How to choose smart door locks? Optimistic about these points without stepping on the thunder


How to choose smart door locks? Optimistic about these points without stepping on the thunder

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Smart door lock (also referred to as smart lock Intelligent Lock) refers to a more intelligent and simpler lock that is more intelligent, identified, and management in terms of user security, identification, and management. The importance of smart door locks for family security is self -evident, especially for families living alone, or children with children and elderly people at home, installing smart door locks is simply smart savior! Today, the functions and characteristics of the smart door lock are also diverse. So, how should the smart door lock be selected?


First look at the lock core

The lock core can be said to be the heart of the smart door lock. The level of the lock core of the smart door lock directly affects the anti -theft effect. You must see the selection. The lock core on the market is divided into

A, B, C three levels.

A -level lock core, general professionals can be unlocked in 30 seconds, which is a relatively old -fashioned product.

B-level lock core, professionals can be unlocked within 5-120 minutes to prevent the impact of no less than 30 minutes.

The C -Class lock core is a super B -lock core. The tool opening time is more than 270 minutes or even cannot be turned on. Relatively speaking, it is a more complicated lock core and a safer lock core.

Therefore, it is recommended that consumers try to choose smart door locks equipped with C -Class lock core under the condition of conditions permit.


Second -looking unlocking method

The way to unlock the smart door lock on the market mainly includes

Fingerprint, password, card, temporary password, Bluetooth, face recognition, backup key, mobile applet, etc.

It can be said that everything is moving closer to intelligence. but


The way to unlock is not to say that the better, the better, you need to choose according to your own habits.

Generally speaking, the way of fingerprints and password unlocking is suitable for office workers, children, elderly people, etc., as well as some use when unlocking temporary unlocking. For example, it is said that the garbage does not have keys and mobile phones, and guests are temporarily visited.

Suggestions for daily use

Combination verification

Safe safety. It is recommended that you choose the door lock product that enables the combined verification, such as using password+fingerprint, password+information recognition card, etc. for dual identity verification.


The third look at the surface material

The door lock is installed outdoors, so the material requirements are very high. If it is not closed, the paint is rusted, cracks, and losing their luster, and also add some hidden safety hazards. Common door locks are stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, pure copper and so on. It has been used for a long time. Generally, it can be used for about 10 days. The anti -theft performance is very good.


Fourth security protection function

Smart door lock also has an important security line, which is the function of preventing violent unlocking. For example, there is a core operation of dual CPUs. Even if someone destroys the panel violence, it is still unlocked through the circuit; when you enter 3 wrong passwords/fingerprints/cards in 1 minute, the door lock is automatically locked; Family family, etc., these important functions need to pay special attention.

In addition, it is best to choose a door lock with heaven and earth hooks. What is heaven and earth hooks? We all know that ordinary locks will pop up the main lock tongue on the side of the door, and the “heaven and earth hook” is based on this, adding two groups of pop -up tongue above and below the door, so that the door can be fixed more stably in the door frame more stablely in the door frame. superior. These two groups of lock tongue are “heaven and earth hooks”. When encountering physical attacks such as violence, the “heaven and earth hook” increased the difficulty of hitting the door to a certain extent.


The fifth highlights important unlocking technology

Before, we talked about some unlocking methods. In the choice of smart door locks, in fact, whether these unlocking methods are secure are also worthy of attention. For example, fingerprint recognition technology can be solved through the fingerprint film. How can this avoid?

In fact, the current market is mainly divided into

Semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology and optical fingerprint recognition technology.

Semiconductor recognition technology can improve the fingerprint recognition speed, high efficiency, and can achieve living body recognition. Optical recognition technology is stable, but the recognition speed is slow, and it is easily cracked by fingerprints. So it is recommended to choose semiconductor recognition technology!

▲ Suggestion: Choose a smart door lock for semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology.

For example, face recognition unlocking is said. In fact, the technology is still immature. In October 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a consumer warning on the quality and safety of smart door locks, which mentioned the smart door with human face recognition function. The risk of locking security is high, and consumers are advised to turn off this function.

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