High -necked sweater Women’s winter new Korean long -sleeved coating letters, loose print printing bottom top


There are a lot of clothes we like in Daqian’s clothes. It is worthy of the next thing we buy. So many styles are not particularly easy to recognize at a glance. It really only has the person you like to pay attention to, especially the easier to match, it is easier to make surprises, or more comfortable.


We usually look at the style first. The design of the clothes is the skeleton first. The version is the soul.

Fortunately, I am a more narcissistic person (love to buy, buy, set up, and pat), but I try to talk about my understanding of handsome: clean, pleasing to the eye. In fact, many people will say that I wear it very neutral, but I don’t mind at all, because the comfortable wear is really better than everything.

Imagine in the cold winter, from outdoors to indoor, take off the coat, a gentle turtleneck sweater is loosely tailored, and it is decent.

How a person is wearing and choosing clothes, which represents not only taste, but also his own eyes.


With a sweater, we will wear a gray skirt to wear the beauty that shows its own


I have a good mood recently on this set