These 4 pairs of shoes, this spring is finally hot again


Now the weather is getting hotter, and the temperature in Guangzhou is also close to summer. Thick and dull boots should also put it away. Many students should be distressed to wear.


After watching the spring and summer shoes of major brands, I found that there are a lot of good -looking one ~ The light style plus the novel design, I can’t wait to place it all with one click ~ So today I took a inventory of four shoes that are very suitable for Spring Day. If you want to be fashionable, continue to look down!


Mary Zhen’s shoes with retro temperament have risen again this year, and frequently appeared on the major shows, and the fire. (Isn’t fashion a circle ~

Insert a cold knowledge here,

Maryzhen shoes are actually 119 years old!

At the beginning of the 20th century, the well -known animation in the United States was called “Buster Brown”, and the heroine in it was called “Mary Janes”.


Low heels, round noodles, and ankle strap shoes,


Later, such shoes were directly named.

CHANEL is very good at a glance at a glance. The rounded toe is cute and playful. The flat design comfort is 100 points. It can return to the campus again ~

As always sweet girl, the pearl chain is inlaid design, elegant and soft, the thick and middle -to -hee design can be stretched,


No matter what clothes with, there is a French retro tone ~

Maison Margiela’s toe Mary Jeon is sweet and sweet, it looks a bit difficult to drive,

In fact, JIO was unexpectedly good -looking.

Personality is funny, the hook flowers above can be arbitrarily matched, even if the dull black suit can instantly pull the atmosphere, it will be very filmed if you shoot it casually ~

Marni’s big head is thick and cute, which is very cool and cute. It is very similar to that of Japanese high school students when wearing school uniforms.

As for matching, so easy!


Nine -point jeans with Mary Zhen shoes are the best CP,


French style relax

The most popular match now is also the middle socks with Maryzhen,

The socks add a sense of layering to the overall shape. The college is full of style, especially with lame stockings, and the dark loli end comes out immediately.


Speaking of the evergreen models of the shoes, the first thing I think of Lord in my mind is the foundation but not ordinary.


It can be worn all year round, and the shoe type is suitable for the vast majority of people.

The biggest feature of its own laziness attributes is shallow mouth, unseen, and easy to wear, and you are not afraid of walking all over the world ~ GUCCI’s horsepower buckle loafers are old classics. In the early spring of this year Line is a blue rose print, full of retro, and the golden line bee with heels also sucks the same.

Prada is much more Sven than last year. The classic triangle logo, low -key luxury,

3cm’s dwarfs are not bulky, and daily life is enough.

The highlight of Chanel is that the large metal logo string of the upper, let’s show it out, so as not to hide it!

TODS this spring, Laifu Shoes has become a big board of the shopping platform. The metal large -scale buckle neutralizes the boring of small leather shoes.


Especially with a trench coat, it has a simple sense of fashion.


No matter what the match is paired, there is no pressure, but it is enough

Note that the trousers can not cover the shoes, otherwise they will eat the overall sense of sharpness,


Dark poke exposing the ankle is the best, thieves are thin ~

The weather is hot with Bermuda shorts, and the fashionable BoyLish wind comes out.


And with the skirt, it is another taste. The soft and quiet skirt collides with the stiff neutral Lefa shoes. The sweet girl stands up immediately ~

Coupled with a suit and strong suit and a little subtle taste of Yinglun style,

Bring your own workplace Fan Er ~ I do n’t know what shoes to wear at work, do n’t you hurry into a pair?


Mueller’s shoes are simply synonymous with comfort. You can go out with a kick. It seems a bit too casual, but it does not diminish the delicateness. Keke, in order to avoid the tragedy of the shoes,


It is best not to wear it when you squeeze the subway at work.

Different from the head of last year,

This year’s pointed design of most brands is particularly friendly to the small man, and the small V -shaped extension ratio is automatically extended.

Very well modify the foot type. (EMMM … is that you may squeeze your feet for a long time, no matter how the style changes,


“Packal instep does not show your toes, only heels” are the souls of Mueller’s shoes ~

Prada’s pointed kitten is too bad. The king fried item of the spring this year gives people the two words: Advanced! The tender ice cream color is fresh and pleasant, which is super in line with the atmosphere of spring.

Valentino takes a cool route. The rivets secretly become large.


In terms of style,


The flat -bottom Mueller shoes are the real choice of daily out of the street,

It is as comfortable to wear as a sandalwood, and I said that I can go shopping for another 3 hours!

Cat heels are more solemn, which is more suitable for formal occasions.

The thick heel is just right to retain French sense, but it will inevitably be tired after a long time.

The kitten follows the aesthetics and comfort.

If you usually follow the minimalist route, the basic Mueller shoes are right, the overall look will not be too dull nor too lazy; if you want outstanding personality, you will boldly pick the print style and easily create the finishing touch. Pen.

In my opinion, ballet single shoes have magical magic, what style you are in control, with it

Open the gentle filter automatically.


It ’s not good to say it,

It’s a bit of picking, and the thin -footed star can wear more internal flavor.


Friends who are not very friendly to wide -to -back are easy to expose their shortcomings. Grandma Xiang was just hanging this year, and ballet shoes were so appetizing! The soft texture of Nuo Nuo, yellow and white stitching HIN is dazzling, and it is really Chanel. This is the princess shoes worn by the young ladies ~


Maison Margiela’s irregular toe is unexpected, and it looks stupid. She puts on a kind of obedient sister next door.


In addition to the new models, the classic models of some brands are not out of date. The originator REPETTO hit the world with a simple bow design, and the stars were almost a pair.

Whether it is a temperament lady style or daily leisure style, all can be held.


Old Internet celebrity Miumiu’s strap design is very unforgettable,


The layers of lingering straps are lively without losing the style. When you encounter elements such as rivets, metals, etc.

Who said that ladies can’t have a rebellious heart? The concave shape is excellent, especially with shorts to show long legs, you are the focus of this GAI.

UMA Wang is closer to traditional ballet shoes. The intersection strap is simple embellishment, with its own retro cavity,


Even if you don’t dance on dancing, there are elegant and vulgar dancers,


Unconsciously stand up and elegant.

The fairy skirt and ballet shoes are paired with a face, and the soft atmosphere overflows the screen.


Alright, this is the end of the grass today. As Marilyn Monroe said, “With a pair of suitable shoes, girls can control this world.” Shoes are a very worthwhile item. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that students can start with high quality Yes, you can suffer less like this ~