A big dream during the day! Inventory of the wonderful linkage of those Jianwang 3


“When I dream of returning to the Tang Dynasty, it turned out that Wuhoupu turned out to be the fire brigade. Shaanxi fire reminded you that the new year is approaching, the fire is fierce than the tiger, keep in mind the” three clear three levels “!” But the dream linkage of Jianwang San and Shaanxi Fire! The heroes are good. In the next Wanhua messenger, this time, we will count the wonderful linkage of some Jianwang 3, so that the heroes can experience what the games developed by economic and social benefits.

First of all, I feel that many of the recent linkage is worthy of encouragement. For example, the linkage with Shaanxi Fire will allow everyone to understand the importance of fire protection awareness in the form of game videos, and it will be coming to the New Year immediately. Is it necessary, give the sword three points! Secondly, the ice and snow event was on the event of the short -knife speed skating champion Wu Dajing and Mr. Chen Lu. These industry benchmarks reached a link with the game, so that the three -dimensional ice and snow sports can bloom new vitality in the game world.


Secondly, Jianwang 3’s Guofeng Datang series is also very eye -catching. For example, the newly released pipa box recently, the bamboo flute box and the erhu box that have been released before, and the Guqin boxes that are not available will invite some well -known singers and the Guqin box. The game has reached a linkage, and many players will be the fans of these singers. Everyone calls the double cooking ecstasy. I also think that this is a very good way. What about it? Not to mention that these appearances are good or not, at least the purpose of publicity has been achieved, and the video and audio are also very high -quality. In the end, I feel that this is enough in a certain aspect!


There are also some unexpected product linkages. For example, during the Xinjiang cotton incident, Jianwang 3 launched the activity that supports Xinjiang cotton manufacturers in the game. There is also a linkage with the three squirrels that will often draw or drop in the game. Finally, the linkage with the overlord shampoo. This is still unsatisfactory. So I feel that it is also very suitable. It would be better if the pricing can be slightly lower. Through this introduction, I do n’t know if the knights have better understanding the linkage incident of Jianwang 3? What other chivalrous scholars want to let Jian San link to linkage, can be played in the comment area.