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On February 2, the United Nations Specialized Agency World Tourism Organization will grant one of the world’s most famous independent travel information providers in 2017, the founder of the “Lonely Planet” Travel Guide Series Tony Wheeler (Tony Wheel) And wife Maureen Wheeler. The award will be awarded once a year, aiming to commend the leadership of the global tourism department and make a significant contribution.


This award is actually the name. In the 1970s, the hippie was prevalent, what tradition, rules, social mainstream, everything is ghost. Young people are eager to independence, eager to personality, eager to express their thinking about social thinking, “Lonely Planet”, the pursuit of individual independent travel attitudes, is a trip to truly significance. “WE KNOW BECAUSE WE Go” is simply like lightning, and the “Yellow Bible” has no noise from this place.

Lovely to Lonely, the earth is alone

Time truffled, one day in 1972, Tony Wheeler couple dinner at a restaurant in Sydney Paddington Oxford Street, gave his publishing company, Tony sang Matthew Moore “Space Captain”, ” Once I Wastraveling Across The Sky … “(I used to travel, cross the sky, this loneliness planet seized my gaze)” No, it is lovely, not lonely “, Maureen immediately Correct him. However, Tony seems to be very proud of this. “The earth may be the only planet with life, and it is a lonely planet.” So, “Lonely Planet” has been used in the past.

The author of “Lonely Planet” is only Wheeler couple, but more than 350 authors are written for Lonely Planet. The author’s travel, accommodation and other related fees are provided by Wheeler couples, they refuse any commercial sponsorship, focus on content, interesting and comprehensive. The author can express his hiwas in the book is also one of the largest highlights of “Lonely Planet”. Honest attitude makes the backpackers do not release him. Different authors use different speech styles, or inductive, or humorous descriptions of their travel destinations.

There is no so-called “big road” in “Lonely Planet”. The authors often go deep into the remote point of the general travel manual, and all kinds of transportation methods will not miss it. Of course, how to help everyone save money is one of the important contents of the book. After all, the backpacks will be large and not rich, “less spending more and more” seems extremely important.

LP and BBC are lost after strong combination

The founder of “Lonely Planet” Wheeler couples more than once, the original intention of LP is to contact people. “If it is too local but not talking to the local person, then it is too unfortunately.” In-depth, localization is LP’s requirements, the content of the content, and the capital they have been proud of them. This small workshop DIY is mainly mode LP supported 2007.

In fact, in 2006, Maureen Wheeler revealed what I want to leave. Maureen knows that now is in an era of change, the book is only one of the ways, if you are no longer a qualified helm, so it is better to find a qualified captain for this vessel. BBC is an LP new Captain. In 2007, BBC acquired 75% of its 75% of $ 143 million to become a new owner of “Lonely Planet” to make a more commercial model to coordinate the Plan.

With BBC position in the world media field, it seems to take it to another peak. Wheeler couple are also very optimistic about this cooperation. In 2011, BBC acquired the remaining 25% of $ 67 million into the real “Dong family”, but only one year, BBC management’s misgotes almost ruined this classic brand.

This pointed to the media will lead, get rid of traditional paper media drawbacks, re-walking, LP, is accidentally being “set”. Although BBC has unable to move in the media field, it is also in the process of transitioning to the new media, it still has a traditional media inherent, in which case LP is taken over by BBC Not only did not help it to go to their mess, but instead will “lonely planet” once very bright online forum Thorn Tree’s heart.

The special official position of BBC makes it have to try to control the comment content of the forum. At the end of 2012, Jimmy Savile (formerly BBC host) is beginning to spread in the forum, so managers temporarily turn off Thorn Tree. Two months triggered a large number of netizens’s dissatisfaction, making Thorn Tree’s reputation.

Up to 2013, BBC agreed to sell lonely planet to the US NC2 Media, the price was 51.5 million pounds ($ 77.3 million), but this purchase price was 30 million pounds of 100 million pounds than BBC to Lonely Planet. Such a loss is responsible for monitoring the BBC’s BBC Trust Council (BBC Trust), requiring the BBC to perform a review report, and report the results of the investigation to the Trust Council. According to the BBC News (BBC News), the Lonely Planet is suffering from the long-term economic recession, and the Australian dollar is affected by 58%.

BBC lost money, while LP, in addition to losing the popularity of their own years, it seems that even the advantages of “Lonely Planet” have also begun to blunt. Twitter is up to the beginning of the #LPMEMORIES Pushing activity to remember the once “lonely planet.”

