I love my house -bedroom chapter


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I love my house -our bedroom

Every time I talked about the decoration, everyone’s style is very different, and there are European -style Chinese style. Our husband is tended to Chinese style. I like the styles of the previous dynasties. I still like the European -style feeling. Now the bedroom is decorated, but it is not exclusive. It feels pretty good. I hope you do n’t like to spray the officials, or your husband will be sad.


In fact, I am just a novice, so I will start from where I start.


Opening the door from the stairs is our bedroom. The stairs are actually super beautiful. The next time I take it for everyone to see

Due to the problem of sunshine, the backlight is darker, but it is still very comfortable. Looking at it, in fact, our bedroom is very simple. They are all standard matching, and there are nothing else.

Kim Kaiwood Gate Composite solid wood door -free painting door European -style room door bedroom bedroom door wooden door indoor door …


This is the feeling of closing the door after the room comes in. In fact, it is still good. The doors choose solid wooden doors, and the locks are all bought by Tmall. It is not bad. The design of our family is a wallpaper and a brick wall. PS (the other door I saw on the side is the toilet in our family, there will be separate links next time)

North American Fengqing E0 Multi -story solid wood compound floor warm floor composite mountain walnut wood floor McGill …

In our floor, I forgot what color is this, and the color is very positive. My husband also bought the same trash can to match it. It feels cute.

I think my husband is great, even the details are super good. Buy the floor physical store, Taobao Taobao Taobao


Feida San and the new fashion creative imitation wooden pattern circular trash can two styles:

Walking in again is the separate store of our family. The left hand is the wardrobe, the right hand side is the brick wall, and the color of the wardrobe is also red. I chose the carving before, and my husband said that it was too much soil, so I chose a simple design in the end. Since the wardrobe is customized, you can’t find the link. You can refer to it a little.


McDonaldburg Simple Wardrobe Bedroom Furniture Solid Wood Wardrobe Modern Chinese 4 Door Wardrobe Wardstay Combination …

Looking at it again, this is the bed, 2M bed, and the quilt of her husband. In fact, the bed does not like because he wants that he wants that kind of Chinese style, but I especially mind, so I chose this fabric. It happens to be very good with our brick wall. The four -piece set on the bed comes from Luo Lai’s home textile. The color personally feels dim. The girls always like dreamy colors, but the texture is quite comfortable.

LOVO Luolai Family Textiles Full Cotton Saton Doubles increase 1.8 meters of bed Four -piece New Jersey Dance …

In fact, I like this wallpaper very much, I feel particularly good


Shangrou Hyundai Chinese Wallpaper Classical Tea Arts Calligraphy Living Room bedroom Tea Tower Tea House Calligraphy and Painting Background Wallpaper …


Even the curtains are very close to the color of the wallpaper, which is very beautiful.

This is the opposite of the bed. There are two wooden flower stands with simple TV machines with set -top boxes.


The more distinctive thing is that the boyfriend chooses 180 degrees that can be selected or retracted, or you can receive the excess lines. It will not look particularly mixed.

Le Ge LCD TV Hanging Fringe GM Expansion Rotating TV Rock Television Rotating Television Rotating Television Rotating Stent 32/40/48/49/50 inches …

The solid wood partition wall wall is also good. It is said that I can carry a lot of things, but I dare not try it alone. Workers are good

One -word partition box box Household background wall decoration environmentally friendly solid wood shelves wall hanging bookshelves …


In fact, the flower stand has not been positive, because it is not sure if it should be put there, the paint on it, and customized it by itself.


Xinmeng Luxury European curtain finished living room bedroom Simple embroidery flowers and flower shading bay windows landing curtain customization


Do you think there are all kinds of matching, not narcissistic, but you feel really good. If you like Chinese style, you can try it.

Our lights can be regulated automatically. There are white light and yellow light to choose from. All the supporting lights are bought.


Gu Yutang antique Chinese -style ceiling lamp rectangular living room lamp restaurant bedroom LED solid wood art sheep leather lamps …

Gu Yutang Chinese shooting lamp classical lamp classical lamps, rubber wood relief LED ceiling ceiling lamps solid wood 3/5/7W …

Do you think it ’s not bad? Those who like this style can also pay attention to our balcony corridor and other habits that I am about to write. If you appreciate your husband, you may have different styles in the future. Leaving this platform to leave some memories, we will not let us easily forget that time after many years. In order to leave our little home different from other people’s homes, it belongs to our own little home!