Is there a smell from the sewer? Pour the pot water into the pipeline, the sewer is clean and no odor, it is too practical


Introduction: The sewer at home will inevitably have odors. It is disgusting to smell it. In fact, there are methods to solve it. Pour 4 samples and easily get it. Everyone must understand.

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Treatment object: sewer

The sewer at home is not cleaned up, and there will always be a faint and unpleasant smell in the air. These are rushing from the sewer, which is mixed with the smell of food corruption and smells disgusting. In fact, the dishwashing pond or the sewer of the bathroom can be cleaned. As long as you clean it regularly, you can easily solve these problems. Let ’s talk to you today.


Every day, dishes and dishes are cleaned at the wash pond. It is inevitable that there will be domestic garbage accumulation. Over time, it will produce odor, especially in summer. We can pour some baking soda at the lower sewer. The soda can dissolve the oil, which has a strong cleaning effect, and the powder can be adsorbed on the wall of the tube. Sprinkle with edible salt. Salt has a bactericidal effect. It is more obvious with the effect of soda. Then dripping into the detergent. It is best to choose a higher concentration. Finally, spray some flower dew water. The flower dew is mainly for fresh air. Boil a pot of boiling water, pour it directly into the water channel, and rush these together to rinse the wall to remove oil and dirt on the wall.


One thing to pay attention to should be covered immediately after rinse, wait for 2 hours to make it fully played. After this treatment, the odor can be relieved a lot. This odor will never appear at home once a week.

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