Embroidery handkerchiefs, one stitches and lines, you can hide the feelings of girls. This thing is the most acacia! Attached tutorial


Handkerchief is also called “handkerchief” and “hand towel”. It is a small object in textiles for people to carry with them. It is used to wipe hands and faces with cotton single -gauze -shaped square thin fabrics. It has both practical value and in different periods, different countries and regions. It has a special effect and meaning.

In the ancient handkerchief, this small thing was given a lot

The meaning of acacia,

I believe that many friends have seen various TV series, novels, and operas.


The light single is beautiful in style, and I believe that many girls want it.

The poet of the Ming Dynasty Yang Shen wrote a poem “Su Pa”

Do not write love words without writing poems, one side of Su Pa send acacia,

Lang Jun deliberately looked back, Hengye is also silk (thought) to be vertical (thought)

Because of this intriguing meaning, the handkerchief has also become the best object of expressing thoughts and love. Nowadays, although it is convenient to draw paper with you, Xiaoai still likes the handkerchief because it can be embroidered freely.

Main steps for handkerchiefs

1: Drawing pattern

Draw your favorite pattern, copy, or use water to dispel the pen. (These pictures are printed and unknown points to enter the column to learn)

2: Embroidery pattern or word

The process of embroidery is performed according to the pattern or word. (Targeted learning acupuncture can also be studied in column, the pattern is different, and the use of the needle method is slightly different)

3: suture

One handkerchief has two positive and negative pieces. The embroidered pattern is stacked outward, folding along the edge, and embroidered threads similar to the color of the fabric to suture with a flat needle. The length is about 2-3mm), otherwise it doesn’t look good!

Let’s first come to the tutorial of sharing the little embroidery nanako peach

Embroidery materials:

Red cotton lines (3 to 6 colors), green cotton lines (4 colors), embroidered cloth handkerchiefs (cotton and linen can be available);

Embroidery tool:

Ordinary needles, embroidery sheds (the best trumpet), scissors;

The needle used:

Satin embroidery, contour embroidery, leaf embroidery

Use the embroidered picture to use the re -writing paper and print it directly on the handkerchief. If you print the embroidery picture on the edge of the handkerchief, you can choose to use a smaller embroidery shed, or stitch a piece of cloth around the handkerchief, and then embroidered the sheds. After the embroidery is good, remove the Yu cloth. It is unclear how to extend the embroidery picture to view column learning.

Pick out the red cotton thread of 3 to 6 colors first, and arrange them from shallow to deep.

From shallow to deep selection of 2 shares of cotton lines, using satin embroidery needle, one petal embroidery rose petals.

Note that at this time, the petals should be cut obliquely, and the schematic drawing has been applied, and everyone can be used as a reference.

Red will have a large color difference in front of the camera, and everyone must embroidery according to the actual color number.

When embroidered green leaves, the green cotton line is also equipped with a good color and put it aside. Start from right to the left to embroidery.

Select 2 shares of the lightest cotton thread, use satin embroidery needle, and arrange embroidered water drops from top to bottom.

Then from the bottom of the branches, follow the contour of the branches, and use the contour embroidery needle method to outline the branches.

In the middle of the two blades, we choose two blue -green cotton lines, and the leaves embroidery are embroidered.

Because the leaves are not regular leaves, the needle has shown the intention to show everyone that everyone can use it as a reference.

At the left -end embroidery picture, we still use the satin embroidery needle, the direction of the pinhole of the oblique cutting blades, and the 2 stock cotton lines for embroidery. At this time, in order to change a little more, we can, from top to bottom, from shallow to deep to choose embroidery embroidery from top to bottom. Wire.

Finally, 2 shares of the darkest cotton line, the outline embroidery needle method outlines its branches.


These beautiful embroidery handkerchiefs have simple patterns and the embroidery needle method is very simple. As long as you learn the most basic embroidery needle method, you can embroider a unique handkerchief yourself. Now, although the machine has replaced most of the labor, one is that the machine can never replace, that is, our “love” for each other! Machines can produce countless handkerchiefs, but there are no “love” and “warmth” in the products of the assembly line.

Let’s take a look at the handkerchiefs of other embroidery experts ~

In the end, I still hope that you can embroider your selected patterns by yourself. You don’t need to be a complicated pattern, a small flower, a small grass. Then the hand is sewed and locks, locked your sincere heart during the production process, and experience the warm love! Give to the person you want to send ~

By the way, I recommend a embroidery handkerchief, which can customize your name directly. It is also very good to make gifts!

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