Fuming underwear brings you a different comfortable experience


I believe that many girls have thought of this: “It’s nice to be a boy, not only does not have the harassment of aunt every month, but you don’t need to wear underwear every day.” But since this life is already a girl, we must love ourselves better. In order to keep ourselves good at any time, it is particularly important to choose a comfortable and aesthetic underwear. At present, there are all kinds of underwear on the market, and some underwear only pay attention to the style, and forget the practicality. This result will cause all the troubles, chest expansion, etc. Essence Take me, every time I go to the mall, I usually choose those who look gorgeous and feel good when they are just put on, but they have become murderers who have destroyed the mood for a day due to discomfort all day! You must know that only the appropriate underwear does not feel at all, and the inappropriate underwear will prevent you from doing things all day and affect your mood, or it feels inconvenient to even go down from the stairs. In short, the invention of the underwear itself is to reflect the beauty of women. So its choice standard is like you choose other clothing, suitable size fabrics, comfortable experiences of wearing, and so on. The shoes are good or not, only the feet know, this sentence is also applicable to the choice of underwear. Therefore, today I recommend a comfortable and good underwear that coexist with a face value and practical coexistence.

A good underwear worthy of everyone’s praise, starts with details, is loyal to the face value. Considering, fabric selection, chest pad materials, and even needle foot heads. Not limited to health and comfort, but also inside and outside, salty and sweet to wear. Speaking of color, this year has added a lot of beautiful colors. This cross -beautiful back underwear has 7 colors to choose from. Every day, you can have different good moods every day, including black, white, gray, matcha tea. Green, apricot, bean paste, wine red. You can also choose a freely dismantling palm chest pad, neither thick exaggeration, nor will it look loose and has no chest shape.


This cross -back underwear that Fu Yu can throw away the sense of oppression, no steel ring, zero restraint, and healthier. Pay more attention to internal comfort, more skin -friendly texture fabric. Selected Korean brocade, Austrian essence super fine Modal fabric, high -end silk light cotton, high -end custom lace, adopted imported machines, Fumu focused on every detail, and strived to make the best underwear. The version design is more three -dimensional, and the chest shape will look good; the conjoined inner cup design, deep V -neck, half a beautiful back, removing chest pads, more convenient and can be replaced alone; Essence Beauty back needs, with a fine shoulder strap with a value. Only 30%of ordinary underwear are light, with a beautiful back of the shoulder strap, and the comfortable fabric elasticity is good; the chest pads are demolished designs, zero senses, comfortable and skin -friendly; soft care, comfortable and breathable; Wearing a back underwear can give people a sense of intimacy, that is, the sense of closeness to be looking for.

Fu Yu brings you a different underwear experience!