I can wear it, so that “I” is so beautiful! 4 jeans and 15 sets of wear, saved in summer


Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

Dressing in summer is the most complicated. Not only is it hot and unbearable, but also the coldness of the bones, which makes people feel cold. We must avoid the poisonous sun that goes out and welcome, but also take care of the shock in the air -conditioned room.

When high -tech opens up a cool world for us, the significance of summer existence is also greatly reduced. Good things are still bad, I believe that the body will give the answer.

Fortunately, there is


The external skin of this layer can be allowed to be dispatched. With the help of it, you can shuttle in different temperature spaces, switch all kinds of scenes to wear, and give us the most intimate care.

For the masters of the workplace in the workplace, they must also add layers of elegance and comfort and gas field on the fashion and coolness. They also need a unknowing Duxia wear plan to ensure security.

What should I do? The Japanese miscellaneous solution gives us a perfect solution:

4 jeans

The derived 15 sets of wear are enough for you to learn from it.

及The analysis of keywords and single products

Learn to wear and analyze, can be refined accurately

Style keyword


, Can catch the essence of style. Why do I use 4 jeans this time? Is it not hot in summer? Let’s listen to Luo Wei to analyze it for you:

The jeans of Da Xian’s skills have been active in wardrobe all year round.

Comfortable, versatile


It is its advantage. For the rising temperature in summer, only from

Color, material, matching


To reconcile, you can get perfect solution.

The 4 jeans used this time are as follows:

A white wide -leg pants

: Long blessing, neat and stylish, thin and thin

B pink octagonal pants


: Faintly light pink, eight -point length, just dress in summer

C black pants


: The elastic slim denim, the bottoming and single wear are good

D blue straight pants

: Classic denim blue, white, sharp pants, fashionable atmosphere

8 auxiliary items


They are:

Brown perspective long shirt, dark gray and light long sweater, white suit, white shirt, black top, brown T -shirt, gray letter T -shirt, white sleeveless T -shirt.

The seemingly simple 8 items have their own core style words, and have a ten -off match. The smaller the clothes, the more picky it is





析 15 sets of matching appreciation

The first set: denim wide -leg pants+suit+T -shirt

At the moment of any single item, there must be a series of preferred and second preferred programs in your mind. and

Same color

It is the first place that is preferred. Correspondingly, the most suitable coat of white denim wide -leg pants is white and thin suit.

What top to separate? Of course, it is a gray letter T -shirt. The protagonist of the little logo reminds that a white master is orderly, and it is not monotonous. The cool and glossy silver bracelets and necklaces are improved to enhance the white -level texture.


: Mi -gray handbags, reflect the elegance of the workplace experts, and make it more atmospheric with the overall color.

Second set: brown T -shirt+pink jeans

The picture is somewhat color difference, which is actually a large brown T -shirt. The wide and large space supports a casual pants tube for pink jeans. The upper and tight silhouette matching, there is a leisure style at any time.

Eight -point length, exposing a beautiful ankle, too casual matching must have a pair

High heel

The exquisite blessing is to match the title of fashionable and refined workplace. The beige scarf is remarkable, and it is not too much as you use.

The third set ~ the fifth set:



Black slim jeans, right and wrong. The loose and casual tone of gray T -shirt is just to make up for the slimming, forming a relaxed silhouette space. Black tops are shoulder, high heels, bags, jewelry reinforcements, they are the protagonists of shiny.


The refreshing blue jeans can’t hide it, so I simply enlarge this heart with white. I put a brown perspective shirt at will outside, and it is light and feminine, and the leisure of tannin is reconciled.


Black and white matching is always the focus of the crowd. The wayward length of wide -leg pants instantly adjusts the proportion of the desired high and thinner. The embellishment of sexy thin band sandals is cleaned and neat at the feet.

The shrinkage of exquisite small bags, but the “kite line” of large pants wide -leg pants is tight and wide, and well -tuned to be perfect.

Sixth set ~ eighth:



The pale pink jeans with sweet and elegant light are matched with the formal white suit. It is like a cute encountering white moonlight. High -heeled sandals, commuting bags, simple jewelry, win with high -end to win.


White wide -leg pants are matched with brown long shirts. Some pick people, the accumulation of the pants feet is easy to look procrastinating, suitable for tall man. However, if you do n’t use good dressing methods, you may wish to try it at will.



Denim blue is especially suitable for all calm colors. Its activity and playfulness resolve all dullness.

Ninth set: white shirt+black jeans

The white shirt in the workplace is not necessarily full. As long as the version is enlarged, the incarnation is turned into a large shirt, and it is instantly entered into the leisure ranks. Take a little formal, keep most of the randomness, and then activate its delicateness with matching.

For example, rigid

Small black pants

Is the intervention full of commute? Exquisite high -heeled sandals are serving, when the gas field cannot be missing! Occasionally, it is also good to use a colorful hair band, but do not use it.

Tenth set: pink jeans+white vest+gray cardigan


Pink, I especially like white. Only in the clean and white lining, pink cuteness does not need to be covered, that is, to highlight this sweet femininity, consistent with summer, and even more expressive expression.

The gray long cardigan is easy to wear, reconcile


Simple. In the comparison of the depth, the vertical lines are maintained. Isn’t this the high and thin effect you want?

Key points: The embellishment of the long necklace makes the level surprise and even more atmospheric.

11th set: brown T -shirt+white wide -leg pants

Brown, less in summer, always worrying about its deep impact on the overall atmosphere. But the cooperation of white wide -leg pants completely solves this layer of distress.

length Width

Both both have a lot of sensory pants tube to maximize the impact of brown.


Use a silver necklace to brighten and shift the sight. This set of matching is the highest level. Change black high heels with sandals, the effect will be better. Of course, if you want to stabilize a large gas field, it is preferred.

Set 12: Black top+pink jeans

Light soft pink jeans are better than small white pants! With more pink pink, there is a sweet attitude, and this is the key to reconcile black. It can become a classic, but also the age of women who wants to reduce the age.

The embellishment of the golden necklace is a black bag for the complexion. In the matching match, remember the two echoes, so that you will win effortlessly.

Set 13: Black jeans+white suit

Will it match like this? White suit, cooperate with black jeans, echo the style and color properly. It’s just too formal and calm to need lively


Only the color.

Green high -heeled sandals, printed scarves, beige personalized bags, they are low -key and publicized. Without them, they look lacking.

Set 14th: White shirt+blue jeans

White shirt with classic blue jeans, without hesitation French style combination. Match


Shoes and bags seem too delicate and mature, but it is quite satisfactory, there is no fashionable at all.

However, such a combination is in the workplace, but leave a good impression. What if you want to be fashionable? Think of yourself.

Set 15: Brown long shirt+black jeans


Small feet jeans, only when they cooperate with a brown long shirt, it shows its value, that is


Intersection With the swaying of the elegant perspective fabric and the intervention of sandals, the center of gravity of shape is formed at the calves and ankles.

The high waist on the upper waist, does not give up the shaping of the ratio of the curve, allows the grace to penetrate from top to bottom, with common harmony.


Well, the above is the 15 sets of 4 jeans. I hope today’s sharing is a little inspiration for you!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!