Summer Harlen pants, classic retro trendy style, daily comfortable casual outfits


Speaking of Harlen pants, the classic style is selected, and in daily life, it is suitable for dressed in slimming and slightly fat little fairy. Different colors and different details changes, retro classic shapes. When choosing and matching, you are comfortable to wear, commute, or played, easily change the street outfit, and the simple street trend model. What are the overall clothes you like?

Classic trendy model selection


▲ The style of Harun pants, when choosing a daily selection, for the little fairy with a slightly fat body, Harun pants can better modify the figure. Classic loose models, choose simple tops to be properly out of the street, light -colored models with white T -shirts and color bags, casual and simple shape, which is also a faint floral (print).

▲ Classic colors, classic styles, gray (dark gray solid color) Haron pants, choose a white T -shirt daily, you can also choose a variety of color tones. Among them, the light color is recommended when choosing. Or choose the dark green Haren pants, and white tops (T -shirts and shirts).

▲ For the exaggerated style, choose a simple top of the overall dress, whether it is the vest or the sleeveless shirt, the bright color tone youthful style wear, the light color in the picture above or the gray Morandi color is a good choice take. There is also a chiffon model of black wave dots, which can choose the style of large wave dots.


▲ Pure color style selection and matching. When choosing black Haren pants, the sweet small shape, pink tulle or chiffon shirt, high waist waist shape. There is also a black shoulder top (small wave edge), overall black tone, choose a small black waist bag or a large black shoulder bag, handsome shape.


▲ When choosing a thin Harlen pants, the dark tone and white top (side leaky shoulder) combination, with dark high -heeled sandals, simple and temperamental outfit. There is also to choose a white printed vest and black pants to match, choose dark canvas shoes or sneakers, and leisure and work.

▲ If you choose a colorful shape, then the white simple camisole and yellow pants are combined, and the high waist camisole waist. Or choose a black loose chiffon shirt and color pants. The color of the pants is selected to wear white and gray tone daily. A variety of trendy colors are bold.

Chao Ren Street Shooting Style


▲ When choosing a daily selection, black and white striped straps or vests and black Haron pants combination, choose dark handbags (light color), casual shape. There is also to choose a white top and blue pants. When choosing blue, the color tone is lighter, and the sky blue is a good choice.


▲ Simple black and gray selection, black top and gray pants match, classic color tone, overall shape Haron pants are more casual and comfortable. For small personalized styles, color printing, among which the retro pattern Haren pants and white top are combined to easily change the shape.


Daily leisure style in summer, when choosing Harun pants, simple black and white gray tones can be paired with simple tops. If the hue of Harun pants is selected for colorful, the light -color reducing light color tone combination, the printing of the printed personality is fashionable and small (retro printing is recommended, and simple geometric printing pattern). The overall simple style is worn, and the top of T -shirt, suspender, and vest can be selected, and it is simple and comfortable to go out of the street.