Fanjie “big event”! Are you still unclear?


You should have seen honey powder, loose powder, and dried powder in major counter, but do you all know their use and role? If you do n’t know, then look down, let me tell you little by little.


One, what is honey powder–


Powder is also called fixed makeup powder, which generally contain fine talc powder, and can absorb excess oil on the face, which reduces great troubles of oily skin. And it can keep the exquisite makeup surface smooth and meticulous, as well as the effect of a realistic version of the skin filter, which is especially suitable for daily makeup. With the makeup of powder, the cosmetics will not peel off easily, and it has the effect of fixed makeup surface. And when the makeup color is not too well or is not coordinated, the powder can also play a simple role.


Second, what is loose powder-

The professional name of loose powder is also called fixed makeup powder, so the loose powder is the last step of the entire makeup process. After brushing the loose powder, it means that the makeup surface is completed. San powder can fully adjust the skin color, and can also adjust the thickness of makeup, which helps us create a natural style makeup. The pearly loose powder can also brighten the skin color, make the skin look more delicate and smooth, giving a very transparent feeling. Sanfan also has a network name called decentralized “fans.

What is the difference between powder and loose powder–

So you must want to ask the noodles and loose powder, but what is the difference between them? “Xu Ran and both of them are named makeup powder, but they are also called different names because their texture is actually different. The general powder is relatively light and translucent, and the makeup surface will look clean after finishing use. The powder is more delicate than loose powder but has no concealer function, but the powder also says that it has a good oil absorption function, and now the powder powder is now the powder powder, and now the powder powder is now the powder. A lot of color numbers come out, which is slightly better than loose powder in terms of correction skin tone. San powder concealer effects are still available, and it can also be used to refine your makeup. Many people put loose powder on the powder to make the skin look like It is more natural, and after sweating, it is great to use loose powder to make makeup effect directly!


Third, what is powder–

Powder is a compressed and qualitative loose powder, which is the powder we see every day. Because the powder is small and solid, it is easy to carry. Generally, it is only used when going out to make up. This is the home loose powder, and use powder to go out. But in fact, loose powder is better than the powder finished makeup!


Summary: The powder is mainly aimed at the friends who love oil out of the area of ​​area. The texture is relatively thin, so the concealing power is poor. The loose powder is mainly used to set makeup, which can keep the makeup more durable and have a slight concealer ability. Powder is used after the foundation liquid, so that the brightened face is pressed evenly after the rubbing face. It looks relatively well -proportioned. The concealer of the powder is the best in the three models, but there is no light texture.

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