How to wear a fashionable fan for high -necked sweaters? Keep in mind these six points, wearing the right and thin and temperament


Although I always hear that the girls spit out the sweater bloated and fat, when the sweater is still the main item when the sweater is in winter, especially the high -necked style is more warm and cold, the soft and waxy fabric puts on the body to remove the cold winter coldness of the cold winter. , Make the dress more temperature, and the shape of the coat down jacket is more warm, but there are many sweater styles. How to choose the body conditions that are suitable for you, how to wear more elegant and fashionable? Keep in mind these six points, wearing the right and thin temperament.


1. Black sweater is thinner

Leaving aside the version of the single product, it is indeed the most thinner from the color of the color. The classic versatile is not easy to be outdated, and the volume of the sweater itself is obvious. The visual contraction of black can make up for this shortcoming and make the shape more “thin”, so if you can choose what color you want to choose, and if the figure is round, it is rounded. Black directly is right.

Compared with single wear, black tall sweaters are more suitable as an inner match. The minimalist design can control any style of jackets to follow, but it should be noted that the version should not be too loose, and it will be thinner. With the cover of the jacket, you don’t have to worry about exposing the fat on his origin, especially when the color of the coat is bright, choosing black inside can play a transitional role, adjust the brightness of the shape in a more comfortable and eye -catching state, like Yang Mi, this body. The wine red coat+black turtleneck sweater is calm and the atmosphere is very textured.

2. The texture of the fabric is the key

Of course, the black sweater is very thin, but it is so long in winter. It is too boring to wear a color. In fact, as long as the version pays attention to looseness, the color of the sweater is light. The sweater will show the design of the fabric more clearly, and the texture of the single product will be seen at a glance. When choosing a model, you need to use snacks to avoid stepping on lightning. The fabric is easy to get the ball to bring a sense of cheapness, all of which are sloppy.


To avoid being fat in light -colored sweaters, you must grasp the looseness of tailoring. Excessive fluffy will only increase the proportion of the upper body is more stout. The distance of 2-3 cm is the most suitable. However, it can make you feel comfortable and free, but it will not affect the display of the body proportion. Secondly, you can consider more color systems in color selection. The high -necked sweater is the earth color, the low -key is gentle and white, and the skirt is very sweet.


3. It is even higher to use the belt

To wear a good proportion, in addition to the design and matching, the use of accessories should not be underestimated. Like a belt can not only change the waistline position to optimize the overall proportion, but also bring embellishment effects to the shape to avoid monotonous and boring. When high -necked sweaters, we must also know how to use the waist to make up for the lack of tailoring. Some turtleneck sweaters are designed by Oversize. They are very picky. The small man wants to control this item can use the belt. Raise the waistline to avoid bloating.

Although Oversize’s turtleneck sweater is very picky, the wide design puts on the body comfort MAX, and can perfectly hide the fat on the body. The lazy and casual style makes people feel very affectionate. Inside, you need to use the waist to bring a good proportion to avoid procrastination. Sanmu’s private server is a good demonstration. Light apricot high -necked sweater with khaki skirt is gentle and intellectual. The proportion was lowered, and the long coat was not short.

4. Appropriate loose and more comfortable

When choosing a high -necked sweater, choose the appropriate version according to the method of wearing. If you wear it alone, it is recommended to use loose design. The Lord will not be tightly stretched out. In fact, the texture of the sweater is thick enough. In areas like the south, there are no need to wear a jacket like a high temperature in the south. Starting with a design sense or colorful style will be more fashionable and energetic. This persimmon -colored turtleneck sweater like Yang Mi is very unique and recognizable.

The version of the high -necked sweater is also divided into length. Girls with insufficient height recommendation to start with the short version is higher. The short clothes design is high. The long bottoming shirt can avoid exposing the lower abdomen. Jiang Shuying, a green turtleneck sweater, is a short design. The designs of the shoulder -to -shoulder are casual and free. The feeling of bulky is conducive to improving the lightness of the shape.


5. Choose half of your neck short neck

The height of the neckline of the high -neck sweater is generally divided into three types: pile collar, high -necked, and semi -high collar. The first two are suitable for women with slender necks and slender necks. The high neckline will accumulate on the neck and the neck is shorter, and the shape is not simple and capable. In contrast, the lower half of the high collar is better to control. Pay attention to the looseness of the neckline to be too fat.

The semi -high -necked sweater can extend the neck lines visually. Properly leading high design not only avoids the shape of the shape, but also avoids the visual sense of being too compact and cramped. It will not give people a sense of breath. Although it is not as warm as the full tall neck, the high neck port can still block the invasion of the cold wind, and it can also maintain a bit of refreshing. It is like Jiang Shuying with a stitching half -body skirt fresh and literary and temperament. A bit of British style retro cavity.


6. Use accessories for embellishment

The solid color turtleneck sweater is much simpler, but the upper body looks very simple and simple. If the color is bright, it can add a bit of vitality. Basic colors such as black and white are slightly dull and boring. Extracting it, like Liu Shishi used the broken diamond necklace to break this monotonous sense, making the bland and unpretentious dress more exquisite and elegant instantly, adding a bit of luxury.


How to wear a fashionable fan for high -necked sweaters? Keep in mind these six points, wearing the right and thin temperament. The selection of high -necked sweaters is not difficult to match. The points you need to pay attention to are some details. As long as you work more, it is not difficult to create a good shape. In the face of a wide range of design, I do n’t know where to start. Several points to screen one by one, you can always find a style that conforms to your style.



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