She closed her feet in front, and he threw his back, almost made a divorce for a jacket


My name is Shi Meow, a new member of Fan Er.

For buying and buying, my philosophy is: rational shopping, buy a good one.

In decoration and home life, you need to buy items, I want to help you pick it up.

If you can’t use it, I will never lie to you to buy it.

Whenever the season is changed, the wardrobe has not been neat.

After wearing clothes that I don’t want to wear for a day, I lost everywhere on the sofa and the chair.

Usually go out to change clothes, stepping around in a hurry, messing into a pot of porridge …

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Today, Meow Meow is more clean and tidy for everyone’s clothes, and specifically sorted out the home storage stores worth seeing on Taobao.

If you also have such troubles, you can get home at these practical small things.

Written before: The store Amway is a personal behavior, and there is an advertising interest.

Wozun flagship store

Wozun’s family is mainly fancy this magic hanger.

In addition to these unspeakable clothes that cannot be folded, folding in clothes such as shirts is easy to wrinkle, and it looks cheap to wear. Anyway, meow can not accept it.

So it must be hung up. If there is no big space in the wardrobe, buying this hanger that can be stacked together is suitable.

This hanger, a hanger is equivalent to 8 ordinary hams, can be flexed and extended.

West and humid use, the clothes can be hung directly into the wardrobe after drying the clothes, and the process of removing clothes and hanging clothes and hanging clothes will be saved.

Price: 29.9

Search for keywords: hanger storage artifact multi -functional Douyin magic rack hanging hanger household drying rack plastic folding jacket support

Simple Life Museum Simple Lif

Recommend this shop, mainly to see its mobile pants rack.

I have been distressed how to store the pants before, and the S -type hanger I bought is a disaster every time I take clothes.

Not only is it inconvenient to take clothes, but also occupy space, it is better not to use it.

This trousers only need to fold the pants half of it and put it on the shelf. Especially for some suit pants, the iron is ironed and embedded in, and it can be worn directly.

It is more smooth, and there are rollers to move underneath, which is more convenient to put it in the closet directly.

Price: 115-180

Search for keywords: pants storage artifact multi -layered pants shelf trousers, pants, house wardrobe storage pants hanging scarf

Feng Quanju Jian Store

For girls, especially in winter, how do you stamp, thin, thick, velvet, fluffy, conjoined and other colorful black leggings, how to store it more reasonable?

Price: 4.6-8.8

Search for keywords: multi -functional hanging scarf storage rack household multi -layer tie silk scarf rack waist strap stockings hanging stockings hangers

This storage shelf is actually used to store the silk scarf belt, but the winter scarfs are relatively thick, and it is inconvenient to plug and take.

However, it is used to put on the bottom pants, test it in person, and can also put autumn pants. It is similar to a towel storage rack. It is placed in the corner and does not occupy the position.

Lazy Horns Creative Home Living Museum

This storage is very complete, all kinds of ingenious containers such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc. are all available.

Rather than selecting special things, it is better to buy beautiful and practical supplies.

Coats, trench coats, down jackets, skirts, such unable to folded clothes, from last year to this year, even when they are often cleaned, they still fall into a layer of gray, especially those white clothes.

Silently, it was spent again.

With the cost of dry cleaning, you can buy a lot of dust cover.

This full -enclosed dust cover does not have to worry about the dust from below. While the dustproof and dirty, it also plays a role in moisture -proof and wrinkles. You can wear it directly without ironing.

Price: 13.8-14.8

Search for keywords: lazy angle, transparent seasonal clothes dust -proof hood home hanging large bag moisture -proof clothing protective sleeve 61697

Some wardrobes are relatively high, there are no layers, and vertical space cannot be completely used.

It is easy to deform like a sweater for a long time, stacking like a layer like a loud layer, and finally the ending of the mess.

This scaling rack can be adjusted according to the actual width of the wardrobe, and it is also installed free of nails without trace, making storage more worry -free.

Remember the size before buying this practical partition.

Price: 26.9-49.9

Search for keywords: lazy angle falling and retracting layered stroke shelf, storage kitchen cabinet bathroom bathroom free partition frame 65599

Heyun life

Its storage basket is particularly good -looking. The storage of INS wind is placed in the small corner to increase the sense of life.

The point is that they are very cheap, and it will not exceed 100 yuan if you buy it casually.

Dirty clothes are most suitable for putting in the basket.

Price: 19.9-34.9

Search for keywords: home beam mouth square dust storage basket storage box clothes quilt to organize bag super large moving bags bag

Nordic morning grocery store

Just like the name of the store, with the Nordic style, all storage is cotton and linen, fresh and natural, comfortable and breathable. It feels very home to use, kind and fashionable.

After wearing clothes that I don’t want to wear, the sofa in the living room, the chair of the bedroom, and throwing everywhere. With it, do you still worry about these troubles?

The soft knitted knitted knitted knitted fabrics are deforming with a hanger. It is not suitable to throw it into the wardrobe once, so as it is thrown into these baskets.

