Northern Song Dynasty woodcarving Luo Han statue


The “Northern Song Dynasty Woodcarving Luo Han” independently produced by the Guangdong Provincial Museum is the first episode of the CCTV Science and Education Channel launched the “Museum Story” series of documentaries, which was broadcast on March 1.

Ten pieces of woodcarving Luohan, which are collected by the Guangdong Provincial Museum, are all first -class precious cultural relics. These Song Dynasty woodcarving Luo Han was originally dedicated to Nanhua Temple in Qujiang County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. According to the inscriptions of the woodcarvings, it is learned that the sculpture period has begun from the fifth year (1045) of the Calendar until the eighth year of the Qingli (1048). Later, Luo Han’s statue was re -decorated with the Ming Dynasty, and it was carved in the late Qing Dynasty. After thousands of years of bumpy vicissitudes, Guangdong Jinshi scientists Dun Erya, Cai Zhefu and others in the early years of the Republic of China discovered the inscriptions covering the Song Dynasty under thick coating. They learned that these woodcarving Luo Han statues were the old things in the Song Dynasty.

The woodcarving craftsmanship in the Song Dynasty had exquisite art and high artistic value. Each statue is carved with a whole piece of wood, which is made of cypress wood, nanmu or sandalwood, and is divided into two parts: base and image. A nearly square plane is carved on the front of the base to prepare inscriptions. Luohan statues of Luohan collected by the Guangdong Provincial Museum are all sitting Luohan, which is described by realistic methods; Luohan’s face and arms have obvious texture, smooth clothes, and rimmed by knives. Superb sword method.

The hidden statue of Luo Han in the picture is “Statue of Luo Han in the Eight -year Wood Carving of the Northern Song Dynasty”, 51 cm high, and a width of 22.6 cm. Wooden tires, semi -seated sitting, right foot stepping on the seat, flat leaf foot, head and right, right hand support. In the heart, the inscription is engraved on the front “The first month of the first month of the month in Guangzhou, the sixth session of Guangzhou, the female disciple Tan Yixiang, and the respected person entered the Nanhua Temple. . In the first month of Chenghua, his disciple Xiao Daocong was decorated with makeup. “The statue of the Luo Han was more special. Its inscription was engraved by the Ming Dynasty. The first half of the Song Dynasty celebrated the inscription of the Qing Dynasty. It can be seen from the inscription that the eight years of the Northern Song Dynasty (that is, 1048) lived in the city of Tan Yili in Guangzhou to donate the statue of this respective Luo Han; about 300 years later, there were two re -makeup in the Ming Dynasty.


(Wentu provides/Guangdong Museum)