Please see the dazzling golden and green contrasting wedding


Please see the dazzling golden and green contrasting wedding

The expensive golden color encounters a quaint green, and is wrapped in the bright new clothes of the sequins, making each corner and details of the entire wedding, as shiny, like fireworks bloom. Let ’s enjoy this golden and green contrasting wedding with Xiaobian!

Golden and green contrasting wedding arrangement

The wedding venue was selected in a winery. The strange thing was that the walls of the winery painted a faint golden color, laying the tone for the entire wedding. The wedding made Xiaobian dazzling, but also shocked and surprised.

Golden wedding

Wedding cake

The details of each corner of the wedding have not released the element of the sequins. The bride’s wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, tablecloth, background wall, wedding cake, etc., all shine at any time.

Holding flowers

Probably the bride herself also felt that the four sequins dresses were too dazzling, and they chose a light pink rose, brick red Da chrysanthemum, pink cashish pink with a large amount of green plants as the bouquet, which instantly reduced the overall brightness and refreshing. Bright.

Dining utensil

Dining table layout

The layout of the dining table and the drink table uses the same mode: the golden utensils are equipped with a strong color table flower, the whole shape is retro and delicate.

Golden wedding arrangement

Golden green contrasting wedding

In such a monotonous season in winter, why not use gold and green coloring to plan your wedding while the season is raised at this time.

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