Price: 24.8-28.8

Search for keywords: Thicked large children’s toy storage bucket can fold the dirty clothes basket can be storage bag, clothes storage basket storage basket

Homemates around you

The ingenious storage of the closet, desktop, wall, and refrigerators has a corresponding storage tool according to the different characteristics of the clothing.

Small pieces of clothing can easily press the air out of the bag with just pressing the bag.

There is no need to get tired for a long time with the air pump, and you don’t have to worry about the dust of the vacuum cleaner sticking to the clothes.

Price: 6.2-7.6

Search for keywords: home hook -type transparent down jacket compressed bags to empty air vacuum bag trumpet clothes and clothing storage bags

It should be noted that the gas picking bag is basically disposable. Even if the size of the clothes is reduced but the weight has not changed, the clothes that have been compressed for a long time are wrinkled like sauerkraut after the air deflation, so if you consider wearing, you must be careful.

tenma home flagship store

The main of the Tianma family is mainly based on the storage box. Whether it is a wardrobe, a living room or a children’s room, you have different specifications and styles.

If it is multi -layered, it is recommended to store heavier items as much as possible to avoid light heads, especially in children’s rooms.

It is especially suitable for children at home. Children are too small and their clothes are too small. A suitable storage box is really necessary.

Not only do you worry about it yourself, you will also slowly develop your child’s good habit. There are many size in Tianma, which is really intimate.

Price: 41-322

Search for keywords: Japan Tianma Tenma Younit series drawer storage box can assemble plastic storage box storage box

The Tianma family has a variety of sizes, there is always one suitable for you. Really, look at other brands, Alice is also good.

Storage flagship store

Just listening to the name knows that the storage tools inside all the time every corner of life, specializing in storage boxes and lockers, there is always what you need.

There are many styles, the price is not expensive, the combination of freely, and the corners of the corners can be fully used.

The size of the wardrobe is limited after all. Except for some unable to fold a coat jacket, don’t delusional to hang all clothes, stacking is the right choice.

Generally, the storage box of the translucent storage box can be used in the general season.

This opaque storage box can be labeled prompts for easy search.

Price: 59.8

Search for keywords: a large bed bottom storage box flat drawer plastic finishing box clear warehouse wholesale bed undercut

Van Han’s creativity

Fanhan pursues small, meticulous, minimalist, satisfied with simple luxury, and has certain requirements for quality.

There are not many storage styles in its family, all of which are wooden.

For example, this pine underwear storage box, the partitions in the box are free to change, and can adjust the grid space at any time according to the needs. And can be stacked layerly as needed.

Price: 69-139

Search for keywords: Fanhan’s storage box for underwear and underwear, home free combination activity partition partition, busty socks,

Gathering Cute Flagship Store

I ca n’t figure out why the name is so cute, but what sells is so cold.

There are a lot of things in this family. There are essentials to storage and organizing home furnishings, and the quality is also good.

This cotton and linen storage box, a variety of specifications, is suitable for installing some clothes and toys.

When you are idle, you can also fold and store it, saving space.

Search keywords: Jugu Japanese -style thick canvas storage box clothes organize the storage package with a tip of the zipper fabric storage box

Other home living hall

If you need to wear socks before going out every morning, you have to carry a socks, turn the box to find another, but you can’t find it. Maybe you need such a storage box.

This kind of storage box is divided into different sizes of storage space, so that whether it is a normal size, or a small -sized vest, or a close -fitting clothing, it has its own place.

Like vests, underwear, socks, these small clothes are easily folded into tofu pieces.

Classified and placed, it is convenient to find it. You can clearly know where the need you need, and you no longer need to turn the box to pour the cabinet.

Price: 1.8

Search for keywords: home drawer socks storage box plastic underwear, sock socks, desktop drawer tablet box, panties finishing box

One -stop home home after 90

There are a lot of drawers and wardrobes. Usually some small objects are not chaotic in a drawer.

The drawer -style underwear is easy to pull, saves time and effort, and separates space, which is more hygienic and tidy.

If the internal space planning of the wardrobe is not done well, the drawer box will come in handy. It can use the corners of the edges and corners, and it can also arrange the storage module neatly.

Price: 38

Search for keywords: underwear storage box women’s drawer dormitory dormitory home plastic packets multi -pointer placed inner pantyhose finishing box

The purpose of storage is to facilitate daily placement and cleaning to improve the happiness of life.

If all clothing, accessories, and even daily necessities can be settled, the storage plan will be completed by more than half.

If there are so -called storage artifacts that complicate life, you must buy it in combination with your own usage.

Even if the house is not perfect and has an optimistic attitude, we can try everything to make it look good, because this is our own home.

Knocking on the blackboard and finishing the storage are not a person’s job. It requires the participation of the family. It is necessary to make a call when the call is called.

Meow meow hopes that everyone will talk about the topic of storing clothes, such as your clever clothes storage skills, or what better storage tools, welcome to share with Meow Meow in the message area.

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