also make the home style diversified and more modern.

Xiaobian summarizes the types of metal furniture as follows:

The characteristics of metal furniture

The characteristics of metal furniture are very personality, mainly with the following five major characteristics: rich colors, diverse categories, folding functions, aesthetic value, and cheap goods.

1. Rich color selection

The surface coating of metal furniture can be said to be colorful. It can be sprayed with various beautiful polyurethane powder, or chrome plating of light -pronunciation; It can be a perfect combination of titanium plating and powder spray.

At present, the internationally popular K gold and black gold -plated technology has pushed the grade and taste of metal furniture to a very high level. Metal furniture collection functions and aesthetic functions are integrated. Some high -quality best products have collection value.

2. Diverse door categories

The categories and varieties of metal furniture are very rich, suitable for furniture in bedrooms, living rooms, and restaurants. These metal furniture can well create different atmospheres needed for different rooms in the family, and can also make the home style diversified and more modern.

3. Have a folding function

Many varieties in metal furniture have a folding function, which is not only convenient to use, but also saves space, making the limited family living environment relatively loose and comfortable.

4. Aesthetic value

In the past two years, iron furniture that has emerged in China has merged the classical charm of Chinese and Western classical charm in the seemingly rough style. It is elegant and simple without losing its modern atmosphere. It has artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, adding a chic scene to today’s furniture market.

5. The goods are beautiful and cheap

The price of metal furniture is much lower than the wooden furniture of solid wood. This is a lot of income but drunk to the family that has a light and creative family and unique income, but it is not yet rich, but the family is not yet affordable and aesthetic. It can be described as low price.

Metal furniture structure connection method

Most of the main components of modern metals use various high -quality thin -walled carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, steel metal pipes, wood, various artificial plates, glass, stone, plastic, leather, etc.

Metal materials used in metal furniture can be alive through stamping, forging, casting, mold pressure, bending, and welding. Use electroplating, spraying, plasticizing the main processing process for surface treatment and decoration.

Metal furniture connections are usually assembled and shaped by various connection methods such as welding, screws, and connections.

The structure of metal furniture has a variety of structures, usually with disassembly, folding, overlapping, insertion, etc.

1. Welding

By heating, pressurization, or two uses, the filling material is used to make the processing process and connection method combined between the two workpieces atoms.

2. Rive

Use rivets to connect two or more workpieces.

3. Thread connection

Use the fixing structure of a nut and other parts, a detachable fixed connection

Interpretation of metal furniture related standards

At present, the test standard for metal furniture is the reference of the GB/T 3325-2008 “Metal Furniture General Technical Condition” released in 2008.

This document detailed the relevant terms (metal furniture, verticality, horizontal deviation, flatness, roundness, and bit).

In addition, the size and limit deviation, shape and position tolerance, appearance requirements, safety performance requirements, physical and chemical performance requirements, mechanical performance requirements, etc. have been made and testing and testing methods.

Metal furniture has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century. In the past, there were only beds and frames. Now there are various metal furniture, and their materials are only black metal as substrates. alloy.

Metal furniture is fast and tough, and its appearance adds a new form of new and more decorative beauty to the furniture.

I believe that through the introduction of Xiaobian, everyone has an intuitive understanding of metal furniture.

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