Why can the literary book of handbook become popular?


Khaki’s first buyer’s account was 2013. At that time, the handbook was a niche thing that was easy to mix with the diary. She always had a lot of money to explain the thick book that pasted various bills and photos. It was not just to record life. “It is a schedule, a time management book, or a dream planning book,” Khaki said.


At that time, there were not so many special brands in domestic accounts. Several famous hand accounts such as Hobonichi and Midori are Japanese brands. There are no direct purchase channels in China. Some people choose Taobao purchasing. But now the handbook is more than before. There are more and more handbook choices, and some non -stationery brands have also launched handbooks cross -border, such as e -book Kindle.

Recently, Kindle has launched a set of life around Kindle New Black, including handbooks, only signatures and Kindle protective bags.

The most eye -catching in this set is a Kindle -sized black hand account: 99 yuan (the discount price of the Chinese New Year is 59). In addition to the conventional recording function, 12 different colors of monthly calendar cards and monthly bibliography are also attached.


Although it is an e -book, the surrounding is full of paper feelings -the hand accounts and the note are attached with different books, and the black sheet echoes the products of Kindle. Relevant persons revealed to the interface reporter that this surrounding set is only a small area of ​​Kindle, but the response is very good. The surrounding surroundings that were sold before this festival were extremely popular, and it was sold quickly after the Kindle WeChat store was launched. The following Weibo screenshot may represent the mood of some people:

The texture and feelings emphasized around the Kindle handbook are all things that are light people today. Similar to the sudden popularity of the calendar last year, young people’s pursuit of personality and experience may be one of the reasons why hand accounts have become popular; the records and planning functions of the handbook itself have begun to be valued by young people. In other words, the hand account gives you a sense of ritual that is really life rather than survival.

As a result, a number of domestic handbooks have emerged in the market in recent years. Compared with the functional handbooks launched by specialty brands, these more fancy handbooks are launched by publishing houses and cultural and creative brands. Literature and rituals are their common points. For example, in 2013, I started trying the database of the calendar hand account, the database day class, the daytime fun, the Japanese Zen series, and the retro route was taken: there is a small illustration of the last century textbook style, with some blank pages for people to record every record every day Life day.

The Sanlian Bookstore also launched a set of “Good Morning Life 2017 Light Hand Turn” this year. The elements of 12 sentences, eunuchs, and song elements in the 12 sentences of spring, summer, summer, autumn and winter in the hand account are full of Japanese seasonal sense.

There are more different styles of choices. There are various books and bibliographic recommendations in one -way single -handed hand accounts, and ONE’s hand accounts are full of maxalon blue routes with girls’ hearts. Jiutou Mountain has a variety of different series such as Goku and movies. choose. The prices of these handbooks are often around 100 yuan. They are not cheap as a book, but if the “hand account” label is added, it becomes a reasonable pricing.

Even, compared with those special brands of hand accounts, these handbooks are not expensive. Hobonichi, one of the most popular hand account brands in Japan, is often the first choice for many hand account enthusiasts, but the most basic set of solid color covers, liberals sizes (A6) daily accounts require RMB 300 Around Yuan; many personalized sealing prices are higher. A set of joint embroidery cover series requires about 700 yuan, and some even thousands.


Traditional functional handbooks such as Hobonichi are more simple compared to these literary accounts of domestic brands. There is no extra content in the HOBO hand account. The biggest selling point is the reasonable planning and design of the monthly, weekly, daily functional planning, and specially developed hand account paper: For the convenience of carrying, the paper is guaranteed to be permeable while it will not be transparent. The lighter.


This may be related to the role of hand accounts in Japanese life. Although there are various time management APPs in smartphones, many Japanese are used to recording the schedule with their accounts. People often have workbooks and personal accounts, as well as many subdivided parenting accounts, love handbooks, fitness hand accounts, and so on. From September each year, various brands of Japan have launched the handbooks in the coming year. The handbooks in the bookstore are full of a whole shelf and sold until the spring of the next year.

Hand accounts are also quite popular in Japan. Kumana Zhengshou’s “Notepad Book of Dream Plan” (a book of handbooks で で は う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う う 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 has been published since 2004. The author is a high school drop -down student who started writing a dream plan in his hand in his hand. Fifteen years later, he finally realized the dream of establishing a listed company. This book tells the story of how he manages the time and planned life with hand accounts.


This type of culture has affected young people in China. Katejun received the first handbook in her life a few days ago, from Hobonichi. Her hand account is a simple rice white cover. “It is the role of time management for me. I hope she will not deviate from the goal and complete what to do every day as planned.” Hand accounts may bring some psychological comfort.


Her HOBO’s weekly account price was about 200 yuan. At first she felt that this thin volume was a bit expensive. After a handbook enthusiast friend feeds countless Amway and told her the handbook is the paper and the humanized design of each page, Katejun finally put the order.

Chinese brands have also seen such business opportunities. Young people began to be interested in rival account culture, swaying between different brands -Student Party with insufficient budgets, young people who have low functionality requirements, or at first trying hand accounts, they are more likely to buy a cheap, there is some, there is some, some, some Cultivated handbooks, such as reading hand accounts on one -way street, three -united Japanese and Ge Fu Shi painting hand accounts.

Kindle’s handbook is more like an extension of the brand’s own culture.


Compared with sales, they may pay more attention to this set of fascinated hand accounts, which has a positive impact on the brand among young people. “I also want Kindle’s hand accounts. This brand is attractive to me, the price is not expensive, and the design is not bad. There is a feeling and simple feeling.” Katejun said. Her opponent’s account brand has no preference, she only hopes to pick the best in the affordable budget, so that she “feels that she is seriously treating time management.”

To be sure, China’s hand account market is still growing rapidly. In September last year, only the official website of Japan and Taobao purchasing available on Weibo opened Weibo, and actively released a few sets of new handbook previews on Weibo on Weibo. People are actively interacting. They are also optimistic about the Chinese market.



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