Five -year battery life -Yicuo Bao Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Lock Evaluation


Five -year battery life -Yicuo Bao Smart Fingerprint Cabinet Lock Evaluation

I believe that when many people add furniture, they have not considered locking on the cabinet. After all, family members can be trusted. And the probability of fingerprint locks on the door is relatively high, and the security is also very secure. But recently, I found the smart fingerprint lock launched by Yi Suobao. This is a novel product I have never seen. Today I also started with it. Let me take a look at it below.

First of all, in terms of outer packaging, it is designed very concise and small. The packaging of the packaging uses white makes people look very advanced. After opening, the lock body is also white. The main body of the fingerprint module and the cabinet lock The data is transmitted through this wide white wire. The small square fingerprint module cooperates with a circular fingerprint collector, and the streamlined design looks very beautiful.

The lock body also uses a white design. There is a multi -layer chrome lock tongue in the middle. It looks exquisite and beautiful. Opening the shell on the back is a battery compartment with two seven batteries.

The official introduction said that the working time of this fingerprint cabinet lock is up to five years. Two 7 batteries allow this fingerprint cabinet lock to work for five years may be a very good data. However, the official explanation allows us to convince us. Its standby current is only 10UA, and the capacity of the two seven batteries is 700mAh. If you open it ten times a day, you can turn on 23,000 times, which can be opened for about five years. You can definitely forget when to change the battery. Of course, you don’t need to be afraid. Suddenly, when there is no electricity or battery power, it will remind you, and there is a Type C power supply interface at the bottom of the fingerprint module. If you do n’t open the cabinet, charge it when you do n’t have a power.

Because the APP is not added to control the unlocking, the focus of this fingerprint cabinet lock is placed on the fingerprint, which makes its fingerprint recognition very accurate, and the automatic learning function comes with it can make it contact the number of fingerprint times the more times the fingerprint times. The recognition is accurate, the higher the pass rate. This is very commendable.

In addition, it provides two installation methods. Two installation methods of punching and punching can be free to choose from. It comes with a quick -drying glue, which allows us to be free to install this fingerprint cabinet lock without letting the cabinet damage. The manual is very concise and easy to understand. Even people who have not been in contact can directly understand the installation method it expresses. This is also one aspect of the design designed by Yicpo.


As the leader of the industry, Yicuo Bao, this fingerprint lock price of 100 yuan is also successfully opened the market for smart fingerprint cabinet locks. I believe this product will get angry soon. After all Unlocking will be more convenient, especially when opening the cabinet unlocking many times. It can also enter up to dozens of fingerprints, avoiding the troubles of family members, colleagues, and other friends and relatives. I think this fingerprint is very real for those in need. I recommend everyone to start.

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