The transformation is not a night, missed or become “fault”


Lonely Planet publishes a traditional book, relying on the quality of the quality. Before the smartphone and the new media era are coming, the Lonely Planet has reached the historical peak in 2008. With the changes in the times, when the author is also learning to make a map with software, Google’s map has become the “darling” in the hands of backpacks, and people who have access to travel information have been used in front of them. If in 2004, when Cai Jinghui brought the Lonely Planet into China, it was regarded as the LP harvest business opportunity. Then, if it is still close to this model, it is almost close to failure.

In 2007, the total sales of the five major travel guidelines publishers were still $ 125 million, and in 2012, this number fell by 40%, only $ 78 million. In the UK, the total sales of seven publishers have fallen by 46% in 2005 to 2012. In the Australian market in the Australian market in Lonely Planet, sales have decreased from 2010 to 2011, from 2011 to 2012 and decreased by 21%.

LP predecessor CEO JUDY SLATYER is proposed in 2014 Reflecting Lonely Planet, “We should enter the digital field more radically, allow travelers to interact and write their own guidelines.” In fact, after receiving “Lonely Planet” from NC2 Media, it is indeed more focused on Digital Strategy (Digital Strategy), which is also a lot of LP powder by using a wide variety of media platforms. During 2014-2015, the number of Social Media lp powder powder increased by 30%. Such trends have continued until October 2016, and LP rose 116.93% in the global audience in the social channel. At the same time, the sales of the LP guidance series also increased by 10% in the global market.

On the “booking” column option on the LP website, you can also find include Insurance, Hotel, Flight.

However, in the Internet age, the problem of referring to the content is also in front of the LP. There is a travel point of travel abroad Trip Advisor, Yelp, Yahoo travel, etc., there is a domestic tournament network, an ant honeycomb, the public comment, etc. All use “content” to start selling other “content”. Lonely planet seems to be able to learn from Domestic and Foreign OTA’s successful experience to achieve its own transformation.


Now open the list of LP on the “booking” section options you can also find 7 major tour service products including Insurance, Hotel, Flight, Adventure Tours. LP is current CEO Daniel Houghton that the content in LP books is everything to help visitors plan a perfect journey. “If we can directly provide everything mentioned to everyone,” Isn’t everything mentioned? “


In the 10 language options provided by the LP official website, the Asian countries only enhanced Korean and did not see Chinese figure.

However, in the official website of Lonely Planet, in the 10 language options provided, the Asian countries only enhanced Korean, and they did not see the Chinese figure. That is, not all Chinese tourists can enjoy LP online travel product services. “There is no Chinese option, you can’t read English, how to report groups”, Ms. Zhang, who is full of English, is anxious and helpless.

LP fans often browsed online forum statistics show that more than 15 countries, but China has no clear data display.

LP and China ‘s cooperation seems to stay in traditional publication. Sales or “Content Products”. In addition, the core of the LP is also the most frequently browsing of the Solitary star powder THORN TREE in 2015, “Whon Tree” (Who is watching Thorn Tree), there have been more than 15 national statistics However, China has no clear data display. Or China’s browsing may be incorporated into “Others”.


Is China’s market not being optimistic about lonely planet? Not too good. “We have been investigated around the world, and 60% of people have the will of exploration and exchange. China’s domestic travel is about 2 billion people, according to 60%, the 1.2 billion people will use travel guide, domestic The market will be very huge. “In a speech in Beijing in May 2011, the CEO, Matthew Goldberg frankly:” This is why we have to enter the domestic travel guide project. “

Also in 2011, Cai Jinghui, representative of the Chinese market, the Chinese market, was mentioned in the interview. “The promotion budget after the LP enters the Chinese market is limited, and China is a very good for the global market of lonely planet. Small market, although it can see its development prospect, but currently less than 1% in the sales share of the global market. “

Now, 6 years have passed. At present, LP will defense in the production of content production. An industry person who focused on the tourism market said that “LP is a global backpacker traveler, and is the UGC. This writing article is completely two roads. Even if you want to transform it, you want to transform now “.


“It’s late” is a major in tourism industry to evaluate LP. “The domestic and foreign countries can be saturated. This market is like this, first come first served. The meals are eaten by the big men, you will come now, Tang Du is not there.”

But why do you have to use the model routine of China’s online tourism to look at LP? Perhaps like Li Muze, China Brand and Market Director, “Although spend 60-120 yuan to buy a guide, it is necessary to carry along the way, the lonely planet is destined to be the mass choice of the mainstream travel, but there are always some depth travelers. Not satisfied or unwilling to look for travel strategies in massive network information, they are more willing to see a professional, systematic introduction guide. ” Small and US focus on content production, perhaps this is also a great thing.

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