Wild trend, there is no charger in the elderly machine?Nokia new machine release


Recently, Nokia has 110 4G new machines:


With a 1.8-inch 160 * 120 resolution screen, it is equipped with a Violet Exhibition T107 processor.Support Alipay and Himalayan online listening, but also built-in classic greedy snake games.


The large font menu has a clear large amount of hands-free mode.1020mAh advanced detachable battery design, with only 85.1 grams of body weight, up to 32GB memory card.

This phone is priced at 269 yuan.However, it is a bit embarrassing that there is only one USB charging line inside the box and does not charge.Emmm, Nokia’s old age machine also comes to environmental protection?


However, if you have a need, you can contact customer service, you can get a domestic charger for free ~