Can solid drinks be used as a medicine? The official gave it clear


Source: People’s Daily-Qiangguo Forum Original Draft


People’s Daily Online, Beijing, January 11 (Fang Jinglun) Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision said in the “Announcement on Strengthening the Supervision of Solid Beverage Quality and Safety” (hereinafter referred to as the “Announcement”) The name of the food is the same; the special name “solid drink” that reflects the real attributes of food in the product label should be wake up on the product label. The font size must not be less than other texts (including trademarks, patterns, etc.).

The State Administration of Market Supervision on Strengthening the Quality and Safety Supervision of Solid Beverage.

“Compared with liquid drinks, solid drinks have the characteristics of convenient carriers, unique flavors, and good quick -soluble.” Li Jian, a professor at the School of Food and Health of Beijing University of Technology, introduced that the concept of solid beverages in national standards is Powder -like, granular, or blocks made of additives such as additives are used for tuning or brewing solid -state products. Different solid drinks can be divided into multiple types according to the raw materials.

“Solid beverages are foods with a large consumer market with a large amount of consumer market, and some chaos in the market needs to be dealt with urgently.” Li Jian said that some solid drink producers have obtained benefits to the greatest extent. Product effects, and false publicity through various channels, expand the scope of solid drinks to milk powder, health products and other behaviors, have seriously damaged consumers’ life and property safety.

The “Strong Observation” column of the People’s Daily Online searched on the Chinese referee document online with “solid drinks” and “false propaganda” as keywords. In recent years, there have been excessive jurisprudence of false beverages across the country. For example, a probiotic powder, as an ordinary solid drink, claims that the appropriate age is “1 month, 2 months, and 3 months” on the product details page, which is emphasized Object, at this time the food is characterized by special dietary foods. The appellant confuses ordinary food into special dietary foods, so the product involving products related to the applied age claim false and misleading consumption.

In response to the above types of cases, the “Announcement” clearly states that solid drink labels, instructions and promotional materials shall not use text or patterns to explain, suggest or emphasize that the product is suitable for minors, elderly people, maternal women, patients, nutritional risks or nutritional nutrition Specific people such as bad people shall not use production processes and raw materials names, etc., suggesting that the disease prevention, therapeutic function, health care function, and the special needs of people who meet specific diseases.

In addition, the “Announcement” requires that the protein solid beverages, plant solid drinks, special use solid beverages, flavor solid drinks, and the minimum sales unit of solid drinks that add edible bacteria should also be marked “This product cannot replace special medical use formula foods, infant formula foods, health foods and other special foods” as a warning information, and the area should not be less than 20%of it.

“This announcement is a clear signal for the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of the solid beverage market.” Li Jian said that the General Administration of Market Supervision made detailed regulations on the labeling of solid beverage labels, warning information, and strictly prohibiting false publicity. The operator implements the main responsibility and enhances the self -discipline mechanism; it helps to guide the supervision department Legal rights and interests to protect the public’s health.

Recently, the Beijing Consumer Association’s top 8 brands of solid beverage products on e-commerce platforms on the e-commerce platform show that the quality measurement of the meal powder powder powder of solid beverage products shows that there are four sample product logos that do not meet the national standards of food safety GB 7718-2011 (Pre-packaging food labeling general) or GB 13432-2013 (pre-packaged special food food labeling general) requirements), the core nutrients of the two samples are not in line with the measured values ​​of the vitamin labels of the other two samples.

So, how can consumers choose good “solid drinks” products? Li Jian suggested that when selecting the product, pay attention to the content of the product labeling, combined with the common sense of life, and the purchase of solid drinks rationally. In particular, pay attention to product names, product registration information, suitable crowd, etc. Pay attention to the labeling of the main nutritional content content in the ingredient table on the label. Do not blindly believe and follow advertisements.