In the next few years, the transformation of high -end credit card issuance strategies will go from the following aspects. What do you think?


Hello everyone, I am old Xiao, a senior card player.


Today, I discussed with friends in the play card group. In the next period of time, how was the card issuance strategy of high -end platinum credit card deployed.

First, stable and cost -effective products are only for a few people, especially high -net -worth individuals. (Recommended index: ★★★★★) Typical example 1: Classic white investment, stable equity, and consumption of 20,000 birthdays can be exempted from annual fees, and the cost performance is extremely high. The characteristics of this product are followed by the threshold for applying for cards, 500,000 deposits often reject, and cards are becoming more and more difficult to do. Old users and dogs are even more difficult to support.


Typical examples 2: Agricultural Bank of China is essentially white, stable in rights and interests, 30 annual fees for swiping cards, and high cost performance. The characteristics of the characteristics of this product are that the standards are different, and the Agricultural Bank of China does not focus on it. At the same time, the Agricultural Bank of China is very bureaucratic. In principle, only the leadership of the system has a public office. Whether you accept the financial management card depends on the area.

2. Use seemingly not high points to absorb new customers. The principle is that the points can be stored first before receiving it, and the absorption and harvesting. The water is to absorb customers, and the water collection is to eliminate unnecessary customers. (Recommended index: ★★★★)

Typical examples: For example, in the past few years of Everbright, all points are canceled in November. After harvesting, there must be a way to get annual fees after harvesting. At present, it is more significant. (AE White), CCB (Dashan Bai), Zhongxing (0063), Standard Chartered (Zhencheng), etc. With the further optimization of points activities, if you can still use non -third -party means to hardly brush 200,000, 400,000 or more more than more. , Or simply pay the annual fee directly, this is the main direction of commercial banks to issue high -end cards. The characteristics of this product are that the activity period is generally limited, and the equity is stable within a controllable time. For example, a certain equity indicates that it is valid by June, it is valid before the end of the year, it may be renewed, or it may not be renewed. It is necessary to consider changes in policy changes according to policy changes. Whether to keep.

3. Frequent new products, constantly absorb new users to enter, and then warm. (Recommended index: ★★★★) Typical example 1: Minsheng series, the first generation of Platinum is dominated by Haobai. In particular, the bai, stable equity, rigid annual fees, and high quotas. Basically, those who hold Haobai belong to loyal customers, so the rights and interests of Haobai are basically unchanged. The more colored one is fragrant, the rights and interests are relatively abundant and distinctive. The heat of this card has continued for a long time. Today, it gradually fades out of the public’s horizon. As the number of people’s livelihood decreases the batch of batch of 10,000 yuan, people’s livelihood products have begun to chaos, and their equity is also warm. Today, in order to occupy the market again, Minsheng withdraws from Elite White, 88VIP Elite White, the starting quota, annual fee policy, and equity adjustment are also a mess. It is estimated that it is also a product with unstable equity.

Typical example 2: CITIC series, initially, i Bai even has a card to go to the world. First, the annual fee is free, and then you provide 9 points, movies, dragon rong … Various rights and interests make you feel worthwhile. Subsequently, AE Dabai (AE single standard, complete big white rights, including a series of rights and interests such as Longteng CIP) exempt annual expenditure exemption. Withdrawing from Easy Card (deposit bonus) again, 9 times the points and so on. It has been roughly incorporated in 2020. It is not uncommon to clear the points, and it belongs to this type. This kind of product is suitable for a period of cycle use. The advantage is that the new account and the new card directly free of the annual fee. For example, Minsheng Elite Bai launched a new household in September is a valid period for free. The rights and interests of such products can be changed at any time, and there is no stability at all. In the case, when the second card change cycle, you need to consider whether to reserve according to policy changes.


I do n’t know if the card friends have other opinions, please make a message comments.


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