2020-2021 “My favorite” headset, portable player voting result


The results of [2021 “my favorite” series of “series voting] results from the” Xia Ke “level or above of the headset The meaning is really not big)

Ear earbuds [Top Group 10,000 yuan]

Champion: Sennhei Sel 900 164 votes

Runner -up: Orolus Zhu Xi Tailii 61 votes

Third place: QDC Anole V14 49 votes

Hall Army: Hifiman Re2000 Pro 45 votes

Earplugs [4000-10000 yuan of high-end earplug group]

Champion: Softears Turii 62 votes

Runner -up: Dunu Dunu Zen Pro 44 votes

Third place: WESTONE AUDIO W80 V3 42 votes

Hall Army: Acoustune HS1697TI 29 votes

Earplugs [mid-to-high-end earphone group 1500-4000 yuan]

Champion: Fi Ao FH9 45 votes

Runner -up: Sennhei Sel 500 Pro 39 votes

Third Army: Mori Sel 400 Pro 30 votes

Hall Army: Jaben Oriolus Copper Copper Sennheiser IE300 Fi Ao FD7 23 votes

Earplugs 【Introduction Ear earbuds】 1500 yuan

Champion: 35 votes of Seven Hverz Timeless tablet headphones

Runner -up: Water Yueyu Kato 32 votes

Third Army: Mori Sel 100 Pro 24 votes


Hall Army: Dunu Dunu 隼 Pro / Falcon Pro 23 votes

Earplugs 【Platinar earplug group】

Champion: Kaisheng Titanium Bell Plus 58 votes

Runner -up: YinCrow RW2000 (Niu Niu) 32 votes

Third army: Fi Ao EM5 29 votes

Hall Army: 28 votes of Kai Sheng 2021 Titanium Bell Yinyang Division

After verification, the AirPods3 in the flat -headed earbuds should be Bluetooth earplugs, so the voting results are divided into the Bluetooth earbuds to participate in the selection.

Bluetooth headset and earplugs

Champion: Apple AirPods3 68 votes

Runner-up: Sony WF-1000XM4 28 votes

Third army: B & W Pi7 20 votes

Hall Army: Hifiman TWS800 18 votes

Wearing headset [top group] 10,000 yuan

Champion: Stax x9000 86 votes

Runner-up: Audio-Technica Iron Triangle ATH-AWKT/F 48 votes

Third Army: Hifiman HE-R10 Tablet Edition 39 votes

Hall Army: Audeze LCD-5 20 votes

Wear headset [Advanced group 4000-10000 yuan]

Champion: Hifiman Arya 111 votes

Runner -up: BeyerDynamic T5 3rd 53 votes

Third place: BeyerDynamic T1 3rd 51 votes

Hall Army: Audio-Technica Iron Triangle ATH-AWAS/F 47 votes

Wear headset [Intermediate group 1500-4000 yuan]

Champion: BeyerDynamic DT 900 Pro X 92 votes

Runner -up: Hifiman Edition XS 63 votes

Third army: 43 votes of Harmony Poseidon

Hall Army: BeyerDynamic DT 700 Pro X 42 votes

Wearing headset [1500 yuan entry group]

Champion: 37 votes for Sennheiser HD25 75th Anniversary Edition

Runner -up: Goethe SR 80X 20 votes

Third Army: Goethe SR 125X 13 votes

Hall Army: Goethe SR 60X 8 votes


Champion: Ganlong Sheng/QULOOS QA390 Limited Edition 112 votes

Runner -up: Fei Ao M17 91 votes

Third army: Lebi P6 Pro 70 votes

Hall Army: Astell & KERN SP2000T 63 votes

Mobile phone decoding scheme (Bluetooth decoding and small tail)

Champion: Le Pi W2 116 votes

Runner-up: Lebi W2-131 69 votes

Third army: 乂 5 xd-05ball 43 votes

Hall Army: Cayin RU6 40 